How Can You Unite A Fragmented Workforce? 

Many times in the workplace, issues like pride, ego, and discrimination can fragment the workplace. Dealing with a fragmented workforce is like taking one step forward and two steps back because a company cannot expect to find success if the workforce is not working together. 

But to be an effective company in the marketplace, the workforce must be strong together. So, in this blog, we will look at the different ways corporate and business houses can tackle issues of division to unite their workforce. 

5 ways to unite a fragmented workforce 

Change the mode of communication 

In a workplace, you are bound to find people of different cultures and age groups to collaborate. Every generation has its way of communicating. 

Effective workplace collaboration can be challenging for everyone to achieve if communication is not centralised and understandable. At the same time, the older generation likes to communicate in person, over the phone, and in writing. Email and texting are popular among the younger crowd, especially Millennials. 

Social media collaboration and interaction are preferred by the younger generation and have been shown to increase the engagement of employees.

Employees of all generations and cultures will communicate with each other through a unified platform of communication. That is why HRs need to recheck how they are communicating with all and how to revamp the method. It will save their time and bring everyone on the same page at a rapid speed. The social intranet is one of the key examples here as a unified mode of internal communication

Find unity rather than division 

Human beings are good at finding things that divide them. This can be divided based on education, language, etc., and is very detrimental to the collaborative spirit of the company and, many times, is the reason for a fragmented workforce. 

To put a stop to this, management has to live by example by making sure they treat everybody equally and give everybody the same opportunities. 

To encourage unity, management should conduct workshops that will encourage everyone’s collaborative behaviour. Apart from this, the company should also encourage people from different departments to pursue innovative projects together to promote unity in the workplace.  

Set goals that everyone can stand behind 

Deep personal distractions and conflicts result from dividing people. This is because people do not see a reason to come together and work together. This is an indication of employee engagement and experience at the company and can be changed. 

Everybody needs goals in their professional lives to maintain concentration and drive them to produce their best work. 

HRs best instrument for keeping staff members motivated to strive toward a bright future in a way is to provide a reason greater than themselves for people to unite. If people can see that they are part of something bigger and the work they are doing is very important and world-changing, they will find greater cause for unity rather than division.  

Address the difficult conversations 

Many times there will be problems and conflicts that arise for unexpected reasons. Oftentimes, this leaves managers and team members in a very awkward situation, and rather than talking about it, managers will like to brush it away. 

Unfortunately, issues that are not addressed can fracture and damage the workforce in the long run. 

One way to combat that is to make use of uKnowva’s grievance and conflict management system so that no employee is left unheard in the company. Next, HRs should try to address these issues; many times, just listening to employees can de-escalate the issues.  

Make respect universal 

We all desire respect, regardless of our age or gender. Newcomers must respect senior employees and the experience they bring while. The ability and potential of new and young employees must be respected by older generations. 

Understanding and accepting each other’s differences is the key to achieving generational harmony. Apart from these, the company should also build a culture of respect for all communities in the company and show no disrespect for cultural differences among the employees. 


Many things can break a workforce. It’s important to remember that it is easy to break and divide, but it takes work to unite and build together. Hopefully, with the points mentioned above, uniting a workforce will not be as difficult as we see. 

uKnowva HRMS is designed in such a way as to promote unity in the workplace. The HRMS requires people to work to connect and collectively work together to achieve their goals with the help of tools like the social intranet and workflow automation.

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