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How can software testing in IoT help the Pharma sector? 



software testing

Since the last few years, IoT or the Internet of Things has taken the technology world by storm. Every sector is trying to embrace this IoT phenomenon in whatever manner possible. IoT adoption in the healthcare market was estimated to be around $104 billion in 2019. These numbers are expected to rise at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18% from 2020 to 2025

The pharmaceutical industry, an integral part of healthcare, has also benefited a lot from IoT. Most of these IoT developments are focused on exploring new opportunities in drug control and manufacturing. IoT has also ensured better control in drug manufacturing, improved supply chain management and preventive maintenance of equipment. 

The Pharma sector is a highly data-driven and research-oriented industry, which is why most of its innovations are intended to maintain efficiency by using the technological aspect of science. So, the role of quality engineering in pharma industry is undeniably more important than it seems. Moreover, with the recent advent of IoT in pharma, the need for quality assurance has substantially increased. 

Here is how quality assurance in IoT can help the pharma sector: 

Proper facilitation for equipment’s predictive maintenance 

Just like any other manufacturing unit, preventive maintenance of equipment is crucial to drug manufacturing. No pharma company can afford an unplanned shutdown, which is why proper testing and maintenance are the keys. Moreover, since modern drug manufacturing units having numerous interconnected technological components, thereby requires bringing IoT into the picture. 

For the success of pharma companies, the reliable consonance between maintenance and regular operations is vital. To ensure a flawless IoT implementation, IoT testing every aspect of the system is indispensable. Whether it’s by usability testing or compatibility testing, a careful assessment of IoT equipment integration is necessary. 

Appropriate enablement of remote R&D with smart automation  

Owing to the current situation, many companies, including those in the pharma sector, have adapted to the remote working environment. As a result, most of the linear and repetitive quality assurance processes with definitive steps are in the course of being automated. However, when it comes to pharma R&D, the challenge lies with integrating such processes that necessitate intelligent automation and AI-enabled services. 

This is where AI-enabled IoT comes into the picture as it creates intelligent machines which can successfully simulate human behavior. Since these AI-powered IoT systems are comprehensive in nature, the need for an AI-enabled software testing process increases. Furthermore, these software testing processes involving AI-enabled IoT significantly reduces human errors even in end-to-end multi-step R&D operations. 

Continuous supervision of the drug manufacturing environment 

One of the biggest threats to any pharma company is a suboptimal drug manufacturing environment. Such a situation is due to the usage of low-quality equipment and the lack of transparency as well as limited visibility during the software quality assurance stage. 

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Most of these issues can be resolved by connecting multiple sensors and enabling them to monitor every environment indicator (temperature, radiation, humidity, etc.) during the manufacturing and service delivery process. Moreover, with the integration of software testing in IoT, the pharma business can also bring transparency and real-time monitoring even in the various stages of the quality engineering process. 

Seamless integration with third-party medical devices 

In general, both the medical device industry and the pharma sector is quite divergent in nature. However, with the recent advancements in the healthcare sector, this line of distinction has been blurred.  

Drug-Device Combinations (DDCs) is one such application where the blending of medical devices and pharma is conspicuously exhibited. DDCs are medical device sensors to monitor drug activity in a patient and it is IoT that makes it possible.  

Even though most of it is still in the development stage, making provisions for the same through IoT innovations is essential. Consequently, to ensure operational efficiency, there is also a need for these IoT integrations to undergo software testing. 

Efficient monitoring of supply chain management  

As the drug leaves the manufacturing unit, the function of the supply chain comes into play. It includes packing, putting batch numbers, marking smart labels or RFID tags, finalizing the route and sending the packages off. In addition, maintaining a specific temperature throughout the transit or getting real-time updates on the GPS-enabled vehicles are also required. 

All of these can be easily managed by utilizing IoT technology. However, pharma companies need a fail-proof supply chain system for efficient drug delivery and reduced time-to-market. So, before going ahead with IoT implementation in the supply chain system, it is necessary to perform quality assurance checks for each component.  

Proper enforcement of laws 

The Pharma sector requires strict enforcement of drug regulations, but the real challenge is the diversity in these regulations across countries and regions. Businesses that operate on a global scale face such problems regularly. In this regard, IoT can ease the enforceability by checking each regulation against their respective country or region. 

Here, validating and verifying the IoT integration and implementation is also important as it ensures the system’s accuracy and efficiency. Even though pharma companies can check it themselves, taking help from technology assurance companies who are also experts in IoT software testing can be more beneficial. 

The Future of software testing in IoT concerning the pharma sector. 

The new IoT era enables digital connectivity at a different level, which in turn aids the pharma businesses in sustaining themselves in the ever-growing market demand. Such a level of IoT integration also requires specialized IoT tools to validate its functionality and performance. 

