Discover the Best Desert Safari Dubai Experience with DesertRaja

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city with impressive skyscrapers and a luxurious lifestyle, but it also has a stunning desert landscape that provides unforgettable experiences for visitors. Among the most popular ways to explore the desert is to go on an evening desert safari

This typically involves dune bashing, camel riding, and traditional entertainment and cuisine, all of which are part of the safari experience. DesertRaja is one of the best companies to consider regarding desert safaris. They offer various activities, customer service, and sustainability commitments.

Why does DesertRaja stand out?

The features that set it apart from other desert safari companies in Dubai are. 

Experience: DesertRaja has been organizing desert safaris for years, so they know what works and how to make it memorable.

Quality of Service: It’s all about customer service at DesertRaja, from when customers book their safari to when they’re dropped off at their hotel. Their staff is friendly and professional and always goes the extra mile to ensure customers are happy.

Range of Activities: DesertRaja has a wide range of activities to suit every interest. They also offer sandboarding, quad biking, hot air balloon rides, and classic dune bashing. Besides falcon shows, henna painting, and live entertainment, there is also food and drinks.

Sustainability Practices: DesertRaja is about sustainable tourism practices, like minimizing their environmental impact, supporting local communities, and preserving culture. 

The DesertRaja experience with DesertRaja 

Dubai desert safaris are an unforgettable experience that immerses you in the beauty and thrill of the desert. You can expect these things.

Dune Bashing: An expert driver takes you on a thrilling 4×4 dune bashing ride through the golden dunes. Experience a unique perspective on the stunning desert landscape while feeling the adrenaline rush.

Camel Riding: When you get to the campsite, you’ll get to ride a friendly camel and experience Bedouin transport. Sitting on the hump of a camel, you can enjoy the serene beauty of the desert.

Sandboarding: DesertRaja offers sandboarding down the dunes, similar to snowboarding. The soft sand of the beach. You can slide down the soft sand and test your balance while you enjoy a thrilling ride.

Falcon Shows: DesertRaja offers a unique opportunity for visitors to see falcons up close, including the opportunity to see these majestic birds in their natural habitat, which is desert. Watching an experienced falconer demonstrate the bird’s hunting techniques as he soars through the air is possible. This will enable him to display his skills as it dives and swoops through the sky.

Traditional Entertainment and Cuisine: Once you’ve finished your outdoor activities, you can relax and enjoy various traditional entertainment and cuisine. A buffet of Arabic and international food and belly dancers and other performers are served. You can also try shisha, a Middle Eastern water pipe, or get henna tattoos.

The desert at night will mesmerize you, with stars shining above and dunes reflecting the soft glow of your lamps. Your entire experience will leave you with many memories you will treasure for the rest of your life.

The booking and logistics process

Booking a DesertRaja desert safari through their website or by calling their customer service department is a straightforward process. The following are some of the things you need to know about

Booking: Browse DesertRaja’s packages and choose one that fits your needs on their website. Once you’ve picked a package, you can book it on the website or by calling customer service. Booking in advance is usually a must.

Transport: You can get picked up and dropped off at your hotel or preferred location with DesertRaja. We’ll pick you up in a 4X4 specifically designed for desert safaris.

Pick-up and Drop-off: Pick-up times will vary depending on where you are located, but they are usually scheduled for the afternoon. Your adventure will begin in the desert, where you will be driven to, where you will begin your adventure. The safari will be followed by a drop-off at your hotel or a preferred location after the safari.

Safety: The company prioritizes customer safety, and all of its vehicles have safety features like seatbelts and roll cages. Moreover, all activities are conducted according to strict safety protocols. You can talk to the company’s staff if you have any safety concerns.

Weather Conditions: A desert is a place of unpredictable weather, and it’s important to prepare for both hot and cold temperatures when you’re out in the desert. When you visit the desert, you should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that protect you from the sun’s rays. They also offer blankets and jackets for cooler evenings so that you will be comfortable even in the cold.


DesertRaja offers an incredible desert safari experience combining adventure, culture, and entertainment. They’ve got safety, quality, and sustainability covered. Enjoy dune bashing, camel rides, sandboarding, and falcon shows in Dubai’s stunning desert. You don’t want to miss this unforgettable experience – book your DesertRaja desert safari now!

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