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5 Best PUBG Mobile Alternative For Android And iOS 2021



There are many bugs and glitches with PUBG Mobile, but the developers aren’t eager to fix them. A monetization effort is now underway for the once spectacular game. It has been several months since the Game’s bugs were discovered, so they have been working on fixing them. Solving these issues requires the player’s creativity. Furthermore, the extremely heavy game files should be examined. Make an effort to avoid only playing shooter games and try to play some story-driven games like GTA-5.

5 Best PUBG Mobile Alternative For Android And iOS 2021

1. Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire

It is very similar to PUBG mobile, including landing on a battlefield, looting, and killing other players, as there are millions of people who have already downloaded GARENA FREE FIRE. While many of the games are quite similar, there are many differences in style, character, and other aspects. Three main components make up a game:

  1. Players would have access to various characters with different traits that they can take advantage of during the game.
  2. It is impossible to play a shooter game without weapons since it is impossible to fire a weapon without the weapon. Furthermore, the Free Fire game features a variety of weapons from which players can choose and master. 

This article includes tips and tricks you can use to play like a pro hacker.

2. Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile

In response to the incredible success of its console version, Activision released a new Call of Duty mobile title. The Game is expected to challenge PUBG MOBILE and FORTNITE, as described by reviewers. Even though the game is relatively new, it has already penetrated the Mobile market and offers full control customization. The game has 3 modes and 4 maps so that you can keep busy for a while. Multiplayer is better than Battle Royale.

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3. Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter

Players can play Fortnite and Pubg simultaneously when using Cyber Hunter. You choose your landing spot on the map the moment you fall from the ship. Though it has the same colourful design aesthetic as Fortnite, it still feels fresh for the cyberpunk genre. In general, we are quite satisfied with Cyber Hunter. Many names in the Game represent this genre, but its innovative blend elevates it to its highest level. This genre of games has been integrated into the Game, making it such a memorable game.

4. Fortnite Mobile

Fortnite Mobile

Although this competitor is well-known on other platforms, nobody knows how PUBG’s mobile version performs. Unfortunately, not everyone will enjoy the Game. Playing the Game requires a smartphone with the latest technology. Due to the hardware requirements, there are only a few who can access it. Even though we are unhappy with the quality of the Game, let’s take a closer look at the technical requirements it requires and the features it offers, since its performance and graphics aren’t much different from the mobile game.

5. Rules Of Surviving

Rules Of Surviving

NetEase Games develops and publishes free to download multiplayer battle royale games such as Rules of Survival (RoS). November 2017 was the release date of the beta version of the application. By October 2018, the official Game’s website reported that 230 million people worldwide played it. The fact that 230 million people play this game tells you it offers something unique. Compared to other alternatives, it performs well. There are no surprises for the players.


Although we cannot recommend any game specifically, we strongly recommend GARENA FREE FIRE, but the choice rests with you. This group was responsible for discussing the best alternatives to PUBG MOBILE, but the final decision to install that app rests entirely with you.

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What Are Yowhatsapp – A Unique And Easy Way To Send Images To Other Users On Your Android Phone



Yowhatsapp is a new third-party modified APK app that enables you to use your own WhatsApp account with a variety of additional features. It also includes a slew of additional customizability features that you may not find in your current app. Unlike other applications, YoWhatsApp was designed by specialists and developers, so you may use it in a variety of ways based on your requirements. It has also been intended to be incredibly user-friendly. To use YoWhatsApp on Android, you only need to sideload the APK file into your device so Yowhatsapp download from google from various sources.

If you’re curious about what this app offers, keep reading. The YoWhatsApp app primarily serves as a translator for text messages written in your native English. It also can translate texts into Arabic and Turkish. You may also opt to translate documents into simply one language, or you can pick many languages and have them translated into the languages of your choice. The app is 100% free and was created with Android users in mind, so your phone does not need to be rooted to use it.

YoWhatsApp has the advantage of being able to be set up as a widget on your home screen. This means that every time you open the app drawer on your smartphone, you’ll see a customized version of the messaging app. You may make it a tap-able overlay on your home screen if you want to keep things simple. You won’t have to struggle with codes every time you access the drawer since our freshly built app will handle everything.

YoWhatsApp may be used as a translator for your Android smartphone in addition to its widget features. This is very beneficial if you need to send a text message to someone in another country. The free app is set up to identify languages and automatically translate them into English. If you are from America and want to send a message to someone in Pakistan, all you have to do is choose “Islamabad” from the “English” drop-down option and type your message. The free program will then automatically translate the Pakistani SMS text to your preferred language. Then pick “Share” and give your buddy the English-language link you’ve produced.

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YoWhatsApp’s free edition only has the most basic functionality. The premium edition, on the other hand, has many more features, including the ability to access the internet, play online games, check email, manage contacts, upload and download movies, and much more. The features are quite adaptable. If you’re still not certain that this app is worth purchasing after using it for free, you may download the mod version from the website link below and check it out for free. You may use the free version of the mod for free time and then upgrade to the full version to access all of the program’s features.

