Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is also known as the male hormone produced in the testes of males and in the ovaries of females. Don’t get surprised that if testosterone is a male hormone, then why it is produced in females. This is because it is beneficial for both of them. The basic knowledge about testosterone is known by almost everyone. 

During puberty in boys, testosterone brings changes in the body such as deep voice, growth of penis and testes, production of semen, growth of beards and moustache and other manly characteristics.

 In men besides the development of masculine characteristics, testosterone is needed for the overall health of the body as it protects against diseases by strengthening the immune system and much more. Low testosterone in men is the reason for low sexual drive, Erectile Dysfunction for which men become dependent on Cenforce 100 and Cenforce 150.

In women too, testosterone in combination with an estrogen is responsible for stable growth, repair of tissues, bones and muscle strength and sex drive. So, both males and females need testosterone throughout their life for sustained growth and as a protector against attacks from antigens. 

But there are situations in which our body produces less testosterone, in that case, its effect is experienced by our degrading health. The reasons for the body producing less testosterone are normal, after 30 years less production of testosterone occurs naturally. 

This is why most bone diseases occur after 30 years of age. This is a critical condition because if the testosterone levels remain low for a long time, it can severely affect the body both in the physical and mental aspects.

 Thus, for the betterment of healthy testosterone levels must be increased to normal levels. This is mostly done by taking medications under the supervision of the doctor. But taking drugs at the end of the day will surely bring side effects, if not instantly then in the long run. Here, we will discuss the ways in which one can increase testosterone levels naturally. 

Regular Exercise

With exercise, we mean the amount you can bear in a day. Don’t get inspired by celebrities and sportspeople and run 5 km on a single day. In that case, you can damage your body severely in fractures, hamstrings and cramps. 

Do that much exercise which you can do daily. We are not actors that we need to have six-pack abs. We are doctors, lawyers, teachers, students or businessmen. Our goal is to remain fit and not post reels of six-packs on Instagram. 

In research, it has been devised those men and women that undergo daily physical exercise tend to have high levels of testosterone and thus, overall good health. 

A common man or woman should do intense jogging, running, stretching including 30 minutes of yoga and meditation. This is enough to boost testosterone levels and maintain good health. 

Eat a balanced diet

The childhood teaching of eating a balanced diet works best for improving testosterone levels. It has been found that carbs and proteins facilitate the production of testosterone. But some amounts of fats and oils also contribute to the production of testosterone. 

Avoid taking large breaks between meals, eat healthy soups, fruit salad or such less oily items within the gap of two meals. So, avoid any strict diet like intermittent fasting or even excessive eating, in both situations, testosterone levels get a hit back. 

Eating too much fast food increases the risk of heart attacks, diabetes mellitus and obesity. Due to the deposition of bad cholesterol on the opening of the pulmonary artery less blood flows into the needy organs and vice-versa. 

This proves detrimental to testosterone levels and can also lead to Erectile Dysfunction. This is the reason why fast-food eaters are the biggest consumers of ED pills like Vidalista 20 & Fildena 100. Choose high fibrous foods, green vegetables, fruits, soups, seafood, liver oil, whole grains, nuts and essential fats over fries, burgers, pizza etc. 

Give up on addictions

Addictions are one such thing which the person who does feels that he/she is the coolest person. But ultimately in the long run he/she understand what they have lost. Addiction of any kind like alcoholic beverages, smoking or even fast food is a type of addiction, you get the desire to have it as more as possible. Know more about it at Pills4usa.

Addictions hijack the brain and make each organ its indirect slave. The coordination between organs and the brain is reduced, this affects the secretion of important hormones and enzymes when needed. One can say all the operations in the body get dependent on the substance. 

This is why drunk people cannot walk or talk properly and fall down suddenly. In such cases, the formation of testosterone too gets affected. Hence, if you are not addicted then don’t think of indulging yourselves in such activities. But if you are addicted then get rid of it as soon as possible. If heavily addicted then go to a rehabilitation centre. 

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