How to Get a Well Known Comedian to Host Your Fundraiser

The days keep going by and you’re getting closer and closer to the next fundraiser. In a spare few minutes, you find yourself watching some Tony Baker comedy and the lightbulb goes off. That’s how you make your upcoming fundraiser into something next level, you bring in someone absolutely hilarious to host. 

But how can that be done? If that’s the question on your mind, don’t worry. Just follow what we’ve laid out here and your brilliant idea is sure to turn your fundraiser into an absolutely unforgettable night for everyone involved. 

Browse Booking Sights

You’ll have plenty of options for this, so as long as you have enough time, check all the different avenues out and you might be surprised and who you might find on what sites. If you know you want someone hilarious, but don’t have anyone in mind, or aren’t really sure who your options would be, this might be the best bet for you. 

When going this route, you’ll be able to gather a short list and then check their availability without even needing to contact them at all. This is sure to be a relief if you are doing a few jobs at once in terms of making sure the entire fundraiser goes off without a hitch. 

Approach Them Directly

No one is going to know the inner workings of your event better than you do, and depending on what it looks like, you might be right when you’re thinking that you absolutely need a certain person. If that’s how you’re feeling, what’s the best way to approach that? 

Thankfully there’s plenty of options when it comes to reaching out to someone online. You’ve got the obvious avenues of traditional social media, like Facebook and Twitter, and absolutely try those but if you don’t hear anything back, remember that most comedians are likely to have their own website with a place to contact them on there. 

Hand Them The Reigns

This might be a frightening idea when it comes to planning an event but it might be what makes the reluctant comedian say yes. Any creative type might not want to be in an environment where their act, or what they say while hosting, has to be OK’d, or where they can only recite the hits that everyone knows. 

Mention to them that, while hosting, it’ll be a perfect place to workshop and try out some new material. Everyone loves to get new ideas in front of an audience and how you are hoping to get might not be looking to do that while on tour. 

Also, give them some information about the fundraiser itself well ahead of time. If they aren’t familiar with the work you are doing, that’s possibly very normal, but you sure wouldn’t want it to look like that once the comedian you hired is on stage with a mic in their hand. 

Depending on the details of your event, it might be perfect for them to throw in a few jokes about the cause itself to lighten the room and get everyone comfortable. Of course, that might not be a great idea everywhere.

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