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7 Popular Weight-Loss Diets Reviewed



Weight is one of the most talked-about issues. And when there are weight issues, there is always the diet that comes first in the mind. Diet plays a crucial role in weight management. There are tons of weight-loss diets, while some individuals solely focus on exercise and some focus both on diet and exercise. A good weight loss diet consists of low-calorie fruits and vegetables, lean protein and low-fat dairy products, and no sugar. Low carb diet is considered one of the best ways to lose weight. Though all the diets mentioned below claim to lose weight thus it’s quite hard to decide which suits you better.

Below are 7 popular and best weight-loss diets that have been approved and recommended by senior medical health writers and health professionals that elevate successful weight loss: 

Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet is said to reduce fat accumulation around the belly. It incorporates healthy and nutritional habits on a day to day living. This diet is mainly composed of lots of plant food, beans, nuts, and a low intake of meat and dairy products. Cheese and yogurt are the main considered dairy products out of all. It also includes fish, eggs, and olive oil. Apart from losing weight this diet also improves heart diseases and cancer. 

Vegan Diet 

A vegan diet is a special kind of diet that contains only plant-based ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Animal products such as meat, eggs, some dairy products, and honey are avoided at all costs. Veganism is considered the best and most environment-friendly way to lose weight, and is considered good to maintain better physical and mental health. A vegan diet is relatively a low-calorie and high in fiber diet that promotes weight loss. When following a vegan diet one can easily consume plant-based foods such as fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts, bread, rice, etc.   

Low-Carb diet 

Low carb diet is widely accepted because it is considered effective in terms of weight loss. In a low-carb diet, there is a restriction in the amount of carbs intake. Because of this, it is also called a Zero- carb diet. It reduces the appetite and makes the individual feel less hungry. It includes protein and non-starchy fruits and vegetables and fatty oils. It generally pushes the body to use fat as fuel instead of carbs and it is considered totally safe for everyone. 

Paleo Diet  

The Paleo diet is one of the most flexible and simple diets out of all. It lay more emphasis on lean protein, fruit, nuts, whole grains, and veggies. Also. paleo diet not only helps in promoting weight loss or reducing waist size, but it also helps in reducing the risk factor of various diseases such as heath attacks, blood pressure, blood sugar, and diabetes. Therefore, it shows multiple health benefits apart from weight loss. Moreover, a paleo diet helps an individual to eliminate all sorts of highly processed foods and refined sugar which are the major reasons of weight gain. 

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Ketogenic Diet

This diet has been considered good for many ages as it seems to be efficient in treating epilepsy. The ketogenic diet is said to speed up the metabolism, reduce appetite and unnecessary cravings. A ketogenic diet fills the individual stomach and reduces hunger. It is composed of around 10-30% of protein and 75% fat. A ketogenic diet is relatively high in fat and low in carbs. Legumes, beans, whole grains, nuts, and avocados are some of the general ingredients of the diet. 

The Zone Diet

In a zone diet, the nutritional value intake is divided and which is a low-glycemic index diet. It mainly includes 30-45% of protein and 30-35% of fats. And according to this plan, one can easily change their lifestyle and promote a smooth weight loss journey. Experts believe that it is a good option when looking for a steady weight loss. A typical zone diet consists of lean beef, fish, and egg whites. It generally consists of 3 meals or 1 or 2 snacks in a day. 

The Atkins Diet 

This is another most well-known diet which is a low-carb diet and specifically recommended by doctors and nutritionists for weight loss. The prime reason why low-carb diets are so effective for weight loss is that they suppress the appetite and control unnecessary cravings. One can lose weight faster through Atkin’s diet. This diet is split into a 4 phase plan and is also known as the low-carb keto diet. Foods to consider while having an Atkins diet are meat, eggs, low-carb vegetables, full-fat dairy, nuts, and legumes.  

All these diets listed above are effective and show great promising results in weight loss and will never leave anyone disappointed. Though there is no special particular diet for anyone, it totally depends on the body’s metabolic responses and also that suits one’s lifestyle. Health Canal has shown much more insights into weight loss and management. As said, there are many different types of diets present but one should choose one according to taste and needs and stick to it in a long run for effective weight loss. 

