We live in a technologically advanced era where everyone owns a smart screen or two including young kids. From school assignments to socializing with friends to playing games, kids spend most of their time glued to their smart devices. It keeps getting difficult for parents to limit their kids’ device usage. That is the reason they resort to parental control apps such as FamilyTime. 

What Is FamilyTime? 

FamilyTime parental control app helps parents monitor their kids’ activities offline and online. It has a robust and user-friendly interface. Parents can create their control hub on any number of devices. Its features cater to kids of all age groups. Parents can even manage many social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

What Does It Offer?

It has a wide variety of features, including screen time limitation, location tracking, geofencing, app management, SOS/Panic Button, and a whole lot more. Let’s look at its features in detail and answer the ‘Is it really the best parental control app?’ question. 

  • Location Tracking & Geofencing 

This app provides you with the real-time location of your kid. You can track their movements, save location history and even create a geofence for them. The Geofence feature allows you to set up alerts for particular places, and you get notified when your child enters and leaves those places. 

  • SOS/Panic Button 

SOS/Panic button is always at your kids’ disposal. They can press it to alert you in case of emergencies. 

  • App Blocking & Management

FamilyTime has one of the best app management and blocking features currently available on the market. It blocks access to the app immediately after your kids download it on their devices, and you get an instant alert. The app awaits parental approval before kids may use it.

  • Internet Filter

Its internet filter is praised for its extensive capacity to block websites and content. Parents can enter specific websites in addition to a list of keywords to block all content associated with those words. For instance, if you want to deny access to content related to pornography, violence, suicide, drugs, weapons, etc., you can do so by adding these keywords to the list.

  • Management of Social Media Apps

Parents can monitor several major social media platforms on kids’ devices, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Although you don’t get to manage in-app interactions, you can block entire apps or reduce your kids’ screen time, so they use it for a limited amount of time.

  • The Pick-Me-Up Button

It is a relatively new and unique feature that alerts you when to pick up your kid. Parents receive alerts from their kids, including a location stating where you may pick them up. It is a life-saving feature for working parents who often forget to pick up their kids in their busy schedules.

  • Setting Screen Time Schedules

Yes, FamilyTime allows parents to set schedules for kids to use their devices down to the hour. That means parents can ensure that their kids’ devices become inaccessible for usage at certain times, such as study hours, bedtime, mealtimes, and so on.

  • Screen Time Limits 

Limiting screen time for kids has never been easier. You can set limits for individual apps, making them accessible for only specific amounts of time during the day. 

  • BedTime

Bedtime is a feature that allows you to set up a bedtime on your kids’ devices, making it inaccessible after their set bedtime. It helps them develop better sleeping habits as they cannot bypass FamilyTime’s security and get access to their device without a parent’s consent.

  •  Time Bank & Fun Time

If you want to teach your kids the value of saving time, this feature may help. TimeBank saves up all the unused (allotted) time that the kids haven’t spent on any given day. The time they have saved can be used later with the help of the FunTime feature.

  •  Family Pause

Family Pause is a feature that may become your favorite. It allows parents to take away the screen privileges of their kids with a simple tap of a button on their parental control hub. Once activated, this feature makes the kids’ devices inaccessible until the parents allow them to become accessible. 

  •  Monitor Calls & Messages

Parents can screen their kids’ messages and calls to see who they have been in contact with and if there is anything that requires their intervention. It is a safer and subtler way of keeping them out of trouble, finding out if they are getting bullied, etc.

  •  Create a Watchlist of Contacts 

It takes screening calls and messages one step further and lets you create a watchlist of people you don’t want your kids to be in touch with. Once you set up this feature, you get instant alerts if anyone on the list attempts to contact your kids.

  •  Teen Safe Drive

This feature is designed specifically for teenagers who drive. It notifies the parents if they go over their designated driving speed, thus making sure that they drive more safely.

What Does It Cost?

You might think it would be costly since it offers a wide array of exceptional features, but that is not the case. FamilyTime is quite affordable and offers four monthly packages starting at $1.15/month and going up to $2.25/month. It also allows to test it for free for 3-days with limited features.

Does It Work with Android & iPhone Devices?

It has a wide range of compatibility and works with Android, iPhone, and Amazon devices. However, some features are offered exclusively to Android devices.

Is It Really the Best Parental Control App?

Indeed, it is one of the best parental control apps currently available. Unlike its counterparts, it offers a few unique features and is quite inexpensive for its versatility. Visit their website for more information or download it for free from App Store or Play Store.

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