In an era where kids are increasingly outside without their parents, safety concerns are a major concern. 


Most of the kids’ time is spent at school or during their commute between school and home. The 

Safety-conscious parent community is on the constant lookout for a trustworthy solution to track their kid’s whereabouts in real-time. 


There comes the role of GPS school transport tracking software to lend hands to the worried parents and keep their cool. 


The GPS vehicle tracking software has made rapid progress in technology and resolves many parenting concerns. It also provides the live location of the school bus and tells the time when the child is de-boarded or boarded in the school bus. 


Parents can access all this information from anywhere and anytime, whether in the workplace or at their home. The whole beauty of the GPS school bus tracking software comes.


The advanced GPS school bus tracking software is a great tool for parents, school staff, and administration. It even manages the diverse and complicated pickup and drops schedules of the children, managing and directing available drivers and buses for better efficiency. 


Schools with adequate safety measures ensure that the most important checkbox is checked. It attracts the parents whose top priority is their child’s safety.


Why is GPS school transport tracking software booming?


When it comes to benefits there are so many, schools must equip their fleets with GPS-enabled tracking software devices and cameras. 


A very important benefit of the GPS vehicle tracking devices is enhanced students’ safety and security. The three important aspects every parent looks for while searching for schools for their child are trust, security, and safety.


Technology has improved a lot in student safety on school buses in recent years. 


GPS-enabled tracking software takes care of many aspects including, managing buses and drivers, students, traffic, weather, fuel, etc without compensating for the safety of the students. 


Let’s dig deeper into the benefits of deploying modern advanced technology on school buses. 


Real-time tracking and monitoring


It is safer to say that a GPS school bus tracking device ensures the parents and educational administrators about their child’s safety, security, and whereabouts. 


It ensures that the school bus travels through its daily route by giving real-time data to parents and notifies them instantly when the vehicle takes new routes or crosses its speed limits. 


The beauty of these GPS vehicle tracking software is the update of automatic information regarding the delays due to weather, traffic, route deviations, etc. 


The real-time tracking solution comes handy even when the students travel outside their daily regular schedules on occasions like field trips, picnics, or sports trips. 


This system not only provides real-time tracking data but also updates the parents with notifications and alarms in case of an emergency.


Caretakers can easily plan to pick-up/ drop their kids with this GPS tracking software. 


Optimizing routes


Route optimization is one of the challenging tasks for an educational institute. They have to deal with the changing addresses and numbers every year which includes costs, class schedules, addresses, and the number of students. 


Managing all these changes manually is not an easy job. Poor scheduling of these tasks may lead to the inflated cost of a bus, frustrated parents and students, and long bus rides. 


These difficulties can be easily taken care of by an automated GPS vehicle tracking software


Automated GPS school transport tracking software helps to deal with fleets of schools to incorporate changes regularly, timing, traffic needs, drivers, and vehicles and come up with the most efficient plans.


Relaxed admin staff


One of the most time-consuming and tedious tasks is to maintain the manual records, timings, accounts, schedules, etc. School admin staff work hard to complete these tasks on time. 


GPS-enabled scheduling software records all the required details in real-time and stores them for future references. The stored data can be reviewed and analyzed for any future issues.


GPS enabled school transport tracking software ensures


  • Prevents unauthorized access: When the bus engine starts, the GPS vehicle tracking device is switched on and provides a notification to the administrator. It prevents unnecessary malpractices.


  • Scheduled maintenance: GPS tracking software sends alerts to the administrator whenever the maintenance has to be scheduled or needed. It helps the administrator to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs for the fleets.


  • Updating the drivers: New information should be updated constantly to avoid miscommunication. Drivers need to be updated with the proper information as they pick up and drop off the child. Updated data in the software can guide the driver with new routes to follow.


School drivers can have access to all this information online. The Admin only needs to update the central command unit so that all the buses and drivers can have access to it.


Optimize fleet management


Scheduling the fleets manually is inefficient and inconsistent, which may cause frustration and confusion. 


GPS vehicle tracking software can have access to the updated pickup and drop-off places, changed class timings, higher or lesser student count in the vehicle to manage the routes efficiently. 


This system eliminates late arrivals, fuel shortage issues, anxious calls from the parents, and any unnecessary confusion.


It limits the usage of resources by reducing the number of buses and drivers, thus resulting in less operating costs. 


A GPS tracking software analyzes every possible scenario to optimize the fleet efficiently.


Tracking driver behavior


One of the greatest benefits of GPS vehicle tracking software is to track the driver’s behavior. 


Worrisome driver behaviors include rash driving, taking unplanned routes without any prior notification, inappropriate attitude towards children, breaking traffic rules, speeding, and sudden turns and breaks. 


Drivers will be more conscious when they are constantly monitored through this software real-time.


This system will considerably increase the drivers’ responsibility and accountability to both the school management and the parent community. 


Reduces costs


School managements are always under stress since the government keeps on cutting down the school budgets. Thus, the administration is able to reduce transportation costs by installing a GPS-enabled fleet management system


As a result, the number of buses and resources are reduced, and the safety of the students is ensured.


Final thoughts


Educational institutes need to adopt GPS vehicle tracking software systems to track and monitor their busy schedules, students’ safety, and costs. 


It involves the reputation of the school as it qualifies as a “modern, tech-driven institute” to maintain the overall quality of the administration. 


School bus tracking software ensures students’ safety, peace of mind to the parents, reduces costs, fuel management, and overall administration quality. 


Finally, all the parents need is a happy and safe school environment for their children. Adopting GPS vehicle tracking software is a “No-brainer”.


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