Anime recently started becoming popular in the NFT world. Animation lovers started bringing anime into the NFT space. NFT collectors are now collecting and minting more anime-themed creations hand-drawn.

Social media has also played a role in the evolution of anime NFTs because people share them. Another major factor that has pushed the NFT anime is the increase in the number of anime-based movies or series. People feel drawn to some of the characters which is why they love to own a piece or representation of them.

The NFT anime has created security for its owners or creators. If you are looking for some of the top anime NFT projects, we compiled a list of them in the coming section.

Anime NFTs: Top Anime NFT Project You Should Look Out For

Top Anime NFT Projects

If you are a die-hard anime lover, here is the perfect time to start collecting your anime art. There is a pool of options available for you to choose from. There is also no limitation on the number of anime-inspired assets you can acquire or own. Check out these anime NFT projects.


This anime NFT project mixes old Japanese style and pop culture. It was launched in January 2022 and is one of the top NFT projects. The characters have their unique attributes. If you love Asian culture and anime, the Azuki should be your go-to for anime NFT projects.

Secondary collections are coming up so you will not run out of collecting Azuki’s in the coming years. The Azuki team is also coming up with more development so the NFT project is not going down anytime soon.

ON1 Force

This project launched in August 2021 and people has been going crazy over it since then. The first collection got sold out in a matter of minutes. This is how popular the anime project got. One thing that made the ON1 Force characters stand out is their unique style and colors. This unique style is highly noticeable.

The project is showing no sign of going down even from its inception. It has a total sales value of over $35,000 and the floor price for one is $225. We can say that Azuki is one of the fastest-rising anime NFT projects.


The Haki NFT consists of 5,000 unique collections. The NFT project was expected to go beyond the digital space and exist in the physical. The collection includes clothing, cellphones, events, and more. You can get the benefits of these collectibles in real-time.

This can be a good pick for you if you go into anime NFT collections. The floor price for Haki is currently 0.045ETH. There are 2,591 owners of the Haki NFT. You can build a portfolio from Haki NFT and become an owner of one of the Haki collectibles.


Hikari is popularly known as the Home of Misfits. The team minted Hikari in April 2022. The Hikari is very new so it still has quite a low price. The floor price of Hikari is 0.015 so there are about 5,553 tokens available. The total sale is $978.95.

The future of Hikari looks promising and the team is working relentlessly to give it a stronghold in the anime NFT industry. They are working on creating Hikari games, comics, and even a clothing line. These are all exciting things needed for development. You may invest in this anime NFT project and see how it turns out.

Shonen Junk

The Shonen Junk NFT project has more than 200 unique characters. You can collect each for an average price of 0.152 ETH. James Lin who was a co-founder of Crunchyroll founded Shonen Junk. Crunchyroll is one of the reasons that anime became popular in the Americas.

Start collecting some Shonen Junk characters and invest in the project. The team plans for more collections in the future so you can look forward to that also.


No one can assuredly say if anime NFT projects will continue for decades. The most crucial part is that they are still in season and more people are talking about and sharing them. There are also many anime NFT projects so things may get confusing or overwhelming. Find the one that suits your needs and goals best and give it a shot.

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