How to Properly Use A Mobility Scooter

How to Properly Use A Mobility Scooter

Getting your setup and on your way with a mobility scooter can be a bit tricky at first. If this feels unfamiliar to you don’t worry — it’s like that for everyone at first. But with a little patience and attention, you will soon be easily navigating the city with your new freedom, mobility scooters are an excellent addition to your life.

Check out the following tips to have yourself up and moving about like a pro on your mobility scooter.  

The first thing to do is to give your mobility scooter a good look over before you get on. Familiarize yourself with the way things look when everything is running properly. If you see that there are any internal problems or see anything else amiss, call your dealer and explain the situation.  

Before you get on your mobility scooter, make sure you are wearing the proper clothes and shoes, Flip flops will not provide the proper grip you will need on the grip plate. If the day is very sunny make sure you are wearing enough protection, shorts can make things slippery.  

Keep your hands visible. Make sure that you keep your hands securely on the mobility scooter’s handlebars. If the police see you with your hands in the air, they may assume that you are signaling for help and intervene.  

Check that your mirrors are properly adjusting and be very careful about your blind spots when you are changing lanes and moving through the city. Make sure you are fully aware of what is approaching you from behind so that you are aware of other drivers trying to overtake you.  

Keep both hands on the wheel at all times.  

How To Turn A Mobility Scooter 

The best way to execute a turn while on a mobility scooter is by leaning your weight in the direction you would like to go. It seems strange, but it works very well. It takes a little practice, but you will find it is very simple and you will begin doing it on your own anyway.   

When making a turn on the corner, keep your trajectory as wide as possible, this will give other drivers the space to navigate around you and can avoid a dangerous collision. Avoid making sharp turns as these can make you especially unstable.  

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How To Stop A Mobility Scooter 

When you are trying to stop, try not to rely completely on the brakes, the best course of action is to use your body weight to stop your forward movement. As you are beginning to stop, release the throttle completely and you will begin to slow down.  

To begin your forward motion, you will need to apply the throttle. To stop the scooter from moving forward, you will need to release the throttle. The trick will be getting this right at the point you want without applying or releasing power too suddenly  

Other Essential Tips For Driving A Mobility Scooter 

Make sure that you take plenty of time to practice maneuvering on your scooter. This will ensure you are safe on the roads. Make sure you can apply the brakes and throttles effectively before driving in public. This will greatly improve your safety and the safety of other motorists.  

This is a good time to practice restraint and drive as slowly and safely as possible. Avoid high speeds, especially when in a hurry.  

Avoid sudden changes in direction or speeds. 

Adjusting Your Seats 

You will be sitting down, but you should still make sure that your seating is as comfortable as possible. 

This will ensure that your scooter and the seat will not cause you any discomfort later on. Here is how to adjust your seats for the best possible comfort and control.  

Make sure your scooter has an adjustable tiller. 

How To Assemble A Mobility Scooter 

Make sure that your scooter’s handlebars or steering mechanism are at the right height before you head out. Some scooters are adjustable and others are not.  

While you are making adjustments, make sure that the seat fits perfectly as well. This way your body weight can be used to adjust your motion and direction as needed.  

The best position for the handlebars about the rider should be at a 90° angle. This will allow you to operate the vehicle effectively and avoid any accidents.  


Mobility scooters are suitable for going out and about when recovering from illness or injury. They are also suitable for those with disabilities and other mobility issues. But they should only be used in traffic after considerable practice.

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