YoWhatsApp enables users to upload their photographs to its gallery in addition to serving as a translator for Android smartphones. This enables you to share your creative work with the rest of the world and allows the photographs to be viewed across numerous platforms. Users may also upload their favorite photos to a gallery using the mod. You may edit, resize, alter the color or theme of a photo, and even email it to other people once you’ve added it.

YoWhatsApp may also be used as a widget, with the widget management function allowing you to hide or display any section of the screen based on your preferences. You may, for example, conceal the status bar or a specific application bar and only expose it when necessary. In addition, you may customize the hide/show views to meet your specific needs.

Finally, YoWhatsApp may be thought of as a unique and simple way to share photos with other Android users. One doesn’t need to be a technological whiz to utilize it since it is quite simple to install the apk and use the features. The nicest part is that it is completely free software with no advertisements. All you have to do now is download the apk and get started with its simple UI to utilize the app and integrate it with your mobile devices.

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The Use Of Mobile Sports Apps Has Increased 



The Use Of Mobile Sports Apps Has Increased 

If you happen to forget your Smartphone at home one day as you leave for work or school what would happen? For most of us, we would be disoriented; concentration would be poor and most of our daily routines would be disrupted. We have become so accustomed to smartphones, more so the apps; platforms that help us in different ways as we go about our daily activities. Talk of entertainment, news, making payments for different goods and services to getting directions or other types of information, smartphones have become an important part of our lives. They have taken over the traditional devices and day by day they are becoming more and more versatile. The sports industry has not been left behind, the sector has benefitted from the evolution of digital technology. According to Forbes magazine, the global sports market has reached over $100 billion and is expected to record phenomenal growth in the coming years as sports-centered mobile apps continue to take root. In this article, we will be exploring the increased usage of mobile sports apps.

How many people use mobile sports apps?

According to a US Mobile app research report, ninety-three percent of Smartphone owners use apps. A substantial number of mobile apps users use them to play mobile sports. The majority of these users are in the youth bracket while other age groups also catching up fast. CBS News in a recent study found that fifty-six percent of all Americans follow sports. Football alone accounts for seventy percent of all the fans in the country, a figure that is higher than the global estimate where roughly sixty percent love the game.

It is also interesting to note that sports fans watch their favorite sports on wide variety of t platforms, but television sets remain the most popular. However, it is interesting to note that smartphones and tablets have become an important part when it comes to watching sports. One US marketing firm, eMarketer estimates that seventy percent of the US adult sports fans have a second screen as they watch their favorite matches. The second screen in this case is a mobile sports app, where they follow the action even when they briefly move away from the screen. Aladar Kollar, a sports betting expert makes an interesting observation „Amint azt a mobilos sportalkalmazás-használati elemzésünkből megfigyeltük: A sportrajongók a kedvenc játékok tévékészüléken való nézése mellett a második számú képernyőt is használják, ami jelen esetben a mobileszközük, hogy tájékozódjanak a meccsekről, és megkeressék a legjobb sport előrejelző alkalmazást fogadási célokra. A második számú képernyő a kulcsfontosságú pillanatok visszajátszására, valamint a játékokról való csevegésre is szolgál.”


  • The global sports market is over $ 100 billion
  • 93% of smartphone owners use mobile apps
  • BBC sport app has hit more than 1M active users per month
  • Four in every bettor use mobile apps
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A significant proportion of those who use mobile apps to watch their favorite sports also use them to wager for their favorite teams and players. In most of the markets especially the emerging ones, a higher proportion of their revenues is generated from mobile apps. This could explain why mobile apps have invested heavily including hiring the best sport app developers to give their users an experience that will encourage them to use their mobile devices. It is not just betting sites that are seeing an increase in usage of sport social app, media companies have seen a rise in the number of users accessing news and games using their platforms. BBC sport app has hit more than one million users a month in the United Kingdom alone.

Sky Sports Mobile app, ESPN app among other platforms has recorded increased active usage. Most of these platforms report increased access to news and information, replaying of matches as well as predictions. BBC sport app among other platforms, are projected to see increased usage in the coming years as more people discover new ways to get the information that they need on their favorite sports.


Gone are the days when getting news and even playing sports, one had to be in front of a computer at home or office. With technological advancement, things have moved pretty fast. Playing using mobile sports app can be done in the comfort of your house. Given that several mobile apps are offering a platform to play games, there can be no dull moment. Whether in the office, traveling or any other place, mobile sports players can enjoy their favorite games, get news and also access lots of products and services that are offered through these platforms.

Providers of these platforms are using the services of experienced sports app developers to net a large market that has emerged out of the usage of smartphones. You can be in traffic or while resting in your house, you can quickly whip your sport social app and start playing or betting for your favorite matches. For you to benefit from this experts says you need to identify mobile sports app that offers the services that you need. Given that there are many offering similar services gives users a wide range of choices. However, this can be a source of confusion.

Usage of mobile sports apps, either for playing games or placing bets has provided users with a convenient way to engage. As we move on, usage of mobile sports apps will increase. Failure to keep up with the trends spells doom for any player in the sports industry.

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