How To Get Pay Stubs

In 2020, 165.7 million people worked at some point. If you were one of these lucky people, then you worked hard, received your paychecks, and either cashed them in or deposited them into your bank account.

Now, years later, you’ve saved up a good sum of money. You’re about to hit a life milestone; perhaps you’re buying a car or you’re moving out from your parents’ house and renting your own apartment.

In any case, you’re asked for proof of employment, and you need to produce pay stubs. Your heart sinks, as you haven’t kept anything.

But not to worry, as there are ways to get a paystub. Read on to find out how!

Ask Your Employer

The easiest way to get pay stubs is to ask your employer. They’re required by law to keep payroll records for 5 years, so unless you need something extremely old, it should be no problem. Ask your manager or HR to help you out.

If you’ve already left the company, then that’s trickier. You’ll have to complete some paperwork to get your pay stubs. Do note that it might take some time to receive them, so if you’re pressed for time, ask for your pay stub ASAP.

Use the Employee or Pay Stub Portal

Most companies have gone digital; you probably don’t even receive a physical pay stub anymore.

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You’ll have to get your credentials to log onto your employer’s pay stub portal. If you don’t have it, ask HR to assist you.

After logging in, you can then access and print out any pay stubs you want.

Create Your Own Pay Stubs

If you’re self-employed, then the above won’t apply to you at all. Maybe the lender or landlord won’t accept your word that you’ve made money over the years, and rightfully so. But what can you do, short of showing all the payments you’ve received in your bank account?

In addition to those statements, you can create your own pay stubs to show proof of income. Because these are self-made through a pay stub generator, they won’t count as official documents. But they can certainly supplement other documents to get you that car loan or apartment rental!

You can also use a pay stub creator to create digital copies. That way, you can throw away your old pay stubs so they’re not taking up valuable space.

Get Your Pay Stub and Hit Those Milestones

Pay stubs can be a pain to get, but it’s doable.

From now on, make sure you keep either a physical or digital copy of your pay stubs so the next time you’re asked for them, you’ll have them on hand. If they’re physical, you can throw them out after a few years. Otherwise, keep the digital copies for as long as you can to avoid a whole fiasco.

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