Gear or gearless cycle for weight loss: which one is better?

Cycling is the best exercise for weight loss. Yes, we all agree with this point. But there are many different types of bicycles to choose from when you want to start your weight loss journey. The major concern ends with the gear and gearless cycle. Confusing right?

In this article, we will describe both bicycles’ pros and cons. In the end, you can figure out which one goes your way. So let us move forward in the article.

How Cycling Reduces Weight?

Before going further in the article, let us understand the science behind cycling and weight loss. The simple science behind weight loss is your body loses weight when it burns more calories than your general intake. Balancing your calorie meter is the key to reducing weight. Increasing exercise will increase the energy demand in the body. This increased demand for energy will be met by burning stored calories in the body.

The more energy demanded, the more calories burned, and the more weight will be reduced. Thus, exercise is an important step in your weight loss journey. Cycling is considered one of the best exercises involving your whole body. This helps to reduce weight more effectively and safely.

Gear V/S Non-Gear Cycle

First, we should know the difference between gear and non-gear cycles to determine the best weight loss. Gear cycle is enjoyable; it has multiple gear ratios, allowing cyclists to change it based on its terrain. You can change it based on your journey. The actual meaning of gear is how fast your pedal will work on the basis of RPM.

The main profit of the geared bicycle is it helps the rider to maintain a particular speed. It makes it easier for him to set a constant pace and work on the same efficacy. Ideally, the gear cycle could be better for weight loss, but it is great for people looking for a good workout. With different gears, you can alter the speed of the cycle, and thus, it will help in a great workout session.

There needs to be a foundation with the gear cycle. From beginners to professionals, anyone can use it because it offers different sets of resistance, which are suitable for all fitness levels. There are some advantages of the gear cycle in your weight loss journey. Let us look at them one by one.

You can read a detailed guide of top options available for the gear cycles on the website.

  • Gear cycle makes pedaling easier. It makes it easy for the riders to ride for a long duration
  • The gear cycle allows you to go faster with much less effort. This is great for people who want to stabilize their weight.
  • The gear cycle is terrain friendly. You can effectively ride it on flat surfaces, hilly regions, and many other areas according to your will.
  • Gear cycles consist of padded seats and better suspension. It makes it easier for the rider to ride for more time.

When it comes to the non gear cycle, it means your paddle power directly depends on the speed of the cycle. It consists of only one gear. In non gear cycles, too, two different types are present in the market. One is a fixed-wheel bicycle, and the other is a freewheel bicycle.

A Freewheel bicycle is one in which the back wheels are not fixed with the pedals. It makes it easier for the riders to go downhill as gravity plays an important role, and there is no need for paddling. In this type of cycle, it all depends on the paddling speed. You can alter the speed of the cycle by paddling fast or slowly. It makes it easier for riders to avoid obstacles by altering the paddling speed.

Non geared cycle is good for weight loss as it needs your efforts to move the bicycle. There are no gears to shift; thus, you can focus on paddling and burning calories. The best part of the non-gear cycle is that it is affordable for beginners compared to the gear cycle. Few bicycle pieces need maintenance because it is simpler than the gear one. You are forced to pedal at a constant speed to maintain the speed. This will require your regular participation in the process of bicycling.

But because of continuous paddling, long distances from the non-gear cycles are quite difficult. Because of your regular involvement, you get tired easily, and you are working your cardiac system too hard for it.


Both bicycles have their benefits and losses in terms of weight loss. The best way for you is to alter between both of them. In the gear cycle, you can control the same level of paddling for a long duration; in the non-gear process, it all depends on your hard work. If you want to maintain weight, you should go for the gear cycle. To lose weight, you should go for the non gear cycle.

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