Best 3 OCR tools for text recognition

Many individuals still print documents on paper, which must then be converted into editable text. In this case, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technologies assist users by turning printed materials into editable and machine-readable files. There are several OCR tools on the market that might easily confuse you. That is why we have chosen the Best 3 OCR Tools for Text Recognition and provided you with their features and usability. You can use any of these tools for image to text conversion. is the most effective and dependable online converting tool on the market. It can transform document photographs, scanned documents, invoices, business cards, automated receipts, mail, and any other static data into machine-readable format. It is free and supports a wide range of file types (almost 200 in total). The number of pages accessible each day is 30; to access further pages, you must join up.

You must do the following procedures to convert your file. Since this is an online tool to convert PDF to text, you should visit Then you should choose a file to convert from DropBox, Google Drive, or your PC. You may also move the file around the page by dragging it. To initiate OCR PDF conversion, you should pick the languages utilized in your papers as well as the output format. As the final step to convert image to text, you need to click the “Recognize” button to get your file.

  • A9t9

Free Windows OCR App A9t9 the finest platform for converting OCR files is Free OCR Windows App. It is only compatible with Windows, as the name implies. It is not compatible with other operating systems such as Linux, Ubuntu, or Mac. For turning your picture to text, this program supports 21 worldwide languages. If you wish to eliminate the advertisements, purchase the premium version; otherwise, all functions are available for free.

You must do the following procedures to convert your OCR file using the (a9t9) Free OCR Windows App. First, download and install the A9T9 Free OCR Windows App on your Windows machine. Open the program and choose the file you wish to convert. Now you can choose your desired language and click the convert button. Because the technology is so rapid, it will just take a few seconds. You may now download your file or copy the content and paste it anywhere you like.

  • Photo Scan

Define Studio’s Photo Scan is a free OCR application that can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. Because it is a free tool, it contains advertisements, but they will not interrupt you. You may give it a picture by selecting a file from your computer or by using a camera. Another fantastic feature of this software is the ability to listen to the text by pressing the Read Aloud button. The OCR format may be saved in Word, HTML, XML, Rich Text, and Log formats.

Pick a tool out of these and then proceed with your online OCR to text conversion.

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