10 Reasons why you need a Quality Pair of Gaming Headphones

They say ‘Games don’t make you violent, but lag does’. As an avid gamer and a gaming enthusiast, I do believe that anything which hampers the gaming experience, especially obnoxious audio quality in a gaming environment. After perfect visuals and smooth controls, audio is the most critical aspect of gaming. Especially the games like Counterstrike, Fortnight, and PUBG require the best gaming headphone for the best of their experience.

Though there are multiple options available to select the audio source for gaming. But, I do prefer an excellent quality pair of gaming headsets over other options such as system sound or regular music headphones. And I do so because of several advantages of gaming headsets over other alternatives.

1. Immersive and real-life gaming experience

The crystal clear and crisp sound quality offered by this gem of technology is just perfect to take my gaming performance to greater heights. That sound of approaching footsteps of enemies and those rounds of bullets being fired near me keeps me at cautious by these amazing pair of headsets. Boosting my chances of getting close to my chicken dinner.

2. Limits disturbance

This is the prime reason I am glad about my decision of investing a few hundred bucks on this gaming headset. It comes with dual benefits to me, one being a life saver to me from my mom’s flying chappal for the nuisance I would create at home with the sound system of my gaming console. And the other is, it keeps my mom’s peace intact.

3. Noise cancellation

I said, my mom’s peace remains intact but that in a way implies that she would let me be at peace. If at all she does me a favor but there are plenty of sources of a nuisance at my home, my pet cats, they have their own league of battle going on to ruin my battles. With the amazing passive and active voice canceling features, this built-in microphone enables me and my squad to concentrate on our chances of grabbing the victory.

4. Enables proper communication & coordination

The built-in microphone and indulging audio experience of the gaming headset enable seamless communication with my fellow squad members. Another cherry on the cake in my gaming experience is for me as an individual and for the team as a whole. The quality of communication which is enabled by a thin piece of the device effectively enhances my individual performance along with an enhancement in the performance of my team.

5. Superior sound quality

The kind of indulgence the top-class sound quality brings to me is really amazing. In comparison to regular music headphones gaming headsets provide high bass boosting, narrow range of frequency, hover latency in sound and more channels are unlocked which enables overall improvement in my audio experience for me.

6. Better cost to performance

I would never regret investing around 2000-3000 bucks on a quality pair of gaming headsets, the value they bring out with respect to the enhancement in my overall performance. Being a passionate gamer an investment on a gaming headset does not seem much to me in comparison to the value it brings out. 

7. Mobility

Though I generally play games on my computer or sometimes on the X-Box. But, still, while I am traveling or away from home I cannot stop gaming on my mobile phone. The gaming headsets preferably wireless ones which I own come in handy for me to get that indulgence in my gaming experience.

8. Ergonomics

I never leave my seat while gaming for long hours and these pair of headsets always keep seat on my ears. The ergonomic design of the cushion on the speakers brings out just perfect comfort, that my ears aren’t hurt. And the proper material selection makes these extremely light-weight that I often forgot I am wearing them.

9. Aesthetics

The aesthetic feature of these headsets along with the ergonomic design is just so awesome that I can flaunt them around my friends. These fantastic looks enable me to flex around as a pro gamer.

10. Overall improved performance

Wonderful audio experience, close to perfect cancellation, and the seamless communication offered by the built-in microphone provide me with overall improved performance in my gaming. These all features of gaming headsets give me an upper hand over all my competitors. 

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