Storage Migration Tool

Migrating data from one cloud storage to another is challenging for business cases. MSPs, SMBs, and enterprises not only have to migrate large data sizes but also transfer sharing permissions, timestamps, and external shares while retaining folder/file structure.

Along with the core migration complexities comes extra challenges such as configuring the right hardware specifications and deployment in the cloud or on-prem migration environment.

Businesses can mitigate 90% of these challenges by using the right cloud storage migration tool. We recommend looking for these features in a migration tool:

  1. Support for High-volume Migration

The most basic and crucial feature to look for in a cloud storage migration tool is the support for high-volume data migration. Unlike personal migration, there is a lot of data and users to be migrated in business cases. For example, enterprises can have several hundred TBs or even PBs of company data to be migrated from the source to the destination cloud.

Therefore, businesses planning a large-scale cloud data migration need to use a cloud storage data migration tool like CloudFuze that is capable and reliable for high-volume migration with fast data transfer throughput.

  1. Compatibility With All the Leading Cloud Storage Services

Support for only selected cloud storage services is indicative of the limitations of many cloud storage migration tools. It is a fact that the best tools are the ones that offer support for all the leading cloud storage services, including Box, Dropbox, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Egnyte, Citrix ShareFile, and many others.

A discrete migration tool like CloudFuze supports various cloud data migration combinations such as migration between all-inclusive cloud suites, e.g., from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365, or from standalone cloud storage like Box or Dropbox to Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.

  1. Automatic Error-resolving Functionality

Microsoft does not offer support for specific special characters and specific file/folder names in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. And when migrating to Microsoft 365, businesses cannot replace unsupported special characters and file/folder names with supported ones with a manual process. They need to rely on a cloud storage migration tool that can do these replacements automatically at high speeds.

CloudFuze automatically replaces unsupported special characters with (-) or (_) and resolves unsupported file/folder names. CloudFuze also trims long file paths unsupported in Microsoft 365 with a high-speed automatic process.

  1. Dedicated Server Infrastructure

Many businesses having a hard deadline need to expedite the entire migration project. In fact, getting the entire migration project completed within a tight deadline can be a key performance indicator for the IT team of many companies. Therefore, it is critical for businesses to choose a cloud storage migration tool with dedicated servers instead of ones with shared servers.

  1. Scalable Technology

Businesses that have specific or unique data migration requirements need to use a cloud storage migration tool that offers scalability, both in terms of functionalities and deployment. MSPs, in particular, can highly benefit from a scalable migration tool by catering to the specific requirements of their clients.

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