Many factors come into play when deciding where to settle and plant roots. You may want to live in a bustling city, or you may want to be so rural that your closest neighbor is miles away. You may be interested in the arts and culture of a location, or maybe you want to be able to attend a variety of sporting events. You may base where you live on the community or proximity to family.

There are so many reasons to love where you live, and people living in Indiana love all of these things and more about their state. The three things people love most about living in Indiana include the following.

Options for City and Rural Living

Residents of Indiana have their choice of locations when it comes to buying a home or renting. With miles upon miles of farmland, you can plant roots on acreage and make a rural homestead. Hoosiers are especially proud of their corn crops, which stretch as far as the eye can see in some areas of the state.

If you are looking for city living with a small-town vibe, residents of Indiana also have lots of love for their state’s largest (and capital) city, Indianapolis.

Indianapolis offers residents many walkable attractions, such as restaurants, museums, and more, all while being an affordable place to buy a home. If you are interested in relocating to the state’s capital, there are plenty of Indianapolis houses for sale.


The Hoosier state also offers four seasons. While some people enjoy a year-round mild climate, many people, including residents of Indiana, relish the beauty and opportunities that come with the changing of seasons.

Plus, there are lots of attractions and locations that support seasonal activities. There are countless state parks, such as Brown County State Park and Hardy Lake, that offer hiking in the fall and spring and water activities for the summer, as well as multiple locations throughout the state for skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and ice skating in winter.

Residents of Indiana truly embrace seasonal living.

Sports and Culture 

If you love sports and cultural activities, Indiana residents will be glad to share their love of the same in their state. Indianapolis boasts being the homebase of the Colts, and fans can take in games at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Families also love the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. If you are looking for culture and some history, residents of Indiana also enjoy the Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis and the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. There is no lack of arts, culture, and sports in Indiana, and residents have many options to choose from.

The state of Indiana seems unassuming, but residents of the Hoosier State will tell you that there is much to enjoy about living there and much to be proud of. From the diversity of landscape and associated living options to the weather to sports and other cultural attractions, there are many reasons to love living in Indiana.

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