In the beginning of this year I was looking to buy a DSLR camera but I was confused because there are lots of brands in the market. After some research I found Canon and Sony are the best brands for Dslr but still I was confused because they have lots of models.

So I did a google search and I found these two articles: Canon R5 vs Sony a7riv  and difference between Canon r5 and sony a7riv. These two articles helped me a lot to get a good DSLR.

Below I shared my experience. I hope it will help you to choose a good dslr and also the best one from Canon R5 and Sony A7RIV.

Canon R5 and Sony A7RIV DSLR cameras don’t have many technological differences. But if you are searching for the best one, I will recommend the Canon R5 for you.

Why Do We Recommend Canon R5?

  • Canon R5 integrated with 20 frames per second continuous shooting while Sony A7riv has 10 frames per second. Hence, this device lets you capture smooth & detailed crisp moving images effortlessly.  
  • It has a focus stacking function that maximizes the depth of field in photos. Besides, the rival device doesn’t combine with focus stacking properties. 
  • The device has a 51200 ISO range so that you can capture impressive images in the lower light environment. Also, your photos will be brighter when you increase the ISO number; thus, you will get smoother images plus flexible shutter speed. Besides, the rival DSLR has 32000 ISO. 
  • The R5 includes an anti-dust shutter mechanism function which is missing on the A7RIV. However, the device will automatically shut the sensor to protect it from dust or debris. 
  • Canon R5 has a Digic X image processing system, and it improves noise-reduction plus sharpness depending on your image. On the other hand, Sony A7RIV has a BIONZ X processor that cannot process photos like this device. 
  • The device provides you with fast, precise autofocus compared to Sony A7RIV. It enables the Dual Pixel CMOS AF II and gives 1053 AF areas with 100% area coverage. In contrast, Sony DSLR provides 567 Phase-detection, including 425 contrast autofocus to cover more areas.

Canon R5 is built with these awesome functions so that you can take your photography experience to the next level. So, we highly recommend you consider its best functions to make your investment worth it. 

Similar Features of Sony A7riv and Canon R5

  • Sony a7riv and Canon R5 come with a fully articulated Touch LCD Screen so that they get flexible shooting positions. 
  • Both of them have image stabilization properties; thus, you can capture sharper images from longer focal lengths even if the camera is shaky. 
  • You will get better connectivity because they have both Wifi & Bluetooth functions. 

Quick Comparison Chart: Canon R5 vs Sony a7riv

Specifications Canon R5 Sony a7riv
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Continuous Shooting Speed  20 FPS 10 FPS
ISO Range  100-52000 100-32000
Focus Stacking Yes No
Anti Dust Shutter Mechanism  Yes No
Image Processor  DIGIC X BIONZ X
Camera Resolution  45 MP 61 MP
Battery Life  320 shots 670 shots
Image Stabilization Yes Yes
Warranty  1 Year Limited 1 Year Limited

Things You Can Consider about Sony a7riv – 

  • Sony a7riv provides a 61 MP full-frame stunning resolution, besides, Canon R5 has 45 MP. Hence, you can capture a more detailed photo. 
  • You can capture up to 670 photos on a charge on this camera, while Canon can last for 320 shots. So, if you want a more extended battery, this should be your best pick.

Differences and Similarities Between Canon R5 and Sony a7riv

Picture Quality 

If you want to get the best image sensor, then Sony a7riv would be the right choice. It has the world’s first image resolution of 61 MP full-frame. Additionally, the device developed an Exmor R CMOS image sensor that gives the incomparable high resolution. However, Sony lets you capture low-noise images with its extremely high 61 MP resolution. 

Canon R5, on the other hand, comes with a 45 MP resolution so that you get a phenomenal quality image. You will get impressive results with this device as well. So, if you want to click next-level images with full detail, then Sony would be your best bet. While the Canon R5 can also deliver outstanding image quality. 

Image Processor 

When it comes to the image processors, Canon R5 has DIGIC X, whereas Sony a7riv provides BIONZ X. Meanwhile, the Digic X can reduce noises from the image, enhance detail, and can capture 8k video efficiently. Besides, the Sony a7riv processor engine maximizes high-resolution sensors but cannot provide results like Canon. Yet if you want to get the maximum resolution, go with Sony a7riv. 

Focus Points 

Canon R5 integrated with Dual Pixel CMOS AF II enables focus point. You can cover 100% area with Canon R5’s 1053 AF. At the same time, the Sony a7riv mirrorless camera has 567 phase detection with 425 contrast. Since the Canon R5 has better focus points than Sony, it can maintain and track any moving object easily.

ISO Range 

The higher the ISO range, the better your photo will be, and Canon R5 is built with a better ISO. For example, it has 100-51200 ISO while Sony a7riv includes 100-32000. Thus, Canon R5 can click impressive images on lower light ambient and increase the light to deliver smooth results. 

Battery Life 

Sony a7riv has a longer battery life than Canon R5. Sony can click 670 photos on a charge while Canon can last for up to 320 shots. If you want to cover any occasion seamlessly then Sony a7riv should be your best pick. 


These two mirrorless cameras are built with a touch screen LCD which is very convenient. That’s because you can effortlessly change any settings with your fingertips. Additionally, the screen is fully articulated so that you get flexible shooting speed. You can rotate the screen at any point to capture any tricky shots. 

Dimensions & Weight 

Sony a7riv measures 5.13 x 3.88 x 3.13 inches while it weighs 14.9 ounces. Besides, Canon R5’s dimensions are 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches, and it is only 1.62 pounds. So, Sony is slightly compact & lightweight compared to Canon, and you can easily carry this device. 


These two devices share the same one-year limited warranty from the date you purchase them. This period will cover any manufacturer defects or technical issues on the camera. Keep in mind they won’t deliver free repair service if you damage any part. Nevertheless, Sony and Canon cameras are built with quality material, so you can use them for years to come.

Final Words 

Canon R5 and Sony a7riv are two awesome choices for photography, but we suggest Canon R5. It is slightly expensive but combined with impressive features. The R5 has a better ISO Range, focus point, image processing system, and much more. So, you should give it a thought before making your buying decision. 

However, if you want the world’s best resolution camera, Sony a7riv could be your best bet.

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