Education at school is unimaginable without regular essay writing. Writing skills are needed to write a creative paper. That is why it is important to teach, or rather to help your child learn to write essays in time.

In the course of their schooling, students must master the skills of writing several types of essays. According to the source of the material for the work, essays can be based on one’s own experience, an excursion, a book read, or impressions of a work of art. According to the genre descriptions, narratives and reasoning are distinguished. In the primary grades, the genre of narration with elements of description is used. This is since the narrative talks about some action, and it is fairly easy for children to deal with storylines. The description requires more complex skills, particularly observation. After all, the student is required to point out the signs of this or that phenomenon, the character, and this requires attentiveness. As for the reasoning, this genre requires logical weaving into the work of their judgments, so such essays are written already in high school.

At the beginning of the school year students are usually relaxed; after the vacations they don’t want to study. Especially not preparing for exams, which will be at the end of the year. Let’s look at the reasons why you should start preparing for grades and exams at the beginning of the school year, how to write a good essay, and why to teach children to edit. If at the end of the school year or in the future your child will have to take a certification or a final exam, it’s important to decide now what to pay special attention to. 

It’s no secret that many high school students cannot formulate the main idea of their essay, give arguments, or construct a text. I am quite sure: if a person has a universal algorithm for creating a text and follows it clearly, he will have no trouble writing a text by any requirements. If you still have some difficulty, take some help from online services. After all, if I can pay someone to write my research paper, why not take advantage of it? In such cases, trusting a professional is the best decision.

A few rules in text creating

In Creating a text, the child should, first of all, think about the reader: to whom, why, and what exactly he/she wants to communicate. It is good to think about how to make the text want to be read so that it becomes interesting to others and yourself. That’s why children who read write better: they know how to have a dialogue with the author of the text, how to read out different levels of textual information.

It is impossible to write a good text right away, you need a draft and careful work in several stages. First of all, you must formulate the main idea of the future essay, write it down. Then you must structure the text in such a way that it leads the reader to this idea. 

To structure the text, you must have a work plan, at least in the form of a set of theses, numbered according to the results of reflection and collection of material. If a child does not understand what a plan is, what it is for, and how to make one, he or she cannot logically construct a written statement.

The author must have a clear idea of the main types of speech and how a text is constructed: a narrative, a descriptive text, and an argumentative text. Combine the different types of speech in one text in a meaningful way.

To have something to write about, you need a little, but your own life experience. Experience in reading and watching is essential! The lack of this experience slows down the process: children don’t find something to write about, they have nothing to rely on, nowhere to find examples to support their arguments, they cannot analyze and conclude.

Probably every student has encountered difficulties in completing a written assignment. Writing a good essay is not an easy task even for an adult with no writing experience. If you do not feel like you are good with such a task, it is better to use the best writing service online. Professional writers know the secrets of creating perfect texts.

When a text is created and written down on a draft, it should be carefully read and edited. Before teaching your child to edit a text, it is worth introducing him/her to the classification of errors in content (factual, logical, and others) and speech (incorrect word usage, violation of lexical compatibility, unjustified repetition of the same word or related words in one sentence or several adjacent sentences, stylistic discord, etc.).

To formulate the main idea (or, more precisely, the main meaning of the text) is a serious problem, but it is solvable.

You can learn to write essays (create any text) by following a competent methodology:

  • first, give a universal algorithm for creating any text and help to follow it;
  • to teach how to structure an essay and explain why it is important;
  • to teach how to edit a paper and show the necessity of thorough work with a written text;
  • by all means teach how to read and understand the text, if the child is not a reader.

Writing an essay is not only an important part of the learning process, but also an opportunity for personal growth. After all, in the process of work the child must defend his ideas, prove his case, and for this, he needs to have a sufficient amount of information on a particular topic. To teach a schoolboy to write an essay, he must be taught to think. And this requires parents to pay attention to their children, to be interested in their lives, and be very patient.

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