Challenges You Need to Face While Team Planning

Challenges You Need to Face While Team Planning

In the project business, working with resources is a challenge. Having competent help with enough time for the right project is a formidable task. Never mind how unpredictable the project business is.

However, sound resource management is imperative for the project’s success. An effective resource minimizes additional costs incurred because of changes in plans and maximizes the company’s flexibility. Project coaches have several issues. Thankfully!! Modern Technologies have proven to be boons.

Let’s look at the five most common resource management challenges and how to overcome them.

Identifying the necessary pool of talent for the project

Starting a new project, all you need is to find the right skill set. Easy, it sounds challenging, but it may be if you don’t have a clear overview of the resources. It is helpful to have employee details that you can sort by their positions and skills so that you can identify resources promptly.

You can also work to find out if they are available during the estimated schedule. Best way to use the eRS work schedule app, and mark what they are accountable for.  

Capacity Planning

Resources are frequently scheduled to provide 100% of the time. Realistic? Hardly. No one is productive throughout the working day. Replying to emails, breaks, and chatting with colleagues. Employees being productive 80% of the time, besides getting sick, work-offs, going on vacations, etc. won’t help you finish tasks on time and results in delays instead.

eResource Scheduler project management helps you to track and calculate the working hours, holidays, vacations, time-off,  and thus plan the resource realistically. For accurate planning, it is important to understand resource capacity to avoid burnout and underutilization.


Congratulations, you found the perfect resource- a person with apt skills at the right location. Oh!! They are already engaged in other projects. Here, if your software fails to give you a clear overview, overbooking or double booking of resources will be too often. With the eRS work scheduling app, project managers can review the work allocation of each individual and circumvent the extra ticking hours.

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Avoid resource hogging

To maximize your team’s productivity, it is crucial to plan for work, and then evaluate it to prevent under and over-utilization. Otherwise, loaded with too much work, employees might start feeling like working their finger to the bone, while having too little to do makes them dejected too.

Manage workload evenly. See if you can split the work, and be cautious of having a negative impact on the budget and timeline of your project. With eRS work, scheduling app Project Managers can avoid making allocation errors.

Aligning the availability and capacity of the team with the project chronology

Managing the resources’ availability, capacity, and ability to meet the schedules are very much connected. eRS helps you to manage the risks while planning resources and schedules for projects.

Knowing who is working full time or freelancer billing by an hour, you can access their availability. The Resource Planning software allows you to look up availability. Project managers can estimate project durations using timesheet data based on data from past projects by using bottom-up estimation. This way PMs reduce the risk of exceeding their workforce capacity.

With the eRS Work Scheduling App, you can avoid another challenge- creating unrealistic schedules- if you consider resource availability and capacity. Schedule your projects more accurately by knowing when your employees are available and how much work they can do in a given time frame.


If you wish to avoid delayed projects and employee dissatisfaction, you should professionalize your resource management software. That will make your planning more efficient and transparent. Resource managers are capable of monitoring every detail. It is important to plan and keep up to date not just with spreadsheet software but with the help of qualified Resource Management Software.

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