Employee Engagement Trends In 2023 To Catch Up On Fast

Employee Engagement Trends In 2023 To Catch Up On Fast!

The global pandemic has forced experimentation in the workplace and dramatically changed employee engagement trends and priorities. It is important to adapt to these new trends so that HR can drive change and add value to the business.

The pandemic has forced us to reconsider working in a post-pandemic world. We have seen a shift towards hybrid and remote working, employee engagement, and inclusion initiatives. But the inability to offer this level of flexibility will severely hamper a company’s success in attracting and retaining talent. 

uKnowva HRMS makes it possible for HRs and their teams to focus on employee engagement initiatives on the go. They can invest in this cost-effective, accessible, extendable, and on-cloud to allow their teams to connect and engage more with a purpose. 

When employees engage regularly, they learn to play with each other’s strengths and become better teammates. They learn to work in tandem, having better equity in the firm. 

Thus, HR executives and leaders must learn the importance of HR trends and implement these diligently to improve engagement rates whenever expected.

Why Are HR Trends Important?

HR trends are constantly changing as society advances and technology improves. The Coronavirus pandemic has drastically affected major HR trends, forcing the industry to adapt to the new social norm.

Proactive monitoring of the latest major trends will help your HR department attract top talent and retain full-time employees. Without these skilled workers, companies risk damaging their reputations and losing revenue. 

The implementation of innovative strategies will allow the company to retain its best employees. So, learn the employee engagement strategies in 2023 that will be more aggressive for teams to implement and draw analysis from. 

5 Employee Engagement Trends for 2023 to Watch out For:

  • The hybrid work model

As more companies move to hybrid working models, HR will need to adapt to this new way of working. Hybrid working gives you more freedom while still staying connected, which many workers want nowadays. However, hybrid work is still a work in progress. Implementing uKnowva HRMS is the apt solution here when HR teams want to boost and promote hybrid and asynchronous work modes. 

Doing so helps teams from across geographical borders to work together without having to travel larger distances. They can connect and collaborate on the go using uKnowva HRMS and chat integration if they need one from its extension store. 

  1. Inclusion in the workplace

The pandemic has brought about unprecedented levels of diversity in the workforce by expanding access to remote workers across the country and the world that may never have been imagined before. With the growing focus on inclusion and diversity in the workplace, HR will need to make sure all employees feel included and valued.

By implementing a strong and robust feedback system, HRs can make employees feel more heard and included. This is possible without considering employee experiences, educational backgrounds, working locations, or seniority in the workplace. 

When employees know they are heard with a streamlined process in the system, they engage more openly. They are not afraid to have an opinion, even if it is being rejected by other teammates. When employees grow habitual of having an opinion, sharing respect with each other, and sharpening their listening skills, a favourable culture builds within the organisation. 

uKnowva HRMS helps build that ideal culture for smaller to bigger organisations in India. The feedback system follows a 360-degree module. Any team member can give a review to the other person whenever they want to, especially by leaving comments or reviews on the projects they have worked together on. 

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Team leaders have visibility to these feedback nuggets and comments. These comments help resolve the conflicts between teams and bring more clarity on standard operating procedures to be followed by everyone when working together. 

  1. Setting up a growth-oriented culture

One of the important employee engagement trends in 2023 to watch out for is building a growth-oriented corporate culture. Employees will empower their teammates organically to achieve more and outperform within a growth-oriented culture. For this, the performance management system should be forward-looking, goal-setting should be flexible, and the reward system should be transparent. 

uKnowva HRMS aids companies and HR teams to provide these functionalities and build a culture that grows. 

  1. Focus on employee mental health and well-being consistently

HR teams need to focus on employees’ mental health and well-being as one of the major employee engagement initiatives in 2023. When employers track employees’ happiness metre and wellness scores, they ensure that employees are fit to connect and collaborate. 

A happy employee would have a more positive outlook or approach to solving complexities at work. Interestingly, a sad or depressed employee would only find faults in every process or task. That’s why it becomes more important for HR leaders and reporting managers to have a mechanism in place to evaluate every employee or team member’s mental health score regularly. 

For example, uKnowva HRMS already has a happiness metre or index in place. It is embedded in the virtual biometric system it provides. Then, each employee punches in and out with an emoticon that represents what they feel at that moment. Team leaders study the employee and team-wise reports at the backend. These reports depict whether their teams are happy or not at a given period. 

Happy teams are most likely to engage regularly and would empower others to excel too in their work front. 

  1. Let employees decide how much and what all they want to achieve in a given period

One of the smart ways to engage employees more often in the organisation is to improve their equity in the firm. It happens after employees have gained a certain level of trust in the team with their tasks in hand. Then, employees can suggest their targets to the team leaders for the month or week. They can collectively make a decision on what targets to achieve and how to go about it.

When employees take the onus of their targets, they become more entrepreneurial in real life. And they take complete responsibility for their daily tasks. For that, they also learn to happily and purposefully connect with their team members or colleagues. 

That’s where uKnowva HRMS pipes in. It helps teams build a culture of purpose, collaboration, and growth. Teams know what to achieve and how to do so together, keeping the overall organisational goal in mind. 

When teams connect, their engagement rates eventually improve. uKnowva HRMS helps analyse these rates on the go or whenever the manager needs to study them to draw further intelligence inferences. 


Companies that are at the forefront of employee engagement trends will have significant advantages over competitors who lag behind. Employees will also benefit as companies adapt technology and HR policies to support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), which improves employee well-being and engagement.

Attracting and retaining the best employees requires HR leadership that responds to key market trends, particularly in knowledge sectors. Companies with outdated HR tools and approaches are becoming less and less relevant. Rather, uKnowva HRMS is a comprehensive tool helping companies improve their employee engagement rates and streamline the user experience on the go. 

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