Not many companies are fully equipped to handle or operate such IoT software testing tools, hence the need for pureplay software testing service providers. 

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These are the top 10 ad management tools of 2021



These are the top 10 ad management tools

Efficiency is something many people strive for, since time is a valuable resource. There are a number of marketing tools available today that can help you boost productivity and streamline monotonous tasks – ad management tools are just one of them.

Advertising management is the management of advertising campaigns.

Advertising management oversees different marketing activities and responsible individuals to ensure that campaigns are run effectively and target marketing is reached.

Advertisers can focus on various metrics, like ROI, conversions, and media placements, that contribute to campaign success on a variety of levels, depending on your business needs.

Software for managing advertising campaigns

Ad management tools are what they sound like.

Various aspects of advertising can be streamlined and automated by ad (advertising) management software and tools, including ad and campaign planning, collaboration, execution, sharing, monitoring, and analysis.

Here are the 10 best tools for managing ads

This. Google AdWords Management Software

You can manage and track your inbound marketing campaigns with HubSpot’s Ads Management & Tracking software. Marketo makes it easy to manage all of your campaigns from start to finish. You can create ads, manage them, and track them across different networks.

2. Click-to-Run

AdRoll manages ads, emails, recommends products using artificial intelligence, and measures cross-channel performance for ecommerce businesses. It is a platform that manages all advertising and marketing activities for your business. AdRoll also offers the following features:

3. RollWorks

With RollWorks, you can identify target accounts, engage them with ads and various channels, and measure your success. Account-based advertising, targeting, and prioritizing target accounts are all possible with this tool. Other RollWorks features include:

4. Influ2

Specifically designed for B2B marketing, Influen2 is a person-based ad platform. This tool shows your ads to specific people and measures the results. Ad effectiveness among the targeted audience. Influ2 can also be used to:

5. Adstream

Broadcasters, publishers, and online services can use Adstream to manage digital assets and deliver ads. This is a Connectivity Suite, which means that all aspects of your marketing can be integrated and connected, including digital asset management and delivery, traffic management, media automation, and analytics. Among the other features are:

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6. 6Sense

Account-based advertising is available through 6Sense’s account-engagement platform. AI, big data, and machine learning are used by the platform to help you identify and understand your target audience’s buying behaviors, prioritize sales and marketing accounts, and create and share personalized and engaging content. Among its other features are:

7. Celtra

Powered by the cloud, Celtra automates creative production. Due to its cloud-based nature, the platform makes collaboration simpler and more efficient – team members can design, approve, and share digital assets among markets, campaigns, and more. The platform also has the following features:


Advertising on social media can be managed with Using its automated tool, you can create engaging advertisements and experiences on the social media channels that matter most to you. Your creative assets can also be optimized based on audience data, and your ads can be bulk-updated in real-time using algorithms. You’ll also find:

9. Marin Software

Marin Software manages search, social, and ecommerce ad spend for advertisers in one place. You can use its automated tools to identify growth opportunities across major search engines, align your social media channels to boost growth, and integrate product feeds to optimize shopping campaigns. Here are some other features:

10. StackAdapt

StackAdapt provides a self-serve advertising platform that digs deep into your business data to get unique insights that can be used to create and deliver high-impact campaigns. You can use it for creative ad management, as its high-quality creative studio allows you to match the most effective creative assets with campaign KPIs on a platform-by-platform basis. StackAdapt allows you to do the following things:

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Desk Booking Systems: What are they?



Desk Booking Systems: What are they?

You can deploy desk booking systems throughout your organization to provide flexible and activity-based workspaces, so that employees can reserve a workspace as and when they need it, to fit their work-life demands. Condeco desk booking is available in Outlook, through touch screen kiosks, on screen signage and via the mobile desk booking app.

What are the steps to using Desk Booking systems?

You can book a desk space in a variety of ways with a system like Condeco Desk Booking.

Desk Bookings in Condeco can be made in three different ways.

  1. You can use the quick desk search to locate a workspace on a specific date. Locate an available workspace by specifying the location, floor, and date. Booking the desk can be completed by clicking on Book Now.
  2. Find a desk To find a desk that is available, click on Find a Desk. Find a location, a group, and a floor using the options provided. Booking a desk is as simple as clicking Book Now for the desk you want, or clicking the Floor plan.
  3. You can book a desk by clicking the Booking Grid on the left-hand side menu. Choose the Location, Group, and Floor you want, then select the desired slots on the grid after you have found a workspace. Click Save & Close once you have completed the booking form.

Benefits of Desk Booking Software

Many companies use desk booking software for hot desks and hoteling, including Google, IBM, and Procter & Gamble. Here are some examples.

