How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to PC Without Bluetooth 


Portable Bluetooth Speakers are certainly one of our generation’s most brilliant innovations. Who’d have guessed you’d be able to take your portable music system with you everywhere you go? 


Technology, on the other hand, never ceases to astonish us. It all began with a single concept for creating such speakers, and today more than 100 businesses provide Bluetooth speakers with a variety of functions and capabilities. Buyers often purchase these speakers to take them with them on the road and connect them to their phones as needed.


While some people want to listen to inspiring music in the gym, others just want it on their road trips to keep them entertained. Bluetooth speakers grew popular among the general public due to their mobility, and many people now have at least one at home.


How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to PC Without Bluetooth


Some PCs may not support Bluetooth, even though these speakers are adaptable and can be linked to any Bluetooth-compatible device. This might make connecting your wireless speaker to the system difficult. Although some laptops and PCs have Bluetooth drivers, it’s still a good idea to know how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a computer that doesn’t have Bluetooth.


There are two methods to connect your Bluetooth speakers to your computer:


Method 1: Get a Bluetooth Adapter


To every difficulty, there is a solution. Even if your PC does not yet support wireless speakers, you may purchase a USB Bluetooth adapter that allows you to connect the sound source (Bluetooth speaker) to your computer through a jack socket. Even though the connection will not be wireless, you will be able to experience superior sound quality songs. These Bluetooth adapters are readily purchased at any computer hardware store, or you can get them online. These adapters are affordable and allow you to easily connect your Bluetooth speaker to your PC.


Method 2: Buy a two-faced 3.5mm Aux cable

A male-to-male aux cable is another simple way to connect your speakers to a laptop or PC. Place one end in the Bluetooth Speaker and the other in the computer’s socket. In such cases, a 3.5mm two-faced Aux cable may be a lifesaver. This cable may also be used to connect the speaker to other devices.

You may connect your Bluetooth speaker to your laptop, PC, radio, stereo, and other devices using one of the two methods. These methods may also be utilized if your PC’s Bluetooth drivers aren’t functioning.

Quick tips on Choosing the Best Bluetooth Speakers:


  • The speakers should be small, light, and simple to transport.
  • To enjoy your favorite music on the move, it should have decent bass and sound quality.
  • The Bluetooth speaker should be waterproof so that you may take it to the beach, the pool, or other such places.
  • Hands-free calling is a must-have feature.

Final Comments

Now that you know how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a computer without Bluetooth, you should get this amazing device and not allow your PC’s lack of Bluetooth capabilities to deter you. Also, examine your PC’s control panel to see whether your computer has a Bluetooth capability that may be enabled. Many PCs and laptops come equipped with this feature, making it simple to connect Bluetooth devices.

To pair the speakers with a Bluetooth-enabled PC, connect on Bluetooth on your PC, let it locate nearby devices, and then connect it to your Bluetooth speaker. Isn’t that simple?

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