5 Best External Microphones for MacBook Pro Owners

Whether you are preparing for a remote work meeting or chatting with your friends, you’d require a microphone for an uninterrupted audio experience. Just connect the mic to your MacBook Pro, and you will find the conversation clearer than ever. 

When searching for a USB microphone, you will find a number of proficient options in the market. The availability of too many models in different ranges and types makes it difficult to pick the right mic. The model of the microphone you select depends on the activities that you will use it for. 

If you are planning to use the microphone for normal chit-chat, anything around the starting range would be perfect. However, if you will be using it for professional activities such as recording a track or communication, go for something between the mid and higher range. When you’re buying a mic to connect to your MacBook, you will naturally look for something exceptional. 

So, let’s now discuss the most responsive microphones for MacBook Pro for easy decision-making. 

Blue Snowflake USB Microphone

Looking for a high-quality recording of audio while making videos for social channels or professional purposes? Blue Snowflake is a compact microphone case that expands into a stand that you can easily clip on the MacBook. With 2.5-inch dimensions, the microphone is fully portable and has a sample rate of 16 bits per 44 kHz.

The microphone covers all the bases with excellent functionality and a catchy design. It is perfect for voice calls or podcast recording tasks. The topmost advantage is that the microphone is a plug-and-play device that doesn’t require installing supported drivers. Although the audio quality is above average, you cannot use it for professional purposes. 

Rode NT-USB Versatile Studio

Looking for a mic that allows you to record audio with zero latency rate? Your search ends at Rode NT-USB Versatile Studio, which records different types of sounds with perfect accuracy and allows for smooth streaming. The multicolored microphone is perfect for MacBooks as it delivers high-quality output. 

The pop-filter integrated into the base of the model helps minimize disturbances during the audio record. It comes with a desktop tripod stand that enables users to adjust the height of the mic as per requirement. Other than the MacBook, you can connect it to your iPad, which makes it an excellent option for on-the-go users. 

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Are you in search of a mic that gives you top-tier quality with a versatile output? Blue Yeti USB microphones offer four different recording patterns. If you buy this mic, you are always up for almost all recording situations, from record tracks to voiceovers. If you are experiencing a sound problem on your Mac, connect the Yeti mic to get a complete recording experience. 

Select between bidirectional, omnidirectional, cardioid, and stereo recording patterns. The availability of four recording options indicates that you will never sacrifice the audio quality no matter what. You have an option to record under any situation, and that’s probably the reason why Blue Yeti is one of the best microphones for MacBook Pro and other Mac models.

FIFINE USB Podcast Mic

Do you want to buy an affordable BlueTooth microphone for your MacBook Pro? If yes, go for the FIFINE Podcast mic. With the best sound quality in low-range USB microphones, it is an ideal alternative to Blue Yeti and best suited for recording and live streaming. It’s a new brand, launched recently in the market and has gained rapid popularity. 

FIFINE Podcast mic is compact in design and dimensions; it’s a great pick for professionals who travel a lot and work from remote locations. The microphone is quite sensitive; it may sound like thunder if you tap on it. It’s responsive and comes at a pocket-friendly budget, so a perfect option for first-buyers who are looking for above-average recording quality. 

Razer Seiren X

Are you a reactive person who loves to have vibrant colors around? If so, you will like the colorful Razer Seiren X microphone that comes in Mercury White, Quartz Pink, and Matte Black. Pick a color that best matches your personality and personal preferences. It will add weightage to your work desk whether you are working remotely or from the office.

It produces clear audio by reducing the unwanted sound that comes from the surroundings. Razer Seiren X is one of the best microphones for gamers as it integrates a shock mount that minimizes vibrations and reduces sound abnormalities. Due to its sleek body and compact appearance, it looks smarter and takes limited space on your desk. 

The Conclusion

We hope that you have gained access to some reasonable microphone options for your MacBook. All these mic models will give you an incomparable recording experience within your budget. You can pick a microphone as per your preferences if you are looking for something different than the top brands such as Sony or Samsung.

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