1. Reduction of real estate footprint

Maintaining track of the utilization capacity of a particular facility can be simplified by using an effective office desk booking application. Having such data at your fingertips will help you better manage a flexible workforce and eliminate guesswork.

Therefore, even as your employee count grows, you do not necessarily need to invest in newer offices. Instead, you could limit the number of occupants and rotate employees according to the need for optimal space utilization. By doing so, you will be able to reduce your footprint without incurring any losses.

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As an example, let’s look at HSBC. The CEO of the financial giant and other senior managers recently gave up their desks in favor of hot desks. In doing so, they reduced their real estate footprint by 40%. Thanks to its desk booking software, the company will also be able to save money on leasing office spaces.

2. Reduced costs


The ease of managing a hybrid workforce is another benefit of implementing desk booking software. You can reduce incidental charges, like stationery and printer paper, as well as maintenance costs, by tracking occupancy rates regularly. You also save a lot on utility bills by having fewer employees in the office, while at the same time ensuring equitable access to resources.

A good example is EY’s Chicago office which started the office hoteling trend more than two decades ago. Because of reduced square footage, the company’s annual savings have been estimated at $47 million or more.

3. Promotes flexibility in the workplace

Your employees will have more flexibility with a desk booking system. The desk booking software allows them to easily reserve a station, even a cafeteria slot, days in advance when they have to work on-site. If they arrive at the facility, they’ll know exactly where they need to sit so they won’t be surprised by anything.

In addition, they are free to choose where and how they want to work. This creates an incredibly productive and resilient workforce. To support a flexible workforce, desk booking software is crucial. A robust system like this will also help to improve employee experiences and attract new talent.

Are the benefits of desk booking attractive to your company? If so, then you should consider implementing desk booking software. After selecting a vendor, you must then implement the solution. The implementation process can be tricky.

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How a Group of Enthusiasts Makes the World a Better Place



Group of Enthusiasts

Making the world better has always been a challenging task. But teams of enthusiasts like Innowise Group, a global software development services provider, strive to do it and make progress every day.

How it started

In November 2007, Innowise Group was just a small company of IT geeks, and their passion was making not just any software, but the software that would help people improve their life. They specialized in software development in .NET, Java and PHP.

Expanding and becoming a truly international software development company

In over 15 years, our team has grown from a dozen developers to 1000 skilled IT professionals, each of them a brilliant expert in their field. With a diverse technology stack and profound expertise throughout a variety of domains, we provide top-notch software development services.

Innowise Group has gathered top data scientists and engineers, software developers and architects, designers, business analysts, and other experts to become a one-stop shop for high-quality software solutions.

At this moment, Innowise Group caters to an array of industries and customer bases. Its services range from outsourced software development or staff augmentation services to full-cycle software development, starting with business analysis and proof-of-concept all the way to fully functioning solution and its maintenance.

Eventually, Innowise Group has become one of the fastest-growing custom software development and staff augmentation companies with numerous rewards and affirmative reviews. Innowise Group is one of the leaders of The 2022 Global Outsourcing 100 list produced by IAOP, and ranked #5 among the top sustained-growth B2B service providers by Clutch.

It’s not just about outsourcing software development

Working in staff augmentation and custom software development is not the only vector of the company’s movement. Innowise Group is working on ambitious projects of its own.

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One of those is VOKA — a tailor-made polyvalent multiplatform medical solution including, a mixed reality surgery assistant for Microsoft HoloLens, and VOKA Pathology 3D, a catalog of human pathologies packed into a mobile application. Being used by clinicians in the fields of cardiology, neurosurgery, surgical oncology, and traumatology, and medical students from all over the world (US, Germany, Italy, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc.), VOKA is one of the most widely known enthusiastic projects from Innowise Group.
Apart from VOKA, Innowise Group’s team is working on an array of personal projects for both internal use and external audience.

All things considered

Innowise Group is uniting excellent talent around the world not only to build software but to create a better future through its solutions. We look for profound technical expertise, creative approaches to problem-solving, and open minds eager to embrace innovation and growth.

Our main principles are competence, efficiency, and adaptability: if a project demands a high workload, the Innowise Group team can quickly ramp up a dedicated team and find the required expertise to provide quick and high-quality service. Our attitude and hard work have earned us a large loyal client base coming from over 30 countries worldwide.

The team has grown significantly over the years, but we are still a group of enthusiasts passionate about cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art solutions. Each member of our team strives to make the world a better place and works tirelessly to provide the best solutions they can. We grow and evolve, but our values stay the same throughout time, and our team is our best asset in nurturing all the things we care and stand for – trust, collaboration, and, most importantly, great software.

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