As part of the admission requirements to enter an undergraduate or graduate program at a foreign university, it is very likely that you will be asked to write an essay. This essay is a fundamental piece of the application process because, since they cannot have a personal interview with the candidate, the Admissions Offices give great importance to both the form and the content of the essay.

It helps them to know who the candidate is, and allows them to evaluate how the candidate can contribute to the program. Therefore, focusing on writing a good essay is essential because it can make a difference and influence the final admissions decision. But not many future students find it easy, so some find write my essay for me online and get successful jobs.

The main points you should notice to writing an admission essay

1. Many students think that this is an academic essay, but it is not

The first thing you should know is that there is no magic formula or pre-established structure for an admissions essay. Usually, the Admissions Office will give you one or more questions that you must answer throughout the essay, so the first rule is that your essay must completely answer the question(s) you were asked. If you try to impress by talking about topics that you think are very important but have nothing to do with what you were asked, your essay will most likely not be well regarded by the Admissions Office.

2. The questions asked by Admissions Offices vary depending on the institution and the program

Some institutions focus more on the personal side of the applicant, while others are more interested in the academic and professional side. Therefore, generally, the questions will focus on three topics: You, Why you chose this program, and What you can bring to the program.

3. The background of the admissions essay is about you

Admissions Offices are looking for you to tell them a personal story in the essay, focusing on your academic and professional development (not your private life). This does not mean that you have to summarize your entire life, but it does mean that you should tell them accurately and authentically about your interests, your qualities, and your projects, without sounding arrogant and conceited.

You can emphasize episodes and anecdotes of your life, both good and bad, that have made you grow into the person, student, and professional you are today. These can be both successes and failures, but what you should highlight is how these taught you valuable things you didn’t know before.  And don’t worry, they don’t have to be extraordinary or out of the ordinary situations; the fundamental thing is that they are events that make you a unique person.

4. Justify to the Admissions Office why you chose their program

It is vital that you are familiar with the program and that you are clear about the reasons why you want to apply to it. Not all programs, even if they have the same title or are in the same area, are the same.  Many have different emphases, others are distinguished because they have very specific subjects in the curriculum, others are taught by distinguished professors that make them unique.

Whatever your reason, the essential thing is to try to be as specific as possible. Do not give generic arguments that other candidates can give such as: “because it is the best university in the world”, “because it is the most recognized program in its area” or “because it is ranked in X Ranking worldwide”.  Data like these are already known by the members of the Admissions Offices.

They are looking to know why you are particularly interested in that field of study, how you came to want to specialize in it, how passionate and familiar you are with the subject, why you chose that program specifically, and how studying this program and not another will impact your personal, academic and professional life.

5. Demonstrate how you, your interests, and your contributions are valuable to the program you will be studying

At this point, you should be aware that the Admissions Office, rather than looking for candidates who can bring more knowledge to the program, wants to admit people whose knowledge, experience, and personality will enrich the program and the day-to-day classes. Therefore, in the essay, you can emphasize your achievements, your skills, and your goals for the future.

By connecting your goals with what you have done to achieve them, you can show them that you are a very valuable, focused person who works to achieve your goals. You can also use the admissions essay to explain, in case there is a bump in your other application documents (such as a bad grade for example), the reasons for it.

6. It must be well-written

The essay should have a coherent structure, argumentation, and analysis, demonstrating that you can support your ideas with logical arguments. Try to express yourself clearly and with a language that is comfortable and familiar to you; formalisms and sophisticated language are not necessary. However, it is very important that the essay is written with good spelling and grammar, that it does not touch on debating points, and that it is not too creative (it is not a fictional story, it is about your life).

7. This task requires time and dedication

Therefore, we recommend that you do not start writing it one or two days before submitting your application; try to take your time so that you can take it easy, analyze the questions, think carefully about each answer, and write when you are inspired. Don’t write too little, but don’t go over the maximum number of words allowed. Once you have finished writing, read and reread what you have written, as you will always find mistakes and phrases that you can improve. Also ask people who know you to read it and give you their opinion on it.

8. Try to make an essay that catches the attention from the first moment

Both the title of the essay and the first paragraph of the essay must catch the attention of the Admissions Office representatives. If the title of your essay is ordinary and the first paragraph is simple and boring, they are likely to stop reading it and focus on the hundreds of other essays they have to read.


Finally, whenever you are writing the essay, try to make it show you as you are, because only then it will be authentic, selling and probably memorable essay. Most importantly, it will be your admission ticket to your dream program abroad.

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