Guilt of Causing a Car Accident

Becoming involved in a vehicle collision is a traumatizing experience for many individuals. It’s not just drivers; it’s also passengers, witnesses, and pedestrians who can feel the impact of the incident.

If you caused the collision and it led to deadly repercussions, it’s something you will remember daily. However, it’s best to deal with it constructively. Plus, time will lessen the pangs of guilt over time.

Giving into the guilt means that the trauma can have further detrimental effects on yourself, family, and friends.

Instead of pulling them down with you, form a support group with them. Speak with a mental health professional and remember to maintain your health.

We provide advice on how to overcome the guilt of causing a car accident.

1. Verify It Was Your Fault

Sometimes humans absorb guilt that is not theirs. It can happen with vehicle collisions too. For example, maybe you did not drive that day but you found yourself in the passenger’s seat. More importantly, you believe that you caused the collision by distracting the driver. 

Passengers have become the main reason for distracted driving accidents. 

Before delving deep into the sea of guilt, ensure that the collision was indeed your fault.

2. Speak with a Counselor

If you were found guilty of causing the collision, the legal system will have you pay your dues. Then, it’s time to rebound from the incident.

Humans remain social creatures. When an incident of this magnitude impacts your life, reach out to someone instead of isolating yourself. In addition, consider speaking with a professional counselor or therapist.

The benefits of speaking with a mental health professional include

  • Understanding your mental state
  • Learning to cope with guilt
  • Process the trauma
  • Overcome unhealthy habits
  • Work toward the future

Remaining in a state of guilt means living in the past, and the past is set in stone. Professional help can allow you to process the past and move on. 

3. Form a Support Group 

It’s also nice to receive support from the people who love you the most such as family and friends.

Eventually, they will ask you to move on from the guilt too. However, they can help you form a support group while you work through the grief.

4. Maintain Your Health

Anyone who has caused harm to other humans will live with the trauma for a few years. However, it should not deteriorate your health too.

Easy ways to maintain your health include:

  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Remaining hydrated
  • Engaging in daily physical activity for 30 continuous minutes
  • Setting goals
  • Remaining productive

Letting your health deteriorate will most likely make you feel worse about your experience. Instead, put yourself on a healthy path. Then, you can overcome the guilt with a clear mind. 

5. Exercise

Even though you caused a vehicle collision, it’s rare to come out of it unscathed physically. Your guilt means that you have mental anguish but your body probably took a physical beating too. 

A great way to rehabilitate your mind and body is to exercise. Whether you walk two miles every day or you start preparing for a Spartan Race, the endorphins released during physical activity will help you strengthen your resilience. 

6. Keep Your Mind Busy

When you have enough time to feel guilt over a long period, you probably don’t have enough happening in your life. If work and daily responsibilities don’t keep your mind busy, find something that will keep you productive.

Many professionals recommend engaging in volunteer work. In this case, consider volunteering at a medical center or hospital. It shows you that other people have struggles too. 

Plus, you can help them overcome those struggles.

7. Improve Your Driving Ability

Lastly, improve your driving ability. If the accident was your fault, you have undergone the consequences of your actions. 

You will live with it and time will heal the wound. In the process, you must continue keeping up with your daily responsibilities. If that involves driving, improve your driving skills. Take an in-person driving course and another online.

All drivers benefit from re-calibrating their defensive driving skills too. In addition, work on the reason that caused the accident. If distracted driving was the reason for the collision, remove distractions while driving. 

Those who drive under the influence can work on their sobriety.


Causing harm to other humans is a traumatizing experience. On the same note, part of life is rebounding from the lowest of lows. You can deal with your guilt productively while overcoming it. 

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