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One of the great features of Microsoft Office 365 is its Microsoft Power Automate. Although not many people know how to automate the support of Office 365. This is a great feature of Microsoft. Office 365 is serving us in a new way through Word, Excel, Outlook for doing business. In the same way, through Office 365, all the great changes have been made in the setup required for sharing, collaboration, and meeting. Moreover, if you want, you can get all kinds of cloud-based office services through Office 365. It is bringing about a revolutionary change in the business age with cloud technology. So what is the use of Microsoft Power Automate in Office 365 and what is the extra power of Automate?

Microsoft Power Automate is a modern tool that can synchronize or integrate your data in an automated way. Microsoft Power Automate plays an important role in speeding up work and increasing productivity. You can turn on this automated feature without any knowledge of coding or without coding. At the same time, you can do some complex work automatically. You can easily automate the work that you have to do in different office applications. At the same time, Microsoft has announced that all the new features will come in Microsoft Power Automate very soon. Those who are familiar with the Microsoft Flow program will get an idea about Microsoft Power Automate because Power Automated is an improved version of Flow. At the same time, Microsoft is working to add more advanced services with the Power Automation tool.

What are the benefits of automating support through Office 365?

Automating Office 365 will give you a number of benefits such as increasing your work speed, productivity and reducing work pressure.

With the first Office 365, your productivity will increase several times. You can easily do a lot of big projects with a predefined connector. Microsoft has 300+ predefined connectors to automate a lot of work, all of which help you automate your work. The funny thing is that this automation process is completely secure. You can create smart workflows through Artificial Intelligence with the help of Power Automate.


This means that the support of Office 365 can be greatly automated which will make your work fast and safe. In the same way, you do not need to give yourself time for small tasks. Now we will learn how to use this automated feature to increase productivity in support of your Office 365.

Office 365
What are the benefits of automating support through Office 365?

5 Ways to Automate Office 365 Support

Many businesses contact Essential Tech to find out how to integrate the Automated feature into their Office 365. For their convenience, I have discussed below how 5 automated features work and how they work to increase your productivity.

1. Approval of new documents and requests

You need to approve when a document is shared which is a time consuming process. But you can easily automate it with Microsoft Power Automate. This means that whenever you receive such a file, it will be automatically approved. Even if you want to let employees know if you upload a file to SharePoint, you can easily automate a notification through the team. Whenever you share a file, it will automatically notify everyone through the team.

2. Save Email Attachments

Email attachments need to be stored in our cloud and this is not an easy task. From now on, you can automatically save files from any specific email to the SharePoint-related folder without any hassle. Every time someone sends you an email, it will be automatically saved. It will surely reduce your workload. 

3. Social Media mentions

You can easily find out what people think about reputation management or your current business or brand from social media without any hassle. If you were to go to work manually you would have to spend a lot of time. But with Microsoft Power Automate you can find out the social media updates of certain keywords or terms. And that’s why you don’t need to waste any extra time. This is a great and timely feature of Microsoft Power Automate.

4. Push notifications

You may want to get quick updates on certain emails. Like your boss or someone doing business with you. If you add them to your email via Microsoft Power Automate, you will get push notifications on your mobile or browser whenever any file or instruction comes from that email. A very important feature that you may have to check again and again at other times to find out.

5. Receive Alerts email

You can activate the Alert Email service for some important tasks. For all that, you will get regular updates. After meeting specific goals or whatever you need. Moreover, you can automatically approve any file request that comes to you on a specific day. Whether you’re on vacation or spending time with family, something important can actually be done automatically. As a result, you no longer have to worry.

Microsoft Power Automate can be used for many more purposes. This can work better if you want to transfer data from OneDrive to Google Drive or another cloud storage. With this tool, you can also collect data from different sources for data analysis. Again, you may want to sync two calendars for your convenience. You can do that easily with Microsoft Power Automate. If you want to migrate any table from Excel to SharePoint this command line automation tool can easily do this. In this way, if you want to move the to-do list or notes from one app to another, you also get the benefit of this awesome Microsoft Power Automate tool.

Office 365
5 Ways to Automate Office 365 Support

To Sum up

Microsoft Power Automate is a great feature that will add several times to your Office 365 experience. You will be able to be much more productive and speed up your work. Moreover, you can use this service in other known tools or apps besides Microsoft. Such as Google Drive, Twitter, or some other such popular apps. However, there is a need to integrate more apps and services that the Microsoft team is working on.

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