Cosplay is an art which requires patience and a lot of curiosity but which must remain a pleasure above all. For your first project, experts advise to favor projects that can be done by a beginner and avoid too complex projects that will make you want to give up in the first weeks. As you Buy Cosplay Costumes you can expect the best choices there.

To get started, you can, for example, start by researching the internet and finding pictures of costumes made by other cosplayers. This will allow you to get a first idea on the rendering of the costumes that you like and those that you like the least. This step will help you get started with an existing base.

Calculate Your Budget

In addition, to avoid unpleasant surprises, consider calculating your budget before you start. While we encourage cosplayers to be smart in their costume making and to recycle as much material as possible, some materials require purchase and can be expensive.

If a cosplayers’ costume caught your eye, you can ask him for a few tips and tricks, without asking him the full method, sometimes you can buy full tutorials from some cosplayers who offer it. Some will take the time to answer you but others may be too busy because they are very busy and can receive many requests in the same day. Do not blame them and persevere in your research. 

Facebook: The number 1 social network in the world. But be aware that the visibility of the pages is almost zero today that is to say that even if you subscribe to pages, there is little chance that you will be informed of new publications that this page will post. That said, the ability to organize your content in the form of photo albums, create events, groups, etc. is convenient. And above all, it is the first social network where most cosplayers have developed so there are still people who keep their pages, and therefore lots of information to find there.

You will find some cosplayers who make their cosplay live, during live sessions of varying lengths. Very practical for asking questions live and for following the entire making of a costume. You can choose the bunny girl senpai costume there.

Useful Resources

Before personally contacting a cosplayer, you can find a lot of ideas and solutions on YouTube and some websites dedicated to cosplay. If you can manage a bit in English, do your research in English, there are very often more tutorials available.

You will also find on Facebook, different language speaking groups dedicated to mutual aid on costume making, and tutorials. Active groups have the advantage of providing you with several solutions since several members are likely to respond. Some cosplayers write tutorial books, which are very well done and have a lot of the information you need in one place. Not to mention the photos and sometimes videos provided with which allow you to learn the technique described, and to have additional tips and tricks.

List of Purchases

Over the course of cosplay projects, you will know the prices and quantities needed for your projects. But at first it’s difficult to estimate the cost of a costume. The research is very useful to get an overall idea of ​​the budget, because you will know what to buy overall and you can make a list.

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