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Why is a project management certification required?



project management certification

PMP certificate is enlightening, and many yearning corporate workforce settles on PMP certificate.

Remembering this, we will examine the meaning of PMP accreditation to support your profession over the long haul. Getting a professional management endorsement can be colossally helpful for you. Here is a careful comprehension of the subject for your help.

What Is PMP Affirmation?

The PMP, otherwise called Project Management Professional, is authentically perceived internationally. However, it is a professional declaration for project chiefs and enterprises to perceive the  PMP certification benefits.

Alongside exhibiting the ability and capability of being a project chief, there are a few different advantages of project management accreditation. It is perhaps the best confirmation advancement in the project management industry.

The PMP authentication is presented by the Project Management Organization (PMI). It is one of the most renowned authentications in the entire world. Accordingly, the meaning of this professional endorsement is colossal in the corporate world.

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI ACP) Certificate

The PMI Agile Certified Practitioner PMI-ACP formally recognizes your knowledge of agile precepts and your creativity with agile procedures.

In extension, the PMI-ACP certification transmits a more distinguished level of competent believability. It expects an assortment of agile exercises, understanding marketing with agile operations. And also, assessment elegantly representative procedures, instruments, and methods. 

This global certification also upholds individuals in addressing the necessities of organizations that depend on project practitioners to apply various strategies to their project management.

Scrum Master Certification

The Scrum technique is part of the Agile style of project management – it has not been utilized in software advancement for a long time. It is gaining popularity in ventures like marketing and financial administration. 

Scrum Master certifications are driven by Scrum masters, who don’t employ command over project team individuals like a traditional manager who has recruiting, termination, and salary power. They have to utilize various techniques.

“Their main apparatuses are persuasion, understanding, teaching,  and coaching,” says Timothy Korson, senior partner at Qualys Arrangements and the lead Scrum educator for Georgia Tech Professional Education. However, it’s much more remarkable than simply doing what the manager advises them to do.”

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Alongside the undeniable advantages, the confirmation will give your profession a tremendous lift. Here is the full significance of PMP accreditation.

Significance of PMP Accreditation

1. PMP Certificate Communicates Believability

The main thing your manager takes a gander at when you are going after a position is the CV or Resume. Notwithstanding all that you have done, the PMP certificate positively gives the best validity to your abilities and qualification.

Whenever you accomplish this authentication and remember it for your application, the business can, without much of a stretch, find out regarding a lot of things. The company should rest assured about your range of abilities, experience, information. And also, earnestness regarding your vocation objectives.

2. You Can Anticipate A Raise Pretty Soon

Professional testaments like Project Management Professional have to bring in a higher measure of cash. Most examination shows that administrators with a PMP endorsement acquire more than a non-PMP holder. Also, it is one of the most well-known advantages of PMP accreditation.

3. More Open positions in the Business

Subsequently, businesses are searching for gifted and experienced professionals to employ for the position.

As the interest for project chiefs has been on the ascent. However, it is critical to separate yourself. The Project Management Professional’s endorsement can give you the best lift.

4. Improve Your Organization in the Corporate Business

Being an individual from the PMI, you can interface with other project administrators in the business. Building an association is one of the main parts of getting some work.

Having an association with directors in a similar field is dependably colossal in addition to point. Also,you could make a global gathering through PMI enrollment.

Last Thought

Besides, maintainability in the corporate world, later on, will rely vigorously upon a specialist’s capacity to assume liability and handle different tough spots.

Your work may, as of now, take you through the ideas of project management. In any case, when you are getting ready for the PMP declaration, you assemble an inside and out examination.

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Making money only – when and how



Making money

Making money online is very popular lately, and if you have been thinking about that idea, don’t put off your intention anymore. So, let’s talk about the means available to make money on the internet. Here are some solutions used by entrepreneurs worldwide to make money on the web.

Start trading online

For money-growing purposes, online investing in the financial market is the best option. Long time the financial markets were the playground for the big fishes. 

Today anyone can trade on financial markets from Contracts for difference, derivatives, stocks, foreign currencies, and increasingly popular cryptocurrencies.

