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Silica has its other name is known for silicon dioxide. It has a molecule composed of silicon and two oxygen atoms, with the most abundant element present in the earth’s crust. Sand consists of silicon dioxide, and quartz is a standard crystal form. Silica gel packets come with the note that no one should eat them. And mostly ask to keep children away from it.

Silica gel contains intricate tiny beads made with a process involving sodium silicate and acid patented with the chemistry professor of Johns Hopkins University 1919. The mixture forms a gel that is dried out from the solid part. It is technically known as a xerogel, but it gets shortened to form a gel even though it is a complex substance and made to confuse people. Silica bead has many tiny interconnect pores, which results in a high surface area.

Never intake these toxic packets.

Silica gel cause discomfort if you eat it mistakenly. After taking it, it will absorb more moisture which should not be suitable for health.

l The package can get stuck inside your body, and the pieces might not feel good.

l If the beads break apart inside you, then the pieces will not feel good.

l If you are looking for the kind that changes in colour, those toxic chemicals can react horribly.

l It could adsorb something harmful which you have never gone through.

Surprise uses silica gel.

1. Rescue a wet phone

Silica is the best product that will help to suck the moisture out from a wet mobile quickly. Just dab the excess water with the help of a soft cloth and separate the battery as well. Keep the phone and battery inside a zip-lock pack, and after that, slide a silica gel inside and let the work begin. Leave them overnight and switch them on the following day. You will get good results for sure!!

2. Maintain razor blades

Store the shaving blades in a single jar and then add a silica gel packet. You will get the surprise results after you check out that the edges never get tarnished. And those razors can be used for a long time as well.

3. Prevent your silverware from getting wasted

Due to the presence of excess moisture in the environment, silverware can get tarnished easily. So keeping it packed with silica to get inside will help stay new for some more extended time.

4. Keep coffee jar moist-free

It is the most common issue which people face in daily life. The favourite coffee jar captures the moisture from the environment every time. People used to store coffee in the pot and then open the coffee jar to get the coffee powder, and sometimes the coffee jar did not fit perfectly. So moisture enters it, and the whole coffee powder gets wasted. But now, you can keep the silicon gel pack inside the cap, and it will maintain the coffee.

5. Protects leather shows from moisture

Moisture can easily damage leather products very quickly, and for this reason, only people get the tiny packets inside the show box which people buy. Most shoes and sandals come with a silica gel pack that maintains the leather for an extended period. So hope you will follow this and keep your shoes new.

Getting silica gel

Finding silica gel is not a big task, but getting it is too hectic. Since silica gel manufacturer won’t be going to provide a single unit for anyone. A person has to purchase it in a considerable lot or for a good number. Many such reasons are there for which people do not sell it to anyone—primarily those who sell footwear and other products where silica gel is required. Silica gel manufacturer prepares it with caution by taking care of the environment as well. There are certain people present over who can get this gel with their company name only,


Silica gel has tremendous importance for which footwear companies purchase it. There are certain features available with silica gel that might astonish you. So keep your product safe and new with silica gel!

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