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3 keys to successful collaboration with a content writing agency

When choosing to outsource your editorial content, using an editorial agency is a good option to consider, especially if the volume you need is substantial. But to set up a solid and harmonious partnership, the respect of some fundamentals is essential. Do you want to successfully collaborate with a content writing agency? Here are 3 keys to ensure an effective and peaceful relationship.

1. Choose the right content writing agency

The 2020 edition of SEMrush ‘s State of Content Marketing Report indicates that 30% of companies surveyed outsource their needs. With 81%, writing stands out as the predominant creative service, ahead of graphic design and video/animation design at 40%. By choosing the right editorial agency, you:

  • have an experienced editorial team;
  • benefit from the agency’s extensive network of editors and journalists;
  • are supported by content strategy experts;
  • can call on increased production power;
  • enjoy great editorial flexibility.

Making the right choice is therefore critical to ensure that the partnership is fruitful and takes place under good conditions.

The services offered

To select your agency, start by precisely defining your editorial needs: do you want to rework existing content or create new content? Is this a new theme? Etc.

An editorial content agency generally offers several social media verification service in addition to the production of original content. She can thus accompany you on the development of your content strategy and your editorial calendar, on the optimization of your existing content by working on the natural referencing of your site.

Knowing that it is necessary to devote 4 times more time to promotion than to creation, certain agencies also offer to take charge of managing sharing and promotion. A service not to be overlooked!

The experience and skills of the team

The editorial team must have experience in writing quality content. Make sure the agency has real expertise in creating the type of content you want. Indeed, some agencies specialize in certain formats or sectors of activity. To verify this point, you can look at the LinkedIn profiles of the collaborators and the website. This will give you an idea of ​​the skills and projects already carried out.

Availability and responsiveness

You absolutely must check the availability of the agency in relation to your editorial project. Meeting deadlines is critical to the success of your content strategy. Find out in advance about production processes and deadlines.

The rates

The rates are based on the projects and the time required to complete them. To be able to compare the proposals, frame your project well then contact a pre-selection of agencies to obtain quotes. The offers can be tailor-made or structured in packs. Do not hesitate to ask questions. A good price is a fair and justified price in relation to the quality of the services offered.

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To learn more about the selection process, check out 5 Cautious Tips for Choosing a Response Agency.

2. Lay the foundations of the relationship with the editorial agency

By choosing to outsource the production of your content to a content writing agency, you are deciding to make a long-term commitment with experts in editorial communication. If the first contacts do not go very well, it is better to move on to the next one.

The objectives of the editorial project

Accurately and comprehensively defining your objectives for your project is the basis for a successful collaboration. Once identified, they will allow you to clearly present your needs to the agency’s editorial team. She will then be able to advise you on how to create the editorial content that suits you best.

Internal resources to be made available

It is also important to have listed all the internal resources that will allow the agency to make your content as effective as possible. They take many forms such as professional quality photos to illustrate, videos, existing content, etc. Make sure beforehand that all identified information can be communicated without risk externally.

Note that it can sometimes be useful to involve your internal experts and specialists in your approach.

The interlocutors and points of contact

The relationship between the advertiser (i.e., yourself) and the agency is generally managed on the service provider side by a single contact, the project manager. You have to be comfortable to exchange and that the current goes well to guarantee a lasting collaboration.

The contractual terms and the remuneration model

You must be completely clear with the terms of the contract and the remuneration model to remove any ambiguity from the start. So, to work with confidence, draw up a contract that will leave no room for interpretation. The better you frame the delivery at the start, the better you can then focus your attention on what really matters: producing quality editorial content that supports your business.

3. Define the rules of collaboration with an editorial communication agency

The type of cooperation

Depending on your needs and the practices of the agency, you will work according to a certain type of collaboration. After a few months of support, take stock to see if everything is working or if adjustments need to be made.

The creative process and editorial workflow

It is always beneficial to be involved in the production of your content, but you will determine how involved you want to be. Co-creation, especially on sensitive or very technical subjects, can be an asset to ensure the expected level of quality.

Establish a work schedule with your editorial project manager and know how to take advantage of regular follow-up points to optimize your exchanges and save time. A good agency is able to tell you no by explaining why. Transparency and trust are essential in a healthy and balanced relationship with your editorial communication agency.

Establishing a relationship of trust with your content writing agency takes time. The keys to success are, in short, simple:

  1. find the right agency with which you can commit over the long term;
  2. set a clear and healthy framework;
  3. develop an open and frank dialogue.

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