How Can I Retrieve My Lost Pay Stub?

Pay stubs are a good way to verify how much income you make. They are needed to get loans and other credit products. In other situations, you might need to use pay stubs to prove that you make enough money to pay taxes or to apply for unemployment benefits.

Keep your pay stubs in a safe place so you can use them for your taxes and other financial records. Learning how to get lost pay stubs back can help you keep track of your money. In this article, we’ll talk about how to retrieve lost pay stubs and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about them. 

What’s a pay stub?

A paycheck stub, also called a “pay stub,” is an attachment to an employee’s paycheck that shows their current pay and their total pay for the year. If you give your employees paper checks, the paper pay stub is a part of the check itself. If you pay your team electronically, their pay stubs will also be digital.

Pay stub is a better way for employees to understand their pay. They show their rate of pay, their gross earnings, and any deductions, like income tax and employee benefits, that are taken out of their pay. They can also help employees get proof of income when they need it, like when they want to get a car loan or rent an apartment. And if you give your team an online pay stub, they won’t have to ask you every time they need to show proof of income.

How can I retrieve my lost pay stubs?

If your employer uses an online payroll service, you may be able to access your pay stubs online. Sign in to the portal to see if your tax forms and pay stubs are ready to be printed. If you haven’t already, you might have to sign up online to do so.

Do request it in a formal way.

In other cases, like when you do your own payroll by hand, you will need to make a request. Talk to someone in the department or, if there is a way to do so, send in a formal request. Always explain why you need access to a previous pay stub and what happened to the original one.

File a Complaint through the Complaint Form

In some cases, your employer may be required by law to give you a pay stub but hasn’t. If this is the case, you can contact the labor board in your state. Different states have different penalties, and you can usually give a tip without getting caught, so check your local laws and decide if this is something you want to do.

Does it on your own?

Of course, there are cases when you might not be able to find lost pay stubs. This could be the case if your old employer went out of business or if pay stubs were never given to begin with. In some cases, you may not be able to get pay stubs if you choose direct deposit.

In other places, employers may choose not to give out pay stubs because federal and some state laws don’t require them to. In this case, it would cost too much to give you another pay stub, so you’re on your own.

If you remember how much you used to make, you can use the best paystub generator to create proof of income in these rare cases. The best place to start is with your W2 and other tax forms.

Always keep a copy on hand.

All of the above ways to get lost pay stubs from employer’s work, but most of the time they require a lot of work. Always make a digital copy of your pay stubs so that you don’t have to go through the process more than once. Just in case, keep them around for a few years. 


How can I receive my w2 from my former job?

If you can’t get your Form W-2 from your employer and you attached it to your paper tax return before, you can pay the IRS to send you a copy of the whole return. Fill out Form 4506, Request for Copy of Tax Return, and send it along with the fee. Please give us 75 days to handle your request.

If I have direct deposit, do I still get a pay stub?

Employees can get a printed copy of their pay stub even if they get their pay by direct deposit. Most employers send nothing in the mail and use electronic pay stubs instead. Employees can always get access to their pay stubs and W-2 information.

Is it required for an employer to submit a pay stub?

Employers are required to produce pay stubs. There is no federal legislation requiring employers to submit pay stubs to employees. Pay stub laws are under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Beyond this, employers must comply with state laws and regulations.

Is a W2 the same as a pay stub?

No, a W-2 and a pay stub are not the same thing. A W-2 form, also called a Wage and Tax Statement, is a required document that an employer must send to each employee each year. Think of the W-2 as a pay stub for their net earnings. The whole amount of an employee’s gross pay for each pay period is shown on the pay stub.

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