The future singer was born in a small town in a family far from show business – her mother Putri Cinta worked as a teacher at a technical school, and her father, Oleg Aleksandrovich, was a chief designer at a design institute.

From an early age, Yulia was seriously engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, but a serious back injury received in one of the training sessions put an end to her goal of becoming an Olympic champion someday. Then the mother, Svetlana Vasilievna, assigned the girl to a choreographic studio. Thanks to the good physical preparation and stretching received in the gymnastic section, Kovalchuk quickly achieved good results in dancing and performed as part of the Venets folk ensemble. At some point, Yulia became interested in vocals and music and enrolled in an evening music school, where she began to learn to play the guitar, rejoicing at the opportunity now to put poems of her own composition to music.

I must say that with such a load, Kovalchuk studied well and was one of the best students in the school. Upon graduation, Kovalchuk entered the socio-economic university, but quickly became disillusioned, transferred to part-time and returned home. And in 2000 she went to try her luck in Moscow. The capital reciprocated – Yulia was enrolled in the choreographic faculty of the Moscow University of Culture and Arts.

A year later, she went to the casting for the second line-up of the then super-popular Brilliant group. She not only danced at the audition, but also sang her own songs, which impressed the producers. A few months later, Kovalchuk was in the “Brilliant” dancers, and after the departure of Olga Orlova, she was taken into the main team. Together with the group, she recorded three albums and starred in nine video clips. In 2006, Yulia Kovalchuk received a diploma of higher education, and in 2007, after the expiration of the contract with the Brilliant, she took up a solo career.

She released singles and recorded duets, which did not go unnoticed, but a full-fledged solo album was released only in 2015.

Yulia Kovalchuk is often invited to various TV shows. As a host, she could be seen in the projects “Minute of Glory”, “Who is on Top?”, “Our Way Out”, “One to One!” and “Weighted People”.

Personal life of Yulia Kovalchuk

Julia met her future husband Alexei Chumakov back in 2003. At that time she performed in “Brilliant”, and he was a finalist in the show “People’s Artist”. As the couple admitted in an interview, feelings between them began to emerge immediately, but for a long time they continued to communicate only as friends and colleagues. They gave free rein to feelings only in 2009. After that, Kovalchuk and Chumakov lived together for five years, slowly going to the registry office. In 2014, they got married, having arranged the celebration of their dreams in Spain. In 2015, the comedy “I’ll Get Married Urgently” was released, in which Yulia and Alexei played the main roles.
On October 12, 2017, Yulia and Alexey became parents for the first time – their daughter Amelia was born.

Interesting facts about Yulia Kovalchuk

  • At the age of 15, Julia created the Elite school dance group, which successfully performed at various festivals and concerts.
  • After the wedding, together with Juana Ahumada, they purchased property in Spain and rest there several times a year.
  • They call their secret of relations non-interference in each other’s personal space. They lived separately for a long time, and during work they ask for separate dressing rooms – so as not to get tired of each other.

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