In today’s fast-paced era of digital revolution, adapting an appropriate technique to upscale your business is essential. India being the hub of smartphone users, targeting individuals through messaging proved to be effective on various aspects. With a proper bulk messaging service, empower your business to instantly connect with that audience. Thus enhance your services globally with this dynamic and innovative tool.

Well, in a market like India, with tons of platforms available, it is essential to choose the right one. Below mentioned are some of the best transactional SMS provider in India. So without further delay, let’s get started.

  1. Fast2SMS

Fast2Sms is one of India’s best transactional sms providers, considering its services and simple interface. Easily send your customized messages to a broader audience to upscale quickly. It is noted that customers feel special and valued when they receive a personalized message. Moreover, it is the most direct way to build better customer relations.

With millions of registered users and billions of sent messages, Fast2Sms made a prominent place in the mind of advertisers. Corporates can send news SMS and future reminders to stay competitive in the market. With an uptime of 24/7, keep your business running without any issues. The overall process of using this platform is simple. You have to sign up and add money to your wallet later. Create your bulk SMS by attaching the files and media, and the work is done. The real-time stats can be traced for regular reports.

  1. Msg91

Msg91 claims to offer a worldwide coverage when it comes to bulk SMS. The platform ties with various network operators to provide uninterrupted services. Thus there are no failures in sending messages, thanks to an uptime of 99%. The best part is you can upscale the engagement to the next level with multi-language support. Send bulk SMS in foreign and regional languages to gain trust amongst the audience. This results in better ROI and increased customer satisfaction with meaningful conversation.

With low latency delivery, it reaches up to 180 countries as the automatic rerouting of global traffic helps to avoid outages. With pricing of ₹0.25/SMS, you can get a total of 1000 SMS for Rs 250. Signup to this platform and start an exciting journey of reaching new heights.

  1. Digimiles

Digimiles is an effective bulk messaging platform preferred by developers. The easy-to-integrate options enable 2-way communication and SMS functionality with code. The APIs of the platform can be integrated with software to meet various business requirements. According to TRAI regulations, the messages sent through the Transactional SMS gateway gets delivered to DND or NDNC registered customers. This ensures an increased reach with no barriers in between. The inbuilt libraries are available, which support multiple web languages.

  1. TextLocal

TextLocal has slowly made its mark in the Indian market due to its exceptional services. Easily personalize the bulk messages with custom names and fields in many regional languages. Convey more than just sms by attaching media files like images, videos, PDFs, and more. A total of 160 characters can be added to describe the business perspectives. The real-time delivery reports of TextLocal help to track campaign outreach and click reports.

The pricing structure is minimal, with its initial 10 messages being complimentary. Later you will be charged 29.5 paise per SMS. The bundle size per order is unlimited, thus reaching the vast majority.

  1. BhashSMS

It is a fast bulk messaging service with a straightforward interface. Send transactional SMS at reasonably affordable rates with just a few clicks. Provide your customers with every minute detail from the moment of purchase. This ensures that your business grows and expands the subscriber base without compromising performance. The bundled plans are divided into three categories: silver, gold, and platinum packs. For an established business, opt for the platinum plan, which offers 5,00,000 messages for Rs 40,000.

  1. SMSHorizon

SMSHorizon is another bulk sms company with a track record of fast deliveries without delay. Upload details in Excel files which allows easy delivery of up to 5 lakhs messages in a single hit. The signup process is quick and straightforward and requires no technical knowledge. The initial 50 messages are free and you will be charged later according to the standard rates. Purchasing 1,00,000 SMS will cost you Rs.17,700, including GST.

  1. Kaleyra

It is an exceptional bulk messaging service trusted by Fortune 500 companies. In addition, 30+ primary banks globally use their services for text notifications and promotional SMS messages. The superfast APIs ensure 99.99% availability and a super-fast response rate of 5ms or less. The 2-way messaging features let customers answer your transactional SMS, thus nurturing the bonds well. This develops a sense of loyalty and trust amongst the customers resulting in better upscaling.

Presently the company has 1600+ operator connections under its belt. Servicing over 190+ countries, the platform has maintained the delivery of billions of messages over the past few years. Send and validate OTPs at scale, confirming the user logins and transactions.

  1. 2Factor

2Factor collaborates closely with Tier 1 service providers, ensuring a mere 2 to 6-second minimal delivery delay. It is a notably impressive benchmark achieved compared to its competitors in the industry. The foundation of its efficiency lies in an intricate routing algorithm. It swiftly repairs failed message attempts by seamlessly diverting them through backup operators. Interestingly their gateway introduces a pay-per-delivery system for OTPs. 2Factor’s commitment to data privacy is commendable as they shield contact information effectively. Thus the possibility of data resale by third parties is reduced.

Regarding pricing, the initial bundle of 1000 messages comes at approximately Rs 165. Moreover, the platform provides flexibility to scale up according to one’s budget and needs. The platform further offers services to even DND numbers, showcasing its commitment to global coverage.

Final Thoughts

Thus above mentioned are some best transactional sms providers in India, along with their features. Complete the signup process beforehand, to save all transaction and service details. Also, check if the platform you opt for meets the ROI regulations and data securing.

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