Although the purest of silk blouses tend to reveal a great deal more than the lace on a typical silk shirt, the same can not be said for many of the silk blouses available today. Although the purest of silk blouses tend to show quite a lot more, especially in comparison to many silk shirts available, there are silky silk shirts available today that don’t reveal all that much more than a pure silk shirt, but which are still very attractive. This is because silks have always been quite transparent, but over the years the method of how they are processed has varied, which allows some clothes to look completely different than pure silk, while at the same time maintaining the transparency that silk is known for having.

The majority of silk blouses

The majority of silk blouses today are made using a process called rayon weaving. Though there are quite a few silk blouses which are made using a more traditional method of weaving called grosgrain, these are the less popular kinds. Rayon is considered to be one of the most natural silks available, as it is so similar to cotton. Even silk blouses that aren’t made using rayon still tend to be fairly light weight, meaning that silky blouses which aren’t made using this particular type of weaving tend to be very comfortable to wear.

Best characteristics of silk blouses

One of the best characteristics of silk blouses which makes them so popular with women today is the fact that they are incredibly easy to care for. Dusting a silk blouse once a week won’t seem like an arduous task, but it is actually quite difficult to clean a silk blouse without causing it to lose its shape or becoming damaged. Silk has a tendency to wrinkle very easily when it is out of shape, so silky blouses should be cleaned immediately after wearing so that they can be worn again without the fear of them being destroyed. Likewise, silk blouses which become wet should always be hand washed in cold water using a gentle detergent, and then dried carefully before wearing.

Silk shirts

Many silk shirts also have a certain degree of shine to them which is a bonus if you happen to be trying to wear your silk blouse casually. Some silk shirts have been treated with a special type of protective coating which will help them last much longer than normal silk shirts without losing their original sheen. This type of coating is applied to silk shirts before they are manufactured and is usually applied in small amounts during the making process. Some manufacturers even go as far as to apply it to silk blouses before actually putting them to use in order to ensure that they last even longer.

Silks are so delicate

Because silks are so delicate, silk shirts should be handled with care. It is important that you never squeeze a silk shirt which may result in the shirt pulling away from your body. You should also avoid rubbing the fabric against your body or against other items in an attempt to keep it in place. Silks can get very damp when they are first manufactured, and are usually kept in rooms which do not hold moisture. This dampness can be released by running the silk through a clothes dryer on a low setting, but if this is not possible, simply wash the silk in a sink of lukewarm water in order to remove as much moisture as possible. If you have a lot of silk clothing which needs to be dried quickly, you should place all silk items in the freezer prior to drying in order to speed up the drying process.

Properly care for your silk blouses

In order to properly care for your silk blouses, it is important to occasionally hand wash them. Silk has a unique ability to dry quickly when it is placed in a machine, but it takes time to let it dry when it is simply placed by itself. If your silk shirts dry out too quickly, they can become threadbare quickly, and silk fabric is generally quite soft. Silk can also stretch easily, which can make your silk shirts scratchy if they are stretched out without being folded back into a proper sleeve. When you hand wash your silk blouses, just make sure to set the washing machine to the gentle cycle and use a mild soap that is recommended for silk, such as silk dishwashing detergent.

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