Are you looking to increase your income and make a little money on the side? The internet is rife with offers to make quick cash on the internet, from online casinos, lotteries, and get-rich-quick schemes. 

That being said, there are legitimate ways to make fast cash online. The best thing is that most of these methods can be done anywhere and are super easy to fit into your schedule, even if you’re already working full-time. This article will go through 8 ways to make fast money online.

Take online surveys

If you’re looking to make extra money, online surveys are a classic way to earn quick cash. There is no shortage of businesses looking for consumer research, so get out there and give them a piece of your mind. You won’t exactly be driving a Bently right away, but a few simple surveys done throughout your day will add up over time.

The types of surveys can vary. You will often be asked questions based on your demographic and will be selected based on your answers. It is essential to be honest because the survey providers can identify inaccurate answers, and you may not be selected for surveys in the future.

Play cash games

If you’re someone who can get bored quickly and has a competitive side, then cash games that pay real money may be perfect for you. These beauties blend work and play by letting you earn money playing online games. They work by providing players the opportunity to go head-to-head against each other and play games for real money.

An example of this is Pocket7Games. Their games usually involve two players with no interference, and cheating is rare due to policies that discourage players from ruining the experience for others. 

You can try your luck making quick cash with a wide selection of games to suit your tastes. To start, why not try downloading Solitaire Clash? It’s an easy one to get started with. From there, you can start exploring a little. Find a cash game app you enjoy, and you can play whenever you have a spare minute while you watch your bank balance grow!

Use cashback when shopping

Let’s face it, almost all of us are buying items online in 2022. So, why not be rewarded? 

There are many apps and companies that reward users for buying items on websites. They work by giving you small amounts of cashback on every purchase. It’s an excellent idea for the chronic shoppers among us. 

The best thing is that it’s completely passive. Generally, you’ll only need to install a browser extension, and away you go! The extension will track what websites are eligible or not for cashback and reward you accordingly. An example is the extension ShopBack, which is easily installed and compatible with the most popular online retailers. 

Get paid to exercise

Having applications that monitor our activity is commonplace these days. But, what if you could earn real money based on how many steps you take? Now you can and, thanks to integration with cryptocurrency, getting paid to exercise is here!

Some crypto-based companies, such as Stepn and Sweatcoin, track your daily activity and will reimburse you depending on how much you sweat. Keep in mind that being paid in cryptocurrency may make your gains vulnerable to market fluctuations. But, if you’re already planning on exercising, then it can’t hurt, can it?

UI test websites

If you notice all the little mistakes on websites and have an eye for design, this one’s for you. 

Many website designers are looking for users to test their creations and will pay you to do so! The market is full of businesses looking to develop an online presence, and one important aspect is improving their websites.

As well as testing basic functionality, you will spend time reviewing sites and giving constructive feedback. For those who are already tech-savvy, this can be pretty quick since going through an entire website doesn’t take very long. You could easily go through a few websites each day for some quick cash on the side.

Teach English online

If you can read this, you might be able to make some fast cash! Teaching English has increased in demand over recent years. More non-native speakers are looking for online private tutoring with the world being more connected than ever. Those born in English-speaking countries can quickly jump on a call with someone wanting to learn from native speakers. 

The level of English varies, so don’t expect to provide classroom-level education all the time. Some students just want to converse to brush up on their skills. All you need to do is signup for a platform that connects students with teachers, and you’ll be able to start earning. Getting paid to talk doesn’t seem too bad of a deal, does it?

Sell old items on Craigslist

Let’s face it, we’ve all got items lying around that we don’t really use anymore. It could be due to sentimental value, or we’re giving in to our tendency to over-consume. This can be an excellent opportunity to turn those neglected goods into quick cash by listing them online. 

Venues such as Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist exist to connect buyers with sellers. Facebook’s algorithmic targeting makes it even more likely for you to find the right buyer since it connects users on history and interests. Nevertheless, it won’t take long to snap some photos and list whatever you might have lying around, so don’t delay making those quick bucks. 

Sell your photography

The pictures you see on websites are not sourced simply by searching Google images. These photos are typically licensed and sold by photographers to websites such as Unsplash. If you are interested in photography, you can get involved by submitting your work to sell. 

You will need some good quality photos, but it can be lucrative since businesses always look for original licensed photography. This may be a longer road than the others if you need to develop the skill. But, if you’re already a proficient photographer, it will certainly be a way to make some real money. 

Let’s go!

If you want to earn some fast cash or start a side hustle, the internet should be your first stop. There are plenty of ways to make extra cash online. From selling your old stuff to taking surveys, the choices are almost endless. 

One of the best options is playing games. You can have fun while you make money, even while waiting for the lady in front of you at the grocery store to dig through her purse for the exact change. So why not give it a try and start filling out surveys or playing Pocket7Games today?

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