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How To Get Your First NFT and Everything To Know About It



How To Get Your First NFT and Everything To Know About It

Give a pat on your back for exploring the new age of art and collectibles. NFTs have broken old codes of holding physical objects.

No brownie points for guessing the full-form- non-fungible tokens. Using digital product engineering, creating digital assets that are mainly focussed around art, each NFT is a unique piece.

Leading digital transformation company will define them as a part of the Ethereum blockchain and collectors can brag about owning digital art for independent use and paying the original artist for the same.

All NFTs consist of a unit of data stored in online distributed ledgers that provide proof of ownership and details of all transactions.

The exciting part is that NFTs can be virtually anything, song, picture, video, meme, or as Jack Dorsey- former Twitter CEO did, even a tweet.

By now, you must be eager to get ahead on this track so why don’t we just jump into it.

Examine Cost Involved

You can find platforms that create NFTs for free. But don’t get your hopes high, there’s a transaction fee involved that is paid to miners.

Miners are responsible for maintaining the history of transactions in blocks thus creating a verified blockchain.

Another point to consider is that paid fees can be deducted yet the payment might not go through with no way of getting a refund.

Marketplace choice

Remember, the marketplace is significant too because they may be open to all or just exclusive for their members impacting the visibility.

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Account factors like the user experience for seamless upload and minting, know about royalties scheme if it’s a fixed percentage of the sales or you can adjust it.

Lastly, examine contractual policies. It is essential that you know who owns the artwork. Check if it is shared with the marketplace or custom-made.

NFTs for Business

NFTs are creating a huge wave amongst gamers, celebs, and even business owners.

It has the potential to expand marketing efforts for a business. Taco Bell released a gif NFT with a $500 gift card that sold out in under 30 minutes.

What’s more? Even after the gift voucher was used, Taco Bell NFT was being sold for $3600 on secondary markets.

The US basketball league, NBA, launched NFTs as online trading cards with memorable basketball moments. Way to go, NBA!

They plan to add accessorise the cards and maximise the revenue from them as well.

It is clear that modern businesses can use NFTs for many commercial benefits.

NFTs can seem like a rollercoaster in the set-up stage but it’s worth the effort, right?

If you’re someone who wishes to seize the NFT opportunity and can’t put up with

technical hassles TechAhead’s expert Team can smoothly sail you through.

For over 12 years, TechAhead has made an impact in Fortune 500 companies like Audi, Dailyhunt, AXA and was recognized by Clutch Awards 2020.

They assure a personalised service for your NFT aspirations and to give you a hint about our delightful work, check out their story here!

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