The so-called “Super plant” cleans indoor air 30 times more effectively than other plants. This is a new achievement of a team of French researchers. They have developed a super plant and in their free time played CasinoChan. The indoor plant, “Neo P1,” is designed to filter dangerous and carcinogenic pollutants from indoor air. It makes your house cleaner and your life healthier. And it is so easy. You do not have to include sport or any other habit to live healthier in your own home.

This new plant is said to clean 30 times more air than conventional houseplants can. “Neo P1” is the name of the bio-tech houseplant. Over several years, 20 scientists from the start-up company “Neoplants” in Paris have developed the super plant.


The super plant called “Neo P1” cleans the air, similar to a HEPA filter. In general, other houseplants can do this as well. “Neo P1”, however, is so far advanced that it filters as many pollutants from the room air as otherwise 30 conventional houseplants do. Like, for example, the popular indoor and office plant Photos. This is known for its air-purifying effect. “Neo P1” is a biotechnological further development of Photos.

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“Neo P1” filters carcinogenic pollutants from indoor air. Yet “Neo P1” can do more than just clean bad air. According to its developers, the super plant also combats volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These pollutants can occur anywhere in the home and are five times more concentrated indoors than in outdoor air. The pollutants are emitted, for example, from household cleaners, furniture, carpets, wallpaper, paints or flooring. Substances of particular concern are formaldehyde, toluene, xylenes and benzene. These four pollutants are suspected of causing heart and lung diseases as well as cancer. “Neo P1” is modified, according to its developers, so that the plant efficiently captures and recycles precisely these pollutants.


For the super plant, you have to shell out a hefty $179. That is roughly the price of 30 “normal” Photos plants. Neo P1″ is not yet available in regular stores. However, interested parties can already register on a waiting list at “Neoplants”. In addition to the super plant, one receives a special plant pot that is supposed to optimize the air intake and the microbiome, i.e. the totality of important microorganisms, in the soil.


How to take care of “Neo P1”?

Similarly, as a conventional photos. In the winter months, “Neo P1” should be watered every three weeks, and in the summer – twice a month. However, the super plant needs additional treatment. Monthly, the soil must be sprayed with a special solution. This contains bacteria that should keep the microbiome in balance.

Who is behind the super plant?

A biotech company called “Neoplants” with headquarters in Paris. The team consists of eleven PhD students and other bioengineers. The start-up has raised $20 million since its founding in 2018. Among other things, it was used to build a 12,000-square-meter research laboratory in Paris.

What does the company stand for?

According to the startup, the goal is to use bioengineering and “directed evolution” to create “plants with a purpose,” such as combating air pollution.

Patrick Torbey is co-founder and CTO of Neoplants. In a press release, he writes, “The more we uncover the code of the living organisms around us, the more we marvel at its elegance and complexity, created by billions of years of evolution. Our team is committed to building a green and vibrant future here on Earth, where plants are updated as frequently as our phones, where people can see and feel the benefits of nature as clearly as any piece of technology.”

Time will show what else we can expect from the smart-home technology field. Fact is that these new innovations aim at making our lives easier and healthier. There are more and more start-ups focusing on developing the smart-home field. It is a good option for investments but also for innovation. Time will show the new spheres we get introduced to and what new ways are helpful or are just there for fun.

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