The ultimate Dragon Ball super filler list

dragon ball super filler list

“Dragon Ball Filler List” is among the most common queries on the internet according to the most popular survey. 

Knowing which episodes are on the Dragon Ball Filler List is vital to stick to the story line after multiple reboots and cross connections. 

“Dragon Ball” is a name that every kid from the 1990s knows. Akira Toriyama, a Japanese manga artist, wrote the Japanese manga series Dragon Ball (Dragon Ball Super Filler List), which first appeared in the year 2000.

It wouldn’t be incorrect to state that the Dragon Ball franchise is responsible for bringing the anime industry to a global audience.

This is the ideal moment to binge-watch Dragon Ball Z if you are stuck at home.

Dragon Ball Super Filler List – Check Out Now

Dragon Ball Super Filler List – Check Out Now

Every anime fan has a good possibility of beginning their interest in anime with Dragon Ball as their first program.

The popularity of the anime version of the Dragon Ball manga has surged to unprecedented levels.

The “Big 3,” often known as Naruto, One Piece, and Dragon Ball, unquestionably rocked the manga and anime worlds, with Dragon Ball standing out as the most significant in multiple ways. This show has truly created a frenzied environment. There are four anime films in this series. In 1986, the original and first one was published.

Dragon Ball  – The Original 

Dragon Ball 4th Instalment

Between the first dragon ball z and its sequel, 153 chapters of anime ran the planet for three years.

The Dragon Ball Z filler list only required to include 23 additional fillers. As a result, this made up only 15% of the Dragon Ball Z filler list. Exactly which episodes were included on the Dragon Ball Filler List? Now let’s examine it.

Dragon Ball Super Filler List Episodes

  • The first episode of the show to be put to the dragon ball z filler list is the 29th one.
  • The Roaming Lake is the first to guarantee its place on the Dragon Ball Z filler list as a result. The publication date was September 10th, 1986.
  • “Pilaf and the Mystery force” came in second on the list of Dragon Ball Z fillers. The next week saw the airing of the show’s 30th episode.
  • Second place went to “The Flying Fortress- Vanished,” followed by “The legend of a Dragon” and the 31st episode of “Wedding Plans.” The following eight episodes were canonical.

Filler Episodes 1988-1989

  • “Quicker Than Lightning” was the first episode of an anime to ever find a spot on the Dragon Ball filler list in 1988. Due to its popularity, the anime producers extended the original Dragon Ball Z by 23 additional episodes, bringing its total to 130.

The following five recent episodes made the Dragon Ball Filler List:

  • Put on flames.
  • The Dark World’s Outrageous Octagon
  • Mystery: The Fire Eater
  • Then, There Was Nothing

The aforementioned fillers were all made available in 1989.

Dragon Ball 4th Instalment

There have been multiple Dragon Ball Z episodes produced even after the original series finished, which was before the 2000s.

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Dragon Ball Super, the fourth episode, was broadcast from 2015 to 2018.

The first episode debuted on July 25, 2015, and the final one debuted on March 25, 2018. This featured a few filler episodes of its own.

In comparison to other anime series like Naruto and Baruto, only roughly 11% of new Dragon Ball Super episodes are fillers.

There were only 14 filler chapters in the entire 131-chapter book.

Dragon Ball Super Filler Episode 


Aim for the Dragon Balls! Super Filler List’s fourth episode, Pilaf Gang at Work!

The following are a few of the additional episodes that made the dragon ball super filler list:-

Satan the Hero, do a miracle! Outer Space Trouble challenges you at the victory party! Battle at Last! Son Goku versus Monaka

Goku’s “Ki” has gotten out of hand! Pan requires a lot of work to maintain.

In Seal of Planet Potofu, the Superhuman Water’s Secret is Revealed. Nine additional episodes were included in the Dragon Ball Super filler episodes.

Dragon Ball Super Arc Fillers

Dragon Ball 4th Instalment

In order for you to make an informed decision about whether to watch or skip these episodes, we will examine them here and point out the Dragon Ball Super fillers.

Dragon Ball Super, the fourth installment in the Dragon Ball franchise, has the following list of filler episodes and story arcs: The first arc of Dragon Ball Super, the God of Destruction Beerus arc, contains the filler episodes 3, 4, and 10. After this arc concludes, there are three further filler episodes, numbered 15, 16, and 17.

There are no fillers in the Golden Frieza storyline, therefore missing any episode is not advised.

There is only one filler episode in the following arc, the Universe 6 arc, which is episode number 30.

The Universe 6 arc comes to a conclusion in episode 41 and is then immediately followed by a brief, entirely filler storyline. 

There are 5 filler episodes in the Copy Vegeta arc.

Episode 52 is the lone filler episode in the Future Trunks or Black Goku arc.

Episodes 67 through 76, which come after the Black Goku arc, are all filler and may be skipped.

The last arc of Dragon Ball Super starts with episode 77, and it only contains two filler episodes (episodes 90 and 91).

Dragon Ball 4th Instalment


Sometimes, anime fans don’t enjoy the Dragon Ball Super fillers. This is as a result of the extraversion it entails. The majority of anime fans prefer to watch only the original manga episodes. Therefore, being aware of the Dragon Ball Super filler can help you separate the freshly produced ones from the manga ones. You can determine which episodes are fillers and which are canon with the help of the Dragon Ball Filler List.

It’s advised not to skip any episodes of this incredibly great shounen anime series because watching filler doesn’t hurt. If you have any further inquiries concerning the role, don’t be afraid to contact us. You can also keep in touch with your comments. Now that you are aware of the fillers, stop surfing and start watching dragon ball super filler list.

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