You might be from a completely different educational background and still learn the ropes of online trading.

Due to the pandemics, the year 2020 was the year of ordinary people who traded stocks online more than ever, and it turned out to be very profitable for them. 

Free trading education is very popular since brokerage companies strive to meet the needs of clients of all trading levels. 

For instance, if you are into currency training, most probably, your Forex broker will offer you tons of free materials to learn everything from A to Z about Forex but also other markets.

Work as a freelancer

These days, many entrepreneurs and company owners need contractors to help them perform certain tasks for which they cannot hire full-time employees.

You are free to choose between different types of activities. Copywriting appears at the top of the list. Given the prevailing underemployment due to the health crisis, large numbers of people find themselves unemployed. Becoming a freelance writer for internet companies is a way to enhance your degree.

Virtual assistance is another profitable business for freelancers. It consists of helping web entrepreneurs from your home improve the SEO of their blogs (by posting comments) or by listing sites in directories. But to land the coveted job, you will have to prove your professionalism.

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Some sites that hire freelancers include,,,

Before you start, take the time to read the site terms and conditions carefully. Also, don’t forget to submit a portfolio that clearly shows what you are capable of. It will help you find contracts quickly.

Affiliate marketing

Membership is one of the possibilities that can earn you money. Affiliate marketing is the referral selling system. For example, if you liked a product you used, you could promote it on the web and earn money every time you sell it.

The gain obtained depends on the price of the product in question. Know that it is possible to earn up to 70% of the selling price of a product. To become an affiliate, you can go to platforms such as ShareASale Affiliates, Amazon Associates, eBay Partners, Shopify Affiliate Program, and Clickbank.


Blogging can also pay off, even if that is not its main goal. This is one of the ways you can start your business without a large initial investment.

To create a profitable blog, you can showcase your work to find customers through your contact page. Thus, the blog will be like a kind of portfolio allowing you to prove your expertise in a specific field.

Once your site grows, you can turn to other solutions like Adsense to monetize your blog.

But remember, there are no quick fixes. Whichever option you choose, you always have to put in the effort and earn your winnings.

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HLS: Why It Rules The Industry



The acronym HLS stands for HTTP live streaming. Before Apple introduced HLS, the main method of delivering video over the internet was Adobe’s Flash video technology. In 2009 with the debut of the iPhone 3, Apple launched the HLS media streaming protocol. Soon after that it replaced Adobe flash protocol in many online OTT platforms. So let’s know what exactly HLS is and what bigger advantage it has.

What is HLS

HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) is an HTTP-based streaming communication protocol created by Apple for live and on-demand streaming. It enables a receiver to adjust the bit rate of the media to the current network conditions in order to ensure uninterrupted playback at the highest quality feasible.

Your video will be compressed, divided into chunks, and sent over HTTP if you use the HLS protocol. All of those pieces will be reassembled into a playlist by HLS, and your viewer will only see a consistent stream of content.

Unlike UDP protocols like RTP, HTTP can pass over firewalls and proxy servers. It makes the content available in different HTTP based networks which is taken from the typical HTTP servers. With the use of HTTPS conventional encryption mechanism and secure-key distribution is offered as a DRM system for legal access to the digital content .

How does HLS work

At a high level, HLS works like all adaptive streaming technologies; it creates multiple files for distribution to players, which can adaptively change streams to optimize the playback experience. As an HTTP-based technology, no streaming service is required, so all the switching logic recedes on the player.

To distribute to an HLS client, it encodes the source into multiple files at different data rates and divides them into short chunks, usually between 5-20 seconds long. HLS uses this chunk based data transfer method that enables smooth streaming even over unreliable networks. These are uploaded onto HTTP server with text based manifest files which have M3U8 extension so that the player could avail extra manifest files in each of the encoded streams.

The playlist file, containing M3U8 file extension, has a minimum of three chunks of  TS files in MPEG-2 media format. The user downloads a M3U8 playlist that contains many URIs.In order to get an uninterrupted stream, the playlist must be updated with the  production of MPEG-2 files along with product URIs.

This process creates a seamless experience for users even at different bandwidth levels.

A Direct comparison between HLS and other protocols


MPEG-DASH is a method of streaming. DASH is an acronym that stands for “Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP.” Because it is HTTP-based, any origin server can be configured to serve MPEG-DASH streams.

MPEG-DASH, like HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), is a streaming protocol that divides videos into smaller chunks and encodes those chunks at various quality levels. This allows you to stream videos at different quality levels and switch from one to another in the middle of a video.

HLS and MPEG-DASH, both follow adaptive bit-rate protocols to deliver the content. And in most of the cases they are proved to be reliable, with little to no difference between them.

Such as, both support 4k resolution, HDR ( High Dynamic Range), which can deliver a wider color gamut and better tonal rendition.

HLS has undergone many changes to eliminate the gap and sometimes proved to be a better protocol. But one thing HLS beats DASH is MPEG-DASH does not support mobile safari browsers. And  with a billion of audience using ios devices, one cannot afford to avoid them.


Adobe’s Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) is a bidirectional message multiplex service that uses a reliable stream transport protocol like TCP [RFC0793] to convey concurrent streams of video, audio, and data messages, as well as associated timing information, between two interacting peers.”

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RTMP is ideal for low latency, but it has become outdated in recent years, and because it is based on Flash, it may be incompatible with some browsers and devices.

It has many disadvantages which are being covered by HLS, and thus proving it a much better protocol than RTMP.

Such as, It does not have native iOS support. RTMP does not work in HTML5, it differs from the HTTP Protocol, and video delivery security is minimal. Whereas,  HLS is a pocket-friendly protocol which is Compatible on all the platforms and supports HTML5 video player.The most significant advantage of HLS is its ability to deliver adaptive bitrate streaming, which allows for high pixel-rate content quality.

HLS vs MSS ( Microsoft Smooth Streaming )

Another example of HTTP-based streaming is Microsoft’s Smooth Streaming, which enables adaptive streaming of on-demand and live media over HTTP to clients such as Silverlight. Smooth Streaming optimizes content playback by switching video quality in real-time by dynamically monitoring available bandwidth and video rendering performance. Users with high bandwidth connections and the latest computers, for example, can enjoy full HD 1080p quality streaming, whereas users with lower bandwidth or older computers receive a stream that is more appropriate for their capabilities. Despite being backed by such a huge industry leader it has miserably failed to compete with protocols like HLS and DASH due to many limitations.Microsoft announced the end of Silverlight support in October 2021, limiting browser support for Microsoft Smooth Streaming streams.


RTSP is an application-layer protocol that is used to control streaming media servers via pause and play functions. It does not transmit data, rather it communicates with the server to establish real-time control over streaming media. To move the actual streaming data, RTSP servers frequently use the Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) in conjunction with the Real-Time Control Protocol (RTCP).

In this comparison HLS stands far more above RTCP. This is because RTCP has a lot of drawbacks and is not compatible with modern era platforms. Such as, It lacks application-level error correction (and frequently runs over UDP, which lacks transport layer error correction), so any network instability results in dropped frames, macroblocking, or other visual artifacts. It works with the video bitrate.

RTSP is also difficult to cache for widespread distribution. As a result, it is rarely used for internet-based streaming. It works best in networks where the operator has complete control over the network environment.

HLS, on the other hand, is extremely resilient to network variability. HLS is also capable of adapting to changing bitrates. Because it is an HTTP transfer, browsers and existing caching and content delivery networks support it well.


In today’s growing demand for on-demand and live streaming platforms, it is crucial to have a robust infrastructure and strong streaming protocol. HLS has proved to be the one to meet all the demand by constantly updating itself and eliminating the gaps. With this it can be considered as the most compatible streaming protocol of all.

With Muvi Live, you can live stream your event, programs, and so on across players, devices, and platforms. Let your audience enjoy uninterrupted live streaming on your platform with low latency regardless of their internet connection. Be it your player or any third-party player, deliver HLS content with HLS URL so that the audience can stream on any player on your website and apps.

Sign up for the free trial and explore Muvi’s video streaming platform now!

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