5 Men’s Fashion Trends for Autumn 2022

person wearing gray coat and silver-colored necklace

Autumn is the time when we especially crave for comfort, warmth and softness. It’s the time when we desperately catch the last mild rays of sunlight, trying to preserve them inside till the times it’ll be hot again. Fall is the time when wild and daring summer fashion gives its way to the autumn cozy and calm style. So grab your coffee and plaid, and let’s dress you for the autumn.

1. Flannel and overcoat. Flannels are extremely trendy this fall and that’s no wonder. Soft and comfy, they guarantee warmth along with fashionable look. It’s an option that works with every outfit. The pattern may be whatever you like, plaid or plain, the thing is it’ll look extremely stylish this autumn. It’ll be hard to beat your casual look when you’re wearing a flannel.

As to the overcoat, it’s something that always works. A man in an overcoat is not a “some guy”, he’s a gentleman. Though this piece of clothing is classic on itself, a black coat may be too dull and boring. Fall of 2022 demands more experiments, so navy blue or beige are the options that’ll still look classic but fresh.

2. Thin sweater and turtleneck. A fitted thin sweater is something that highlights the stature like no other clothing. Though the fashion tendencies are headed towards the baggy pieces, the classic sweater is never out of fashion. If you’re an oversized clothing adept, you may go for a baggy sweater, and it’ll still look perfectly good, but why lose a chance to show off your beach body while it’s still there.

A turtleneck is undoubtedly a basic wear every man should have in his wardrobe. It’s the clothing that won’t fail to fit every look. We recommend having at least 2-3 turtlenecks of different colors to match them with numerous outfits. Combine it with jeans and sneakers, and you’re good to go for a casual date; add a blazer or a classic costume, and the business meeting is a success. A turtleneck is a lifesaver for every stylish man during the fall.

3. Jeans and cargo pants. I don’t think anyone expected the jeans to go anywhere. They’ve carved so deep into our everyday life that for many jeans are just the second skin. Except that men’s skinny jeans are thankfully long gone and are replaced by more spacious models. This autumn classic blue and black jeans are as good as always, but the jeans of earth colors are just the top!

Like it or not, but cargo pants are back and taking the trends by the storm. This autumn cargo pants are a must-have for guys. Black cargo pants become the base for a great variety of outfits as they are practical and stylish, but such colors as brown and olive are the breath of fresh air. They provide the feel of comfort and freedom of movement along with masculine and a bit of brutal look.

4. Chelsea boots. No alternatives here? Having a pair of Chelsea boots the only alternative you’ll need is a second pair. Black leather boots are a safe option for most looks, but brown suede will fit perfectly with the outfits of earth colors. What  remarkable this season is that making their comeback, the Chelsea boots are marching on in significantly higher heels than they were before. A great chance to add a few inches to your height. Comfortable and stylish way to elevate your look, literally.

5. Details. They say, that the devil’s in details and that’s exactly what polishes the look to the perfection. The jewelry is the accessories that mark bold and confident man, who knows how to build up his image. Mens gold chains are the most popular and spectacular way to demonstrate identity and sense of style. It’s the easiest method to take your look to the whole new level. The versatility of the gold chain makes it a perfect choice to use if you want to spice your outfit and add a specific flair to it. The variety of styles, though makes it hard to find the best gold chain for men, but it provides the ability to pick something new every time, or try a really trendy layered chain look. The chain bracelets are also in style and create perfect combinations with the chain necklaces alike. They emphasize the aesthetic of strong male hands and guarantee the appealing effect.

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We’ve already recommended several colors for this autumn, but it’ll be useful to repeat while adding some more. For the fall the best selection of colors should be found in the earthy palette, meaning the shades of brown, beige, orange, burgundy, coffee, dark green… Rich warm colors will attract attention, giving the air of warmth and homely coziness. In the dull weather those colors will be bright enough to draw attention, and in the rays of an autumn sunlight the image will remind of amber, or honey, or other mild and calming sun-like stuff.

And we’ve finally got to the essential part, unseen to the eye but very important in terms of a man’s image. The fragrance. That’s a well-known fact that the scent is the detail that stays in the memory the longest. You may not remember some events, conversations, clothes or even emotions, but as soon as you smell the scent from the past, the surprisingly detailed memories may overflow. As far as during the summer the wise men had to hold themselves back from the strong fragrances, the fall is the time when you can finally use the perfumes you like without being worried that the eau de cologne will create the explosive mixture with sweat. Deep and rich woody fragrances are the best part of the autumn looks! But be careful not to overdo it, everything is good while used with common sense.

This year “Winter is coming” is expected to sound more sinister than ever, but it’s just another reason to get the most out of this fall and collect thick sweaters and nice memories to keep you warm during the hard times. Let the smell of fallen leaves and cinnamon, the taste of hot chocolate and pumpkin, and the stylish looks create the best autumn combination to improve your mood.

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