Writing essays and assignments might be a very task for you as a student and would require you to sit in your chair for hours and get things done. Also, you might want to meet your deadlines and have a lot of other things to take care of. Many people who are students and have to score good grades along with doing a part-time job to earn for themselves, managing things might become a difficult task. 

In the current age of apps and gadgets, students have a wide range of apps that can help them get their assignments completed, manage their life at college or school and their job at the same time is a possibility. Apart from that, they can manage their time without getting bored and keep their research with them in one place is very easy. All you need to do is to find the relevant app to get things done on time and score good grades for themselves. You can download these apps on Google Play if you have an Android phone or a handheld device using WOW Internet. Let’s have a look at a few apps that can take care of your boredom, the quality of your assignment, time management and many other aspects of your student life. 


The app is known to provide you with managing your projects and assignments and not miss out on deadlines. Also, if you are working in teams on a project, then you can put up tasks as cards on the app and allocate different tasks to different and make sure they get things done. Trello lets you move forward with your work even when you are traveling and get push notifications and work offline as well. This puts an end to lengthy chats and email chains or look after spreadsheets to keep about task updates and management

Google Play Rating: 4.5

Citationsy – References, Citations, Bibliographies

Adding citations and references might not be a thing that everybody can work with. The app is one easy way to add citations, get your referencing done for a book you have written, a website you are working on, or for a project paper where you might want to add references to. The app organized your citations into different projects and export them to more than 9,000 different styles. The app is perfect for people who use RefME, Citavi, Mendeley, CiteThisForMe, EasyBib, or Zotero.

Google Play Rating: 4.7

Speechnotes – Speech To Text Notepad

The app is one of the best and trusted apps that is meant for bloggers, busy people, writers and people who would a faster and easier typing solution. It can make life and task management easy to get done with when you are struggling to complete a task where you have to write down long and short texts. It not only makes your life easy but also makes it possible for you to take a break, think and then proceed with your tasks. 

Google Play Rating: 4.7

Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To-Do List

This is one of the most capable apps that use a Pomodoro Timer along with Task Management capabilities that add more value to your work management. The app is based on scientific principles and techniques that can help you to motivate yourself and stay focused. You get to accomplish your tasks using To-do lists, focus timers so that you can focus on your tasks and work. You can also set reminders if you have some important tasks at hand and keep a check on your working hours. The app is ideal for people who want to learn to avoid procrastination and distractions and manage their working hours effectively. 

Google Play Rating: 4.6

 myHomework Student Planner

The app is a great help for students looking forward to make their academics more organized. The app is very useful for students who want to know their class schedules and maintain a

Homework Calendar to get a heads up for yourself and has some attractive themes that can make your updates appear more attractive and the entire process less boring and monotonous. 

Google Play Rating: 3.8

In the end, one can say that technology has gifted mankind with tools that might not be able to stop time. But one can use different apps and gadgets to prioritize tasks and manage time according to their tasks. It is a good thing is that you can teach your kids, time management by providing them with gadgets that can help them allocate time, manage tasks and make time for their daily life routines. 

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