Deposit card problems at 188bet

When you play online games, you will constantly encounter certain difficulties. And the deposit problem is something we don’t want to deal with, but we can’t avoid. So, how do you cope with deposit issues while betting? In this essay, 188bet will assist you.

Failed card deposits

Please be aware that you are only authorized a set number of failed card-based deposits on your 188bet account per 1 days at 188bet.

If you are close to your card’s limit number of failed deposits, you may get a pop-up when making a deposit.

Before trying another deposit, please double-check that the information you entered is correct and that there is enough money available to make the transaction.

You can try to deposit again when your card has been validated. If these attempts are also unsuccessful, you will be unable to use the card to make any more purchases at 188bet for 24 hours.

Changing the payment method

Before making a deposit on the 188bet platform, go to the Deposit page to update or alter your payment details.

If you fill your account at 188bet, the system is obligated to split the processing of every withdrawal request you make proportionally between the payment methods you used to fill your account. We will contact you through email after analyzing your withdrawal request to verify where the funds will be sent.

Please keep in mind that you can only have five credit/debit cards in your 188bet account, therefore if you wish to add a new card, you may need to delete a current card.

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Deposit processing times

The duration it takes to execute your deposit varies based on your payment method.

Removing a debit or credit card

Because you may only hold a maximum of five debit/credit cards on your 188bet account, you may need to erase an existing card before adding a new one.

To do so, navigate to 188bet’s Manage Cards menu through Bank in the Account Menu and select the Remove option beside the debit or credit card you wish to delete.

Refused deposit

If a deposit is denied by 188bet, it may usually be swiftly corrected. Consider the following possibilities:

The payment details are correct. You may examine and modify your payment details on the 188bet deposit page.

If you have previously used a card on your account, you may change the details by going to the Account Menu, selecting Bank, and then Manage Cards.

Have you entered the correct CV2 (Card Security Number)? Your CV2 is the last three numbers on the signature line on the back of your card.

Check that your payment account has adequate money to cover the deposit.

Some card companies may refuse to process transactions at 188bet for reasons beyond our control. In this case, we recommend that you contact your card issuer.


link 188bet is always willing to assist you in any situation. Please do not hesitate to call our customer service department if you require immediate assistance.

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