Have you been to the bookshop?

Is there something that gets you to take a book out?

Suppose you’ve guessed that the Book cover! Absolutely!

A YouTube thumbnail works like the cover of a book for your video. It’s the first thing people look at before deciding if they’ll click on your video or browse around without paying attention.

YouTube reports that “90% of the best performing videos on YouTube have custom thumbnails.”

If you’ve yet to implement custom thumbnails for your videos, you’re losing out on an excellent opportunity to increase traffic towards the YouTube video. SubPals has the answer to your question on how to get subscribers on YouTube. Meanwhile, go through this article to learn how to create creative thumbnails.

This article will explain everything you need to learn to start making custom thumbnails. We’ll begin with the components that make up the perfect thumbnail and guide you through the whole procedure until you have the thumbnail appear on your YouTube. If you’d like to move to the creation phase instantly, click the 2nd point.

1. What is it that makes a YouTube thumbnail to be clickable?

2. How can I make a YouTube thumbnail?

3. How do I enable the custom thumbnail option?

4. How can you add the newly created thumbnail to your YouTube video?

1. What is it that makes a YouTube thumbnail to be clickable?

Let’s look at the components that make up each clicked YouTube thumbnail!

Our daily conversations with thousands of YouTubers have helped us identify some of the essential ingredients that create a YouTube thumbnail that is clickable.

1. an expressive Headshot

Human eyes are naturally more attracted to faces you see on the computer screen. This is particularly the case when the faces show some expressions. These thumbnails make people wonder about the motivation behind the expression and can entice the viewer to click the video.

This is the reason a lot of YouTubers can have a close-up photo of their faces on their thumbnail.

2. Big-Bold text

In the case of YouTube thumbnails, they’re displayed in a somewhat smaller size. Most YouTubers utilize big-bold fonts for their thumbnails to make the font more visible even in smaller sizes.

3. A sticker effect is added to the image

A thick, textured border helps the principal object stand out.

Similar logic applies to YouTube thumbnails too. YouTubers often use stickers to create a pop-up of their subject.

4. Colorful overlays that contrast to highlight the text

The primary reason to use contrasty overlays on thumbnails is to help your text pop.

This hack is a great one used by many YouTubers when creating clickable thumbnails.

2. How can I make a customized YouTube Thumbnail?

Now, let’s go deep into the method of making a YouTube thumbnail that is distinctive. In this tutorial, we will use Picmaker to create custom thumbnails.

1. Choose the subject image to be your thumbnail

The best method to create thumbnails is to choose an appropriate image for your video.

Let’s say we’ve got an article that talks about”the “10 most shocking events of 2018”. Following the best practices described in the preceding section, let’s get a headshot ready to be used as the thumbnail.

A face-shot with a funny expression can be a great idea. If you do not have the right equipment or time to prepare it, you could make a similar good image of the clip and then use it to create the thumbnail.

It is possible to begin by uploading the image you want to use in the Picmaker application by using the upload feature.

2. Take off all background of the image.

To ensure that the object is visible and focused, you must remove distractions like the background from the image. You can complete this task in less than a minute using the automatic Background Removal tool accessible within Picmaker.

3. Apply a sticker effect your thumbnail

A sticker effect makes your subject pop out and draws interest.

4. The background is sexy! background

The second step will enhance the thumbnail by adding a striking background. Choose a contrasting background color. So that it fits nicely with the subject and the text you plan to put in the image. You could also make things more interesting by adding patterns for the background.

5. Include some Big, Bold, and Beautiful text to your thumbnail

If a video is featured on the YouTube homepage or results of a search, The thumbnails of the videos appear tiny! Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the text is bold, large, and stunning. The text must be large enough to ensure that the reader can read the information in the thumbnail.

6. View your thumbnail, then download it

Before downloading the thumbnail and then adding the thumbnail to the YouTube video, you should be able to look at what the thumbnail would appear on YouTube. YouTube layout.

This allows you to ensure your font’s size and the style of text in the thumbnail are noticeable and sufficiently contrasting to be noticed.

3. Allow the Custom thumbnail option.

When you set up your YouTube channel, the custom thumbnail feature will not be enabled by default. To enable this option, you must first confirm the authenticity of your YouTube account.

Take these steps to confirm the authenticity of your YouTube account:

  1. 1. Log in to YouTube
  2. 2. You can click on your profile picture located on the right-hand side of the page.
  3. 3. Hit the Creator Studio
  4. 4. Click on the Channel tab located in the right-hand panel. When you click on that, you’ll be presented with the option to verify. Select verify.
  5. Choose your country, select either a text or call option to receive the verification code, and then type in your telephone number and hit submit.
  6. Enter your verification code into the text box, then click submit.
  7. 7. After verification, you’ll get a message saying that your account has been verified

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