Are you bored of your current patio’s layout or do you wish to utilize your outdoor space better? Either way, it’s time for a patio makeover. If you haven’t used your backyard in a long time, we want to help you fall in love with it. This month, use these four tips to get the most out of your patio and Washington’s beautiful weather.

Consider Comfortable, Multitasking Furniture

Decorate your patio with furniture that has multiple purposes. When shopping for patio furniture keep in mind that your patio serves as a place to rest, get involved in your hobbies, and entertain guests. For instance, a potting bench does double duty as a sideboard too. 

Creating a relaxing ambiance with comfy chairs will increase the likelihood of you spending time on your patio. You can also skip the furniture altogether and stock up on cushions and pillows for convenient outdoor seating!

Personalize Your Space

A patio or deck can be a relaxing spot to start your day with a morning coffee or book; or it can be a fun area to entertain visitors and play games. Add design elements and create a space that is consistent with your hobbies and routine. 

Give your space character with comfortable sofas and colorful pillows. Hang up potted plants or fairy lights for a charming, forest-like feel. Get folding seats to easily accommodate larger groups. Make it yours, whatever you choose!

Add Flair with Better Lighting

Making sure your patio is adequately lit up will ensure that you can enjoy it long after the sun has set. Hang a strand of lights from an umbrella or pergola. Strategically placing solar in-ground lights is a simple method to add light to an otherwise dark area. They are quite affordable and don’t need to be hardwired.

For the cold Tacoma weather, a magnificent fire pit is great for keeping warm entertaining visitors. It’s a practical focal point that encourages relaxation and interaction. Gather your family or invite friends over for s’mores and a bonfire in your backyard.

Patio Doors to Make the Most of Your Space

If you’re the kind of person who loves staying indoors but also go for the occasional stroll outside and catch some fresh air, make sure you get the right patio doors. You want to choose something that offers you with gorgeous views, therapeutic lighting, and easy access. Here are a few options you may want to consider. 

Sliding Iron Doors: Easy Access and Gorgeous Views

Make the most of sunny days in Seattle through iron doors with wide glass panes. To create a doorway that allows as much sunlight as possible, you may need to rearrange your patio iron doors. Iron patio doors are a wonderful choice for Washington homes because light changes are fairly gradual.

Patio iron doors frame the entrance to your backyard, creating a picture-perfect view and an open doorway to the outside. These patio entry doors can be easily opened by sliding them along horizontal tracks at the sill and head. You can also get them customized at Pinky’s Iron doors to slide from the right or left, depending on your dominant hand. 

Bi-Folds to Expand Your Outdoor Space

Even though bi-fold patio doors appear to be better suited to spacious interior and outdoor spaces, they can also be used in smaller areas. Both the patio and interior rooms will appear larger if you open your bi-folds as wide as possible. Joining these spaces also helps you and your family move around in a more comfortable manner.

Bi-fold doors are a great way to build upon your outdoor space. These doors fold in half when they are opened, and are much bigger than other patio doors. They combine the benefits of a sliding door and folding mechanism to create a stylish and practical final look.

Utilize Spacious Walls with Double Doors

The patio is a delightful spot to relax after a tiring day. Get an entry door installed that connects your indoor and outdoor space to enjoy the best of both worlds. Let the cool breeze enter your home, while the living room will have wonderful outside views all year.

You can never go wrong with a pair of double iron patio doors. If you can afford it and have excess wall space, this is a great way to let natural light illuminate your Ridgefield home. Not only can you enjoy a view of the outside, you will also have easy access to it.

To explore more unique patio door options, customize a door, or get them delivered to your door (pun not intended!) for free, get in touch with Pinky’s Iron Doors. We have a collection of trendy black steel sliding doors, iron doors Washington, and more to inspire your patio renovations.

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