Best Brands Of Surfboards

Surfboards come in all shapes and sizes. Some brands cater to absolute beginners, others are just for the best. The choice is always very personal, like a pair of shoes that you have to wear for a long time. It obviously depends on individual needs and desires. We want to help you choose your best partner in crime, which is why we have put together a bunch of the best surfboard brands at a reasonable surfboard price.

Lost surfboards

A group of friends who enjoyed the sport without much success called themselves the “Lost Team”. Little by little, they began to focus on creating surfboards. In the mid-eighties, they created 20 surfboards on which the word “Lost” was written. The creator, Matt Biolos, surrounded himself with the best surfboard artists and experts. Lost surfboards are famous for having some of the most attractive visual designs in the world thanks to the talents of artists like Sean Spoto and Drew Brophy.

Mick Fanning Surfboards

Mick Fanning is a brand that everyone learns from. It is a safe bet for beginners but also for intermediate level surfers who want to keep learning. “It’s the mark for those who want to get better,” Mick says. Among other unique features, these soft sheets are lined with a foam material to create a unique experience.

Aloha surfboards

This specialized brand offers a wide range of options. That is why it is a favorite among many for longboards, shortboards or cufflinks. It is recognized as a brand that the best surfers in the world are true to. This Australian producer was born in 1978 and is a great classic from the shores of Sydney.

Firewire surfboards

Are you looking for organic products? Fireway surfboards are the perfect combination of green materials like EPS and Epoxy. In addition to sustainability, the brand is known for having the best shapers in the world, including Daniel Thomson. Their innovative models are easily sold out, making these surfboards some of the most coveted models in the world.

Pyzel surfboard

Jon Pyzel was five years old when he created his first surfboard (yes, you read that right). His business has only grown since then, and today his surfboards are distributed all over the world. To create his project, Pyzel surrounded himself with the best Hawaiian surfers, who showed him how to adapt the boards to different levels and waves.

Puka’s surfboards

Pukas Surfboards is a Spanish family business born in northern Spain, a famous enclave of constant waves. They are known for the artisanal manufacture of surfboards, giving them a unique personality. Their adaptation to the surfer they offer has given them great recognition. Our club and shapers offer solutions to each of the conditions that arise in the sea “, comments the Pukas team.

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The Channel Islands’ surfboards

Terry and Al Mick started this project in the late 1960s. Channel Island Surfboards specializes in high-performance surfboards, so if you buy one of their products, you can expect outstanding quality. After 50 years of experience, they have been able to come up with the most innovative models.

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