What questions should you ask yourself to choosing the right breed of dog?

#1 Why do you want a dog?

This is THE most important question to ask yourself before embarking on this great adventure. Many people choose to have a canine companion more often than not to fill a lack of a need. It can be for affection, the need to pet a dog all day. However, there are a lot of kitties who don’t really like being flattered and who will express it in different ways. Either because they were too forced by uncomfortable handling as puppies, or simply by preference. Some dogs will prioritize meeting needs other than petting, such as exercise, exploration, digging, etc. It is therefore necessary to make sure of his temperament before committing himself.

You may also want a dog for exercise, which is a common reason and one that many owners cling to at the start of adoption only to eventually find that it’s too much for them to handle. Because choosing a sporting dog can be wonderful and full of challenges but also come with its share of unpleasant surprises. If you are definitely broken into sports, then the important thing will be to define the type of activity you want to do with your companion and choose his breed accordingly.

Having an assistance or pet therapy dog ​​is also an increasingly fashionable practice, which is an excellent thing when you need it or makes it your job. On the other hand, here too the choice of the dog must be made with care: any dog ​​will not be able to do the job, it must meet certain criteria to know how to react in certain types of contexts or people. For example, we will not choose a puppy to make an assistance dog, because puppies need to be socialized and educated before anything else. There are organizations that take care of selecting and training dogs to be assistance companions. It is better to call on them rather than launch into the unknown.

Whether it is to have a companion dog or for any other reason, first take care to choose your dog according to his behavior and the needs he will have to meet. A dog exists to meet HIS own needs first before yours, so plan when it’s time to cuddle him If a dog has his needs met, then yes, he can become a good companion!

#2 What do you want to do with the dog?

After defining the reason for having a dog, you will need to detail a little more about what you are going to do with him. What are you planning? Play sports? Watch Netflix and chill? Walks? Agility competitions? Canine sports of flair (smell detection)?

Depending on whether you want him to participate in your activities or not, you will have to imagine in the long term what you will plan with him on a daily basis. Not for the first month, but for most of his life because a dog who has been used to traveling the mountains every weekend will have a hard time getting rid of it the day you decide that you finally prefer the sea.

#3 Large, medium or small dog?

The size factor, too, is important. For example, if you have children and you would like them to walk around from time to time, it is better to avoid large dogs in order to avoid accidents. Same if you have a small apartments for rent in North Charleston and the dog is big, likes wide spaces, and has room to move his big carcass.

On the other hand, do not underestimate small dog breeds if you like sports and competition. Some breeds can be very agile and energetic to fulfill your athletic desires. A large dog, on the other hand, will be “more potato” and will prefer small walks rather than a big sporting challenge.

#4 What is your lifestyle?

Your way of life must be defined and above all assumed! Your dog won’t judge you if you prefer to spend most of your time reading or lounging around in front of the TV. On the other hand, an energetic dog will resent not having special time with a human athlete. We must therefore be honest with ourselves to know how we live, and in what daily life our future dog is about to put his paws. Will it be too stimulating for him? Not enough?

It is advisable to opt for one of these dog breeds if you are a very active and athletic person. As for the Malinois, the German Pointer, and the Husky, it is best to use them as a working dog. Although they can adapt to a relatively sedentary life, these animals have a lot of energy to burn.

Psst! Don’t forget that all dogs need to be mentally stimulated, to do chewing activities, spend quality time with you, and have their different needs respected… A simple walk on a leash with your dog, this does is not enough for all dogs.

#5 What budget do you have for your adoption project?

We must not hide it, the monetary budget is very important to plan when you want a dog and can vary according to the breed of this one. A large dog may cost more in food or chews. If he comes from a breeder, then he will definitely be more expensive than a shelter Best Dogs who will generally be vaccinated, sterilized, wormed, and identified (microchip) for a ridiculously low price.

Do you like curly dogs?

Again, think twice because the grooming bill can be steep. Dogs with woolly coats should be regularly brushed and groomed.

Always think of the veterinarian. This is an essential factor when adopting an animal. You will need to provide side money or even insurance to cover annual veterinary costs in the event of incidents.

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