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Comprehensive Review on Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS) For Effective Device Unlocking

Apple is known for its strict privacy policy, which protects your device from various security threats. Usually, people set passwords such as face unlocks, pin codes, or passwords to protect their iPhones from being used without their consent. But what if you forget the password and now aren’t able to access your phone? 

Even though it can be a nightmare, with the help of the screen unlock software, you can regain access to your phone. In this article, we’ll discuss Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS) and how it enables its users to unlock their iOS devices if they’ve forgotten the password. 

Part 1: Introducing Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS) For Effective iPhone Unlocking

Dr.Fone offers an extremely useful tool that can facilitate you if you’ve questions such as how to sign out of Apple ID? Or how to remove the screen lock from your iPhone? With its easy-to-use interface, anyone can easily navigate it to remove the lock screen. It can unlock your iPhone no matter the scenario, such as if you’ve got a second-hand iPhone or, for some reason, forgotten the password. Moreover, it lets you bypass your Apple ID and iCloud activation lock in a few simple steps. 

This efficient lock screen remover tool is compatible with all iPhone models and the latest iOS, so you can use it without worry. Dr.Fone comes with a smooth processor that promises its users to remove the screen lock in a matter of minutes. Awesome right? Forgetting an Apple ID or iPhone password used to be a havoc sort of situation, but now with the help of amazing tools such as Dr.Fone, anyone can remove the lock screen from their iOS devices in a matter of a few clicks. 

Part 2: Cohesive Features Combining Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS) as The Best iPhone Unlocker

Not only Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS) is easy to maneuver, but it comes with some exciting features which enable its users to remove other Apple restrictions efficiently. We have mentioned some of them below for you:  

Remove MDM Efficiently

Dr.Fone offers its user to bypass MDM in case they don’t remember the password. MDM (Mobile Device Management) controls all the powerful functions of the iPhone, so if you forget your MDM ID or password, you’ll find yourself restricted from using your iOS device to its full potential. This smart screen unlock tool offers you to bypass your MDM quickly without a password or username, so you can access your phone without any restrictions. 

Unlock Apple Account

Gone are the days when recovering your iPhone; in case you don’t remember, your Apple ID used to be an absolute recipe for disaster. All thanks to tools such as Dr.Fone, which facilitates its users in unlocking their Apple ID within a few seconds so you can use your phone without any worry and even sign up with a new account. Sounds good, right? So no more stressing in case you don’t recall your Apple ID. 

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Remove iCloud Activation Lock 

After restoring or backing your iOS device, it’s required to enter the password to your iCloud activation lock, but what if you forget the iCloud password? Well, worry not. With Dr.Fone, you can bypass your iCloud ID quickly and regain access to your iPhone in a matter of seconds. This feature jailbreaks your device and removes the iCloud lock without a hassle. 

Part 3: Guide on How to Use Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS) Proficiently

Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS) can remove all types of lock screens in a matter of seconds so that you can use your phone without any restrictions. In this quick tutorial, we’ll show you how to remove the screen lock from your iOS device. So, are you prepared? 

Step 1: Launch Dr.Fone and Connect your iPhone

First, you need to download Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS) software on your computer. After launching, from the interface, click on “Screen Unlock” from the given options. Now connect your iOS device via charging cable to link it with the software. After that, choose the “Unlock iOS Screen” feature of Dr.Fone.

Step 2: Put your iOS Device on Recovery or DFU mode

To further the process of removing the lock screen, you need to put your phone in recovery or DFU mode. Opt for recovery mode if you can, but if, for some reason, you aren’t able to move forward with recovery mode, then choose DFU mode. To activate DFU mode, click the option displayed on the bottom. 

Step 3: Choose your Device Model and System  

After putting your phone in recovery or DFU mode, now, your iPhone model and available system versions will be displayed on the interface. You can always change if the information is incorrect from the dropdown list of the system version. Once you’re sure about the details, click on the “Start” option to download firmware.

Step 4: Start Unlocking your iPhone

Once the firmware is downloaded, click on “Unlock now” to start the process of unlocking your phone screen. After a few seconds, your iPhone screen will be unlocked. Remember this lock screen removing process will erase all the data from your device, so beware of that.


Now you can quickly regain access to your iPad or iPhone in a few seconds in case you can’t recall the password. All thanks to Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS) because with its smart-looking interface and valuable features, it removes the lock screen in a go.

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