Rainbow Six Siege has quickly become one of the best competitive tactical shooter games you can play, even rivaling the Call of Duty series in the market. This tactical shooter game isn’t a game where one can go on with blind play or reckless shooting. Instead, it is a game of patience, where you need to find and wait to take the best shot if you want to earn more rewards. Though the claustrophobic maps and complex mechanics of the game might look utterly overwhelming at first to someone who has just started, here are some R6 cheats and tips that will certainly help you adjust to the environment of Siege.

Tip #1. Do not underestimate the terrorist hunt!

If you want to improve and be at the top, you should not dismiss terrorist hunt just as a tutorial. It is not only a tool to help beginners adjust to the competitive world of the game, but it is used even by pro-players to keep improving their skills to remain at that very top. Going solo will give you more time to explore the map, test out new weapon load-outs, and find out what works best, especially if you are still struggling with maps and weapons.

The main component of Rainbow Six Siege is the map knowledge because you do not want to get killed while lingering in the wrong hallway, right? Use the terrorist hunt to note the location of the cameras and understand the map. If you are struggling with shooting, running through a terrorist hunt is an effective trick to improve your skills to snap-aim at targets and line up those perfect headshots.

Tip #2. Go slow and listen!

In a game where almost everything makes a sound, you can’t afford to make a silly move that will get you killed. A common technique in PvP shooter games is sprinting and spraying and then getting the hell away from the location. It does not actually work in this game. Have some patience, and don’t go for the gung-ho approach. To win Rainbow Six Siege, try playing with your headphones and focus on the surrounding sounds. You can even turn off background music to listen better. Focusing on the sounds can help you land that perfect headshot that you have dreamed of for so long.

Go slow and focus on the sounds; this way, you will alert your enemies. Try to walk or crouch to make less noise.

Tip #3. Focus on your positioning!

In Rainbow Six Siege, aiming is not the be-all and end-all. It is just a secondary thing compared to your position; a slight mistake in finding the correct spot to aim can get you to lose a fight against your enemy. In a game like Rainbow Six Siege, you need to ensure you can keep an eye on every entrance or the areas from where you are expecting your enemy. Find a position where you have your eye on the action and escape routes if you want to win.

Tip #4. Be aware of any opening!

There is a chance of getting shot down with every opening, window, or gate in the game. Such corners need to be handled with correct tactics. The slice-the-pie technique is perfect for quickly and safely clearing an area. Besides this, playing with angles is another excellent tip you need to keep in your mind when moving through doors.

Tip #5. Stay focused!

With so much happening around you in the game, it is easy to get distracted. Although you are here to shoot down your opponents, you can’t jump the gun in the game. Focus on the game and avoid making silly mistakes during the game. Keep communicating with your team, stick close to them, observe your surroundings and then make a move.

Bottom Line 

Rainbow Six Siege is a demanding game where a single wrong move can get you killed. With so many skills to learn and strategies to develop, the game can get overwhelming for beginners, but with these tips, you can get started with your journey. With some practice and a perfect strategy, you can take down your opponent and get yourself ahead on the leaderboard and in record time as well. Why wait to get started? Just give it a shot today!

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