CNC Machine Tool Types: A Complete Guide

CNC machines can carry out a variety of machining operations. These diverse CNC tools may be used for a variety of processes and need less manual input from machine operators thanks to their unique features. This solves the long-standing issue of fatigued machine operators degrading workflow.

 A complete provider in additive manufacturing, Used DMG Mori is a market leader in cutting machine tools for turning and milling. The several types of CNC machining tools include turning, cutting, drilling, and grinding tools. The CNC cutting tools are the most popular among them.

Drilling Tools

Machinists utilise drilling equipment, sometimes known as drill bits, to make holes in workpieces. They use their flutes and tapered cutting tips to create these holes while operating twist drills or CNC mills. Drilling tools include, for example:

  • Center Drills
  • Ejector Drills
  • Twist Drills

CNC Cutting Tools (CNC Milling Tools)

One of the most often used tool sets in the CNC sector is the cutting tool set. Despite their name, cutting tools in CNC don’t really perform any cutting operations. We now have the milling process in its place. It is for this reason that CNC cutting tools are often referred to as CNC milling cutters or CNC cutters.

When it comes to the process, milling is another well-liked method for which machining equipment are frequently utilised. Despite being extremely important in the machining industry, milling lacks the precision of turning because of the wide range of CNC tools that are employed. CNC milling cutters are used with a CNC mill. The milling machine removes material in a circular motion from several locations on a stationary workpiece using CNC cutters.

Examples include:

  • End Mills
  • Slab Mills
  • Face Mills
  • Fly Cutters
  • Hollow Mills

CNC Turning Tools

One of the earliest machining techniques dates back to the Egyptian kingdom and is called turning. A lathe (turning machine) is used in conjunction with CNC turning tools to form the workpiece into the desired shape while the workpiece is being rotated at high revolutions per minute. The type of turning method and the turning tool employed determine the form of the workpiece. Various turning tools include, for example:

  • Boring Tools
  • Chamfering Tools
  • Knurling Tool
  • Parting Tool

Grinding Tools

Grinding wheels and tools both function together. They are frequently quite accurate and are used to smooth a workpiece’s surface. The abrasive grinding wheel is the only known grinding tool.

Materials Used to Create Different Types of CNC Machine Tools

The machining process, including the feed rate and cutting speed, that you may employ is determined by the raw material of CNC machine equipment. As a general rule, the raw material for your CNC machine equipment must be tougher than the material for the workpiece. If not, the operation won’t benefit much from the instrument. Here are a few typical examples of materials used to create machining tools:

  • Carbon Steel
  • High-Speed Steel
  • Cemented Carbides
  • Cutting Ceramics

Common Coatings Are Found in CNC Machining Tools

The coating employed is another element that affects the characteristics of CNC machine tools. These coatings can extend the tool’s life, increase its hardness, and make it more resistant to extreme temperatures. Common tool coatings include, for example-:

  • Titanium Nitride
  • Chromium Nitride
  • Aluminum Titanium Nitride (AlTiN) / Super-Life Titanium Nitride

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