How To Land Links From High Traffic Websites in 2022

There’s no better way to improve your SEO ranking in 2022, than with high-quality backlinks from popular websites.


But the question remains: How can I get high-quality backlinks in 2022?

We’ve got your back with the top short-term and long-term link-building strategies for 2022.


Top 4 link-building strategies 2022: To get high-quality backlinks fast


1. Guest Posting


If you think guest posting as a link-building strategy is outdated, think again. 


According to a study by Adsy, guest posting can boost your rankings up to 5x with more weighty backlinks. It can also lead to up to 80% growth in organic and referral traffic. 


So you don’t just get higher domain authority with backlinks, but you also get:

  • more affiliate traffic from a popular, high-authority website
  • budding relationships with other blog owners


But how do you get these amazing guest posting opportunities on popular, high-traffic blogs in your industry?


Well, there’s no easy way to say this, but you are unlikely to get published on a site like Entrepreneur or HubSpot on your first guest blogging attempt. 


It is more realistic for you to start with smaller blogs, and build your authority to a point when they’d happily have you on their blog and give you those backlinks.


Until then, get out there and send tailored and strategic guest post pitches to industry blogs to build backlinks. 


It is smart to even share your guest post topic ideas, specific to their audience, in your email to get their attention. 


A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when it comes to guest post pitches is to expect around 1-2 replies from every 10 pitches you send out. (Especially when you are just starting out.)


So plan your number of pitches accordingly.


And if you’re unsure about the blogs to reach out to, or don’t have the capacity to do this yourself, then consider hiring a link building services company.


Pro tip: If you are interested in not just improving long-term SEO, but also quickly boosting traffic to your website, then remember this: Research by BloggerJet found that guest posts with in-content backlinks generated 387% more referral traffic compared to posts that only have a link in the “author bio” section at the end of the page.


2. Get listed in popular directories


This one is easy, simple, and gives you a massive boost in SEO juice


All you have to do is make a list of all the popular industry directories, and send them a request to get listed on them. 


Also keep an eye out for some businesses that offer directory listing opportunities to their course members, customers, etc.


Pro tip: If you want to boost your local SEO along with getting a high-quality backlink at the same time, then look up local directories in your area. This way you can also get easily found by local consumers.


3. Get interviewed / Be the interviewee


Interviews are perhaps the most underrated link-building strategy of all time. 


And if you’re wondering how interviews can get your backlinks, let us break it down for you.


If you are getting interviewed:


This one is fairly obvious. The interviewer / the company will share your interview article or recording on their website, and on social media (bonus SEO points and backlinks!). 


Since it’s an interview with you or your team, they will likely link to your website without you even having to ask for it. 


And you don’t just have to be interviewed by fellow bloggers or industry experts… You could even get press releases that lead to interviews with local news outlets or online magazines!


If you are interviewing other industry experts:


Now, if you are just starting out and not yet a recognized expert, it can be hard to get interviews with experts. 


But you can still go out there and interview other bloggers or industry experts, to post on your site and social media. 


How does this help you get backlinks though?


Once they have been interviewed, most of these experts or bloggers will want to share links to these interviews on their own websites and social media too. 


And even if they forget to do so, you can always remind them after the content has been published, to share it with their followers. 

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So voila! Not only do you get backlinks from high-authority websites, but you also have valuable content on your website that can be linked to by others.


4. Offer a testimonial or product review


Another link-building strategy that is often overlooked is testimonials. 


Most businesses are always happy to receive testimonials and share them on their website to offer compelling proof and drive more conversions. 


And when they share testimonials, most businesses also often share links to their customer’s websites and profiles. (Even if they don’t automatically do so, you can gently nudge them for a link.)


So how do you capitalise on this easy link-building opportunity?


There are probably at least a dozen SAAS products, or services that you use to run your business on a daily basis. 


Find the ones that you love the most. Then write a detailed, compelling testimonial and email it to the product owners or customer support team. 


2 Bonus link-building strategies: For long-term, supercharged SEO success.


1. Network and build relationships


You’ve probably heard SEO gurus preach that getting backlinks gets easier with time. 


And they’re not wrong. 


But here’s the part they leave out of that statement: It gets easier with time, as your authority and network in the industry grow with time. 


So if you want backlinking to get easier, or to get backlinks from high-authority websites fast, then networking is the easiest way there. 


If you spend all your time just working on your blog, then you might get found by a few people, but industry experts will take much longer to know you and trust you.


When you are found online everywhere, and come recommended by other editors, even strangers will be more willing to give you a shot.

You need to dedicate time to building relationships with owners and editors of other industry blogs. 


If you are an introvert or just rusty, the idea of networking can seem intimidating. To make your life easier, here are some simple steps you can take to get started.


  • Attend industry conferences or marketing conferences. Aim to introduce yourself and talk to 2-3 people at each conference, even if they are virtual ones. It can be uncomfortable, but it gets easier with practice.
  • Join industry forums and be an active participant in conversations. Offer helpful solutions, share insights (when asked), and spend time building relationships with people.
  • Get active on Twitter or LinkedIn conversations among industry professionals.
  • Stay in touch with editors or other blog owners. (Even if they didn’t accept your guest posting or backlink request.) We don’t mean for you to keep spamming them with more requests or email pitches… But stay in touch on social platforms, and offer value when you can. This will keep you in their mind when the next opportunity arises.


2. Create high-quality, link-worthy content.


Yes, we just told you to not spend all your time on your blog… But that doesn’t mean you don’t spend any time building your own blog.


Of all the link-building strategies, this is probably the most organic way to get backlinks. 


It is a lot of hard work that goes into creating truly high-quality, valuable content that stands out. But it can really pay off in the long run. 


Because once your content is out there on the internet, it is always available for people to find and link to for as long as it is relevant. (This can be decades if it is a truly evergreen piece.)


When you have top-notch content, you don’t just increase the likelihood of industry-relevant blogs linking to it. You also open up opportunities to be linked and quoted on much larger sites like Forbes, WikiHow, HuffPost, etc.


These kinds of sites often have listicle-style posts where they link to quotes and content from other “authority blogs” in the industry. 


But you don’t just have to sit and wait for your content to get found by the likes of Forbes or other blogs.


With this impressive content in place, you will now be in a position to ask for backlinks to these blogs from other website owners.


Taking a leaf from the previous strategy of networking… You will even be able to leverage your flourishing network for a backlink on their site.


With the existing relationship weighing in and the chance for them to link to valuable content, they will be hard-pressed to say no to you. 

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