DBZ filler list

DBZ Filler List

One of the most well-known anime of all time is Dragon Ball Z, which introduced an entire generation to anime and hooked them on the genre ever since. It is impossible to overstate the immense popularity of Dragon Ball Z, whose characters and battles have become legends. Long-time viewers of the anime still recall Goku’s initial Super Saiyan transformation in his conflict with Frieza, which elevated this anime to genuinely amazing status.

The shonen anime Dragon Ball Z needs no introduction. A happy moment that never gets old is seeing Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the Z Warriors battle against innumerable formidable foes. Just the fact that some people still think this show is superior to Dragon Ball Super demonstrates how popular this series is. Here’s a more in-depth look at this anime-original content in Dragon Ball Z. The DBZ filler list of this show has become legendary in its own sense.

Season 1
Season 1 

Filler Episodes: 9-16

The Saiyan Saga’s conclusion is covered in the first season of Dragon Ball Z. During this period, Piccolo is assigned the task of training Gohan after Goku dies, laying the foundation for a friendship that would endure throughout the whole Dragon Ball series. 

The anime elaborates on this point by going into great detail on Gohan’s training schedule. Although it might seem like an unneeded addition, this filler did an excellent job of illustrating how Gohan’s strength developed—as well as his friendship with Piccolo. This is fantastic for two reasons: first, it emphasizes the fact that Gohan views Piccolo as his protector and, second, it makes a later scene in the series more emotional.

Season 2
Season 2 

Filler Episodes: 39-44

One of the finest arcs in Dragon Ball Z is the Namek Saga. The trio of Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan didn’t really arrive on this planet for a while, which was disappointing for anime viewers. The Earthlings wind up landing on a phony version of Namek in five episodes of Season 2 when shape-shifting aliens disguise themselves as Namekians in an effort to steal a ship and flee the planet they were trapped on. 

The entire arc is a complete waste of time, and viewers would be better served by bypassing it all together and concentrating on what happened on the actual Namek. It’s particularly obnoxious considering how poorly the gags in this arc are executed and how their placement significantly lessens the significance of arriving on Namek and discovering a fresh batch of Dragon Balls.

Season 3Season 3

Filler Episodes: 100,102

The focus of Season 3 is mostly on Frieza and the terror that he inflicts on Namek and the visitors to Earth. Goku turns into a Super Saiyan after witnessing Krillin die in front of his eyes in what he believed to be a permanent death, making it the series’ first appearance of one. Many fans consider the Frieza Saga to be their favorite story arc for this one scene alone, making it one of the most famous moments in the show.

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Season 4Season 4

Filler Episodes:108-117,124,125

The famed Garlic Jr. Saga, which is nothing short of a total time waste, starts Season 4 off. The combat in this arc feels nearly lifeless, which may be a good way to illustrate how far the Z Warriors have progressed since their hardships on Planet Namek. The fact that Garlic Jr. is a really bland and uninteresting enemy also doesn’t help. 

With the exception of this, episode 124 is a very uninteresting episode that depicts the Z Warriors practicing for the Androids. The next episode, however, is actually one of the most illustrious filler in dbz filler list episodes ever, with Goku and Piccolo attempting to obtain their driver’s licenses in one of the show’s funniest scenes.

Season 7Season 6

Filler Episodes: 170,171,174

The Cell Games begin in Season 6, although a few episodes earlier include the Z Warriors getting ready and a number of other canon events. Before the Cell Games began, the animators slipped in some filler, though. The majority of people would understandably want to skip to the Cell Games as it is the finest part of the entire program, but these other plots are generally good. 

These fillers contain the appearance of General Tao again, a sympathetic look at Cell’s victims, and flashbacks of Gohan as a youngster. Given that Gohan’s struggle against Cell is when he loses the final vestiges of his immaturity and transforms into one of the most potent Saiyans of all time, the latter is a fairly excellent choice.

Season 7Season 7

Filler Episodes: 195-199,202-204

Before the next danger to Earth, which is seen in Season 7, there is a brief tranquil time of tranquility. Gohan competes in both the World Tournament and his transformation into The Great Saiyaman at this time. In large part because of how Gohan is treated, it’s not exactly the most popular arc in the entire series. Gohan is still recovering from the significant blow to his image that watching this strong Saiyan become a parody figure to him.

Season 7Season 9

Filler Episodes:274,287,288

The last season of Dragon Ball Z only has a little amount of filler in dbz filler list. Before reaching their fellow citizens, Goku and Vegeta had experiences within Super Buu’s body, which are the subject of Episode 274. Even though it’s a relatively pointless episode, witnessing Goku and Vegeta connect via this unpleasant experience is interesting in its own right. 

The happy consequences of Kid Buu’s demise are the main topic of episodes 287 and 288, respectively. In contrast to the latter episode, which centers on Goku’s struggles to safeguard four dragon eggs, this one has Majin Buu attempting to blend in with Earthlings who despise him for his earlier deeds. These unique anime storylines feel like the icing on a rich and gratifying cake, especially given how many people would start adoring Dragon Ball Z.


It’s entirely up to you whether you want to watch or skip the dbz filler list that was described in the aforementioned article.

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