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How breakup affects men’s physical and mental health?

Scientifically, men are likely to be affected more severely by breakups than women as they are conditioned to hide their pain. The physical and mental health effects of a breakup can be devastating.

  • Loss of appetite 

Post breakup, men tend to lose their appetite. As the feeling of emptiness and sadness sets in, their hunger level reduces and they start skipping meals, resulting in weight loss. This can lead to other eating disorders and consequent health issues such as bloating, upset stomach, acidity. Sudden weight loss due to starvation is harmful for the health and messes up with the blood sugar levels causing insulin resistance related complications.

  • Emotional eating 

While some guys tend to give up on meals, there are others who prefer filling the void in their life by overeating. Emotional eating is a dangerous and serious phenomenon when people eat more than they usually do to cope with negative emotions such as anger, sadness, guilt, regret, etc. This can cause sudden weight gain, obesity and an unusual increase in appetite that is difficult to reduce later as the body gets used to large quantities of food.

  • Headaches

Breakups are stressful, and any stress brings along with it, headaches. Some men experience constant headaches of varying intensities. The pain could be mild but consistent or throbbing and coming in spurs. Excessive crying or trying to hold back tears can also lead to headaches. Sometimes these consistent headaches turn into migraines that require medical attention.

  • Stomachache

Some emotional pains are so intense that they can literally be felt in the body. The pain of breakup i.e., loss is mostly felt as a deep pit in the chest and stomach. This usually translates to stomachaches and cramps. Psychosomatic pains such as these stomachaches are rarely affected by medication, and one needs to calm their mind first to make it hurt less.

  • Insomnia

Insomnia is a common physical effect of breakup. People tend to lose sleep and are up until late drowning in nostalgia, crying. Since nights are safe to be sad and cry your heart out without having to explain to anyone, people lose sleep after breakups. Scientifically, nights are the time that people feel the loneliest and falling asleep with that sort of a feeling is tough. Some men tend to take sleeping pills or resort to alcohol and drugs to help them forget the pain and fall asleep. Some many even use sexdoll for sexual release to fall asleep.

  • Mental health

  • Depression

The most common mental health issue faced by men after a breakup is depression. It is an intense and consistent feeling of sadness, loneliness, loss of interest in day-to-day activities and the feeling of being exhausted the whole time. Many men are seen crying nights trying to get over the traumatic experience of having to deal with their partner leaving them.

  • Anxiety

Anxiety and depression go hand in hand. There is an inherent fear lurking in the mind. When one goes through a breakup, there is not just loss of love, but also of a close friendship, a support system, and a confidante, leaving one feeling isolated and alone, trying to handle everything by themselves. This feeling can get overwhelming at times.

  • Trust issues

Breakups due to infidelity can often leave men with trust issues. The thought that my partner left me for someone else tends to stick with the person and can reflect in their future relationships too as they find it hard to trust others and grow suspicious over time. Some men prefer using anime dolls for sexual release than having to deal with real women.

  • Suicidal thoughts

Some men cannot deal with the depression, obsessive thoughts and memories about their ex, and the pain that follows. They find their life worthless and start having suicidal thoughts. Unless they receive help, they pose a danger to themselves as well as others around. 

  • Mental breakdown

The last but not the least mental health effect is a feeling of general breakdown. When one simply cannot process the multiple negative feelings along with anxiety, loneliness and fear, the mind sometimes seems to malfunction and breakdown. There is a sensation of burn out and mental exhaustion causing the man to just give up and stay put to try and process all that his mind is going through

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Breakups can be traumatic and there is no right or foolproof way to deal with them. However, with the help of family, friends, and the right kind of mindset to accept and move on towards a better future, one can surely deal with the negative feelings in a